Q’uo on Humility
August 1, 2021 (First Channeling Intensive)

Introduction by Jeremy Weiland

In this session from the Other Selves Working Group’s first channeling intensive in Colorado Springs, Q’uo discusses humility, starting with comparing our condition to that of the second density sapling vulnerably striving towards the light without self-consciousness. Q’uo then ties in false humility, arrogance, acceptance of self, protection, specialization, and authority to explore the experiences that we encounter as we hone the personality shells that third density provides us. Given the service we expect to perform, Q’uo suggests we seek to share the burden and comfort one another, recognizing we all started out as more naive and less wise than we are now.

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument and this group on this fine, cool day. We greet you in the love and light of the one infinite Creator in whom we move and have our being. We understand that the topic for this session consists of our commentary on the subject of humility. And our first lesson is to confess our own sense of humility.

My friends, this is a vast and wide universe, and though we are all part of the all, yet our utility to the one Creator is in our focus, our constraints, our limitations. So in spite of our total belonging to deity that we share with you and with all entities, we are but one part, and our ability to speak with the freedom that makes true unconditional love possible requires us to stipulate in no uncertain terms that resonance within yourself, that subjective eye of the Creator that you represent, must remain the paramount concern. This instrument believes this is a fancy way of saying: exercise your discretion. Do not take what we say without a grain of salt, without a reflection within, and if an idea does not seem right to you, that is all right with us, and you should discard it as you would a leaf that no longer meets your need as you grow in the soil and rise to meet the light of the central sun.

It is perhaps well to dwell upon this metaphor of the tree: roots deep in the earth, in the darkness, where the seed was once planted. There is a kind of audacity in the breaking through the soil of the sprout, and when the light is beheld and the draw of the light is felt, it is universal throughout all living things, from second density on, to make that journey without apology, without qualification, in a full throated cry of the power of life that expresses throughout this infinite Creation.

And yet the small sapling yields to very little force. It knows its own fragility. It is well aware in its consciousness (that does not partake of its individual status, but partakes of the consciousness of the species) that it is but a small part of this principle it expresses. There is no pride. Who would be proud, and of what? No, the audacity is completely tied up in the process of seeking on that level. And if that seeking should run afoul in the moment, the sapling broken, the ground dried up, the fungus or other disease blighting it, then that is accepted. This is the kind of humility that is possible when the stakes are not solely about one individual part of the Creation, when instead consciousness partakes of the larger project, a stepped down unity that nevertheless is a warm embrace of that vibrant pulse of the life principle.

We begin with the second density because we feel there is a lesson that many in your density [have] forgotten. The veil precipitates this outcome, and though it may have purpose and meaning, it is still a bitter pill to swallow for those whose connection to the other is a matter of discipline, a matter of vulnerability chosen, not imposed, and a matter of a kind of maturity of the soul that can see in the human body, in the human heart, and in the schemes of the mind, a state of being that in reality has very little different than that of the sapling striving towards the light. Humility is as the soil, in a way, of your animal body that is invested with spirit. It is the dark, humble, fecund matter that nourishes you, but on its own terms. And there is much to explore by teasing out what creates the conditions for humility, what the experience of humility consists of, and what the fruits of humility are — not to convince any seeker, but to sketch out the environment in which you grow. And so at this time we would like to elaborate on this subject through the instrument known as Joseph. And passing contact to this instrument, we say Adonai and we are Q’uo.

(Joseph channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument.

What creates the conditions for humility? We have spoken of the audacity without pride among second density entities. Now consider something similar among your third density entities. Humility cannot be mere sheepishness. There is something audacious about continuing to exist, continuing to persist in the path of seeking. Before there can be humility, there must be the recognition, shall we say, of the significance of continuing on. The sheepishness we spoke of is a mockery or a false form of apparent humility. It is not the thing we wish to discuss. Beneath the full or the actual humility is an audacious insistence on being who one is.

It may help to think of the orange ray in this regard. As you know, the orange ray is concerned with the relation of self to self or the reflection of this relation as self to other self, on one-on-one terms. Were you to attempt to hide yourself from the other or to pretend to be whatever yousuppose the other self might appreciate, you could not even have humility, because you would not even be yourself. As a matter of fact, there is something arrogant about attempting to be something other than what you are. To what end might you pretend in your relation with another self or in your relation to yourself? The answer to that question so frequently is that you pretend in order to gain some form of control or certainty or to hold on to something you believe to be in your possession or appropriately possessed by you. The balanced and open orange ray demands of you not even that you are open-hearted, but merely that you are authentic. From this wellspring of creative energy comes what you might think of as the capacity to move freely in your own skin, to be comfortable as you are within your personality shell. The basic condition for humility is a requisite degree of comfort within your own skin. This, my friends, is how to avoid the false humility, the sheepishness.

Of course, this is not the only form of false humility, as you know. There is also the attempt to present oneself as non-boastful or as not arrogant. But, once again, you can see that in such an attempt there is a failure to be comfortable, to be satisfied with one’s own personality shell. The identity that you carry through this incarnation has a means of making grounded contact between self and other self and between self and self.

