Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 5 Saturday, July 31, 2021

Laitos on Earth Healing

Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 5 Saturday, July 31, 2021


In this session from the Other Selves Working Group’s first channeling intensive, those of Laitos describe Earth’s transition from third density to fourth density as a birthing process experiencing difficulty and requiring aid from her inhabitants. The seeker is capable of providing love, comfort, and assistance by maintaining a welcoming, nurturing, and peaceful attitude in the face of what may appear to be catastrophe. Healing the strife that hinders the delivery process is part of looking beyond the individual to the collective possibilities of the coming density. Laitos expands on this metaphysical relation between humans and planet by suggesting the Earth serves as a kind of unconscious for the emerging social memory complex of sub-sub-Logoi on her surface1.

Channeled Message

(Jade channeling)

We are Laitos and we are with this instrument. Greetings again to our friends of this circle who have called upon us to help speak of the need to heal your planetary sphere at this point in space and time. We ask that you do not take us as authority, but merely the opinion of friends from another vantage point.

At our vantage point, as well as yours, the need for the healing and gentle treatment of your planetary sphere is very apparent. As we of the confederation have said many times before, your planet is going through a birthing process and this process has been going on for many years and will continue for another span of your time. And because of the varied energies and thought forms of your peoples, this birthing process has been quite difficult and painful. That the fourth density child of the third density sphere will arrive is imminent, but this process of arrival would do well to receive more nurturing energies from those who sense this arrival. Every day more of the entities on your planet begin to sense this arrival, this change, this threshold. Some are eager, some are scared, but none can escape it. There are many ways that your planet is showing its struggle, whether through obvious manifestations, such as the extreme weather, and the less obviously correlated experiences of the expressions of those entities who cling to the third density strictures that they have become accustomed to or grown fond of. But many of these things that have served you in third density must be released individually and collectively, as the clinging to the past slows the energies of the future.

As you know, your third density is a collective, and those who are not ready for the fourth density have that free will to experience more time in the third density energies. And this is well. As we said, the fourth density child will be born; it is just a matter of when. And the peoples of your planet must decide that. So one thing we would offer for the individual is to cultivate a welcoming energy towards change, as so often there is safety, there is the feeling of safety, clinging to what one knows. And the feeling of jumping off the cliff when one enters into experience, an experience that they do not know. Again we say that third density on this planet leaving is inevitable. And we commend those who are eager for change, and who act from a more fourth density perspective of harmony.

We are Laitos and we thank this instrument. We would like to transfer the contact to the one known as Joseph.

(Joseph channeling)

I am Laitos. I am with this instrument. Your planetary changes are inevitable. What those changes will be is not fully known, but there will be changes. To downplay these changes as if they are inconsequential is not what we mean to do when we say that they are inevitable. The imminent may yet be consequential. Your choices and the choices of those other selves on the planetary sphere will all play a part in these imminent changes. From one perspective, these choices, though not known to us or anyone else, are already written into the story of eternity. So letting yourself be overwhelmed by the changes, by the story of eternity, is to spin your wheels.

Though these changes are inevitable and though what they will be is not yet known, they also call for healing. When a planetary sphere transitions from one density to the next, there is a transformation, a corporeal shift. Just as the entities of your third density will begin to incarnate in a new body, a green-ray shell, so too will the outer appearance of the planet change. From your perspective, this will look catastrophic. Notice, for example, that the Venus planetary sphere is not habitable by entities such as yourself. Perhaps this might have seemed catastrophic when the Venutians were in third density. Is it catastrophic now? Yet, each of you is responsible for your own contribution to the planetary sphere insofar as that contribution resists the coming energy. And you cannot help but experience some of that resistance. The resistance is in the air, so to speak. You are born into it. There is a cultural tendency to, as we have said, cling to the old ways. They are, after all, familiar. And each of you, in your own way, are a product of that culture. This is, after all, the charge, the mission of the wanderer: to become a creature, a new native of the planet. And in doing so, you incur a responsibility. In doing so, you are no longer from elsewhere. You are from here.