We believe this will suffice for now as a consideration of the conditions for humility. So we would now transfer our contact to the instrument known as Steve. We thank this instrument. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument, to undertake the third leg of our discourse on humility.

You will have noticed that the term “arrogance” has crept into our vocabulary, as we have attempted to explore the more inward dimensions of humility, and we now suggest to you that in the third density, unlike the second, there is a development that we have called the personality shell. We would now like to suggest that there is a natural tendency to develop what looks like arrogance, as a portion of the development of the personality shell. It is when this personality shell feels threatened, it is when this personality shell feels itself to be subject to what you might call humiliation that it stiffens, as it were. And it gathers around itself those energies which may defend it against a threat.

Now ultimately the personality shell has value only insofar as it does allow the fledgling self to navigate a dangerous world with some degree of safety. It is not well to drop the defense, so to speak, prematurely, but it is a mark of a maturing mind/body/spirit complex in third density to allow those defenses to become less: less obtrusive, less restrictive, and, accordingly, less defensive, and then the more a genuine sense of self-worth will have been evolved — and, my friends, it is a question of evolution, spiritual evolution, we may say.

It is when this phenomenon has come about that the self begins to feel an inward source of assurance, grounded in what seems to be nothing, but in reality is the source of all that is: the One, the Infinite, the Fulsome, the Love. When that has developed within the self to the point of genuine confidence, then the trappings that come to be recognized as arrogance may begin to fall away. And the humility, then, that arises within the self, doesn’t need to bray and boast of its accomplishment, for it feels the inner security of its self-worth stemming from a source it does not control, but which it does enjoy.

Humility in its authentic sense bursts through the incrustations of defensive postures that have very often accumulated over a long course of lifetimes in which the fragile self has felt itself to be under threat. We do not recommend premature casting aside of all defenses, and we do not recommend a public display of humility, which sets a false standard for the self to live up to. What we do recommend is that inward look which finds again the source, which is the genuine source, of all self-worth. With this thought, we would like to transfer the contact to the one known as Jade. I am Q’uo.

(Jade channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. To one who has found that balance that leads to a state of sincere humility, this entity also exhibits the quality we have referred to as grace. As you wend through your days, developing that personality shell of third density that allows one to flourish in the social structures that you have created for yourselves, one tends to find themselves attached to labels, and often this initial effort is in the desire of service. One may call themselves a healer, a teacher, a savior, a doctor, any of these titles that confer one’s focus of action. And your peoples are generous with your deference to those you deem as those of authority, those who have maybe traveled further along the path of healer, teacher.

But in truth all of you play all of these roles from time to time. And specialization does not mean authority. One assumes an authority tied to their specialization they believe that they are necessary, a necessary component to someone’s healing, someone’s learning. And this burden that one takes upon the self can distort the sincere intentions that one may have began their path. We ask you to surrender any burden of authority you may feel and grasp the baton [in] faith that your being is enough. Just your desire to heal, to teach, is enough.

The manifestations of that desire can vary. One may become overly focused on perfecting the manifestation of one’s chosen mode of service. Humility is knowing that you are like the tree and you help just with your being in manifestation of third density, just as the tree converts the carbon dioxide that you expel into oxygen. But a tree is just a part of a forest, a forest of beings who are all working together. And one tree lost here or there will not stifle the overall performance of the duty of the forest. Just as the trees share their burden, so too in third density should you seek to share your burden with the other selves who are with you on this journey. And though they may not have travelled as far along the paths of the specific modes of service that you may have, all entities are capable of fulfilling the role of healer, teacher, etc.

So knowing your infinite value, but also knowing that you are one of many, all who carry the fool like the Creator within. Humility is being able to blend oneself in with the trees and knowing you all share the same honor/duty/responsibility. And though there may be speed bumps, all of you are capable of reflecting that fullness of the Creator. So remember that you, too, were once a sapling, even if you now feel the extended length of your roots and the extended reach of your branches, know that in every sapling is the ability to become the full, mighty beast that is the great tree, and rejoice with each other in your common goal of aiding the transition of your planet at this time through healing, teaching, and just breathing in and out like the tree.

We are Q’uo, and we will pass this contact to the instrument known as Jeremy.

(Jeremy channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We ask that each of you in this group pay attention to this message as you go forward in your work. Help is needed. There is service to be rendered. And unlike the sapling, or even a giant tree, you are motile; you can react and respond to conditions with all of your experience. And you can reach out your hand in ways that will surprise you and bless you and this planet if you can set aside grievance, the arrogance that is potential in all and expressed time to time through all.

Your path is, in truth, not different. We ask that you begin by comforting each other, by being plain in your desires that you purify in order not to be grand but to serve and yield the glory to that sun we all reach towards. It is a simple message, but it bears repeating, and it should not be any reason to doubt our great admiration of the course you have started and deepened in your shared love for the principles for which you stand and for the persons by your side.

As you choose your way, remember that we are also by your side. When you choose how to serve, you might think of us as a cool breeze in a heated moment and know that all is well and there is nothing to be proven; only a moment to yield to the Creator, and the next task to be done. And to make space for your next task, we will leave this instrument and take a step aside so that he may choose, as all of you do, how he shall spend his love.

We are those of Q’uo. We love you so. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.