Your responsibility for planetary healing is simultaneously individual and shared. You might ask yourself ethical questions about the specific duties that you have to contribute to a less devastating effect of third density creatures upon this planetary sphere. What can you do individually? The answers are many and, in fact, demand prioritization: you cannot do everything. Much of what you can do is metaphysical, as we have said. To contribute your energy, your attempt to reside within the coming vibration, to accept the change, as we have said. But much of what you can do is also external. Perhaps, for example, choosing to be less wasteful resonates. Perhaps. And it is not this particular action that would make a difference, but the greater difference comes in the intention that you contribute to the culture, to the greater whole. In contributing the intention and acting it out as a symptom of that intention, you make it possible for the transition to be smoother, even in the smallest way. What can you do more directly to aid the collective? My friends, we do not recommend attempting to seize control or command over the broader collective effort. You are the cellular part of the total organism. No cell controls the organism. Striving for such command is, again, to spin the wheels. It is difficult to accept one’s lack of control, but that is a great lesson available. Should you find yourself seized by the desire to make a difference in this grander way, then we recommend to try to remember the catastrophe on Venus. Is it a catastrophe? This grander perspective, of course, should not govern your every action. It is merely a resource to draw upon in moments of despair. Your actions do matter, but commit them to the needs at hand. The earth, my friends, is large. And yet it is also right here in this local vicinity. Attend to the earth at hand. This is one way that we perceive you may be effective and useful as instruments in service to this planetary sphere and its need for healing.

We would now transmit this contact to the one known as Jeremy. I thank this instrument. I am Laitos.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument at this time. 

We draw upon this instrument’s memory of past queries of the Confederation regarding the subject of earth changes, how these queries have often been of a transient, self-protective nature. And we note with some satisfaction the character of your query overlooks those matters that deal with the individual in his or her third density concerns, looking forward to the birth of fourth density, and the acts that may be necessary to manifest the intention that midwifes this child. To focus on catastrophe, as the instrument known as Joseph allowed us to explain, is not improper, but as those of Ra have explained, it is the emphasis put on the specifics that detunes and that takes the focus away from where the service is requested. 

And this, this is the key challenge at this moment in your planet’s development. What is it in fact that your earth mother requests so that she may fulfill her role and bring that child into the world — and not just to do so for the sake of evolution narrowly, but to draw all of you towards that child, to commit you to the child and the child to you as the caregivers, as the healers. Perhaps not as the vanguards, but in some sense, as those, those who point towards the rising sun in the darkest night. 

The reason why individual action cannot be counted on fully is that that is not the nature of the fourth density. Your efforts to be of individual service must be seen as examples to be set to your fellow brothers and sisters. You are performing a play in which you set an example of what this child will need. It is not up to you whether those who share this planet with you heed this example. And in fact this is a freeing that you can — we correct this instrument. This is where your freedom lies. For there is no specific example to be set but that which flows from an open heart. That is fourth density, not the catastrophe, not the change that you can see with your eyes, but the coming recognition that the evolution of the individual now tacks in a different direction than the history of your planet has evinced to date. And for those who are not in touch with themselves, they will need patient midwives, thoughtful and generous teachers, and most of all: friends who can see the fourth density inside of them when they cannot see it in themselves. It is not a matter, necessarily, of healing the planet per se. For as we have spoken, this new planet, one way or another, will come about. 

It is about reaching down, helping your brother up, dusting your sister off, locking arms with them, showing them that the time of fear is over. We are bringing those bodies that have served us so well into the new age. The healing is of yourselves just as much as the planet, and they are in fact one and the same act, for you must understand: you do not exist within an ecosystem that is your earth mother, you are part of it. When you change your behavior, the more fundamental shift is of the mindset that opens the door to a dropping of the boundaries, of the walls, between you and our brothers and sisters, and then, when you have made that contact with the light within all of the peoples of this planet, then you have the basis to truly bring the healing to the planet, to see the water breaking as not the end but the beginning. To see the pains as, perhaps, something that you do not wish for, but that you can accept as necessary, for all change is tied up with discomfort. And this is part of the path you tread on a moment by moment basis. 

Part of the import of the contact between us of the Confederation and you of Earth is in transmitting this more nuanced idea of what an earth change is so that you can stand fast when things shift in a way that scares many, and you can keep your eye fixed on the true nature of what is occurring, and there will be many souls that need your help. This help, and the ability to offer it, has absolutely nothing to do with the specifics of the changes. And you can look to the past years of your life, and the discomforts and tribulations you have lived through, as but a taste of what this discomfort feels like. Your ability to balance it within yourself sets an example for others and shows your earth mother that the time is not distant, that the people of this planet, though they may be foolish, though they may lose touch with their true creatorship, are not unworthy. Confused? Of course. But who has gone through a birth without confusion?

We ask you to take the difficult step, the step that brings the tear to the eye, the step [for which] we wish to comfort you so, so that you can bear it. That step is to go from the open third ray, the yellow ray, to the green ray, the open heart, fully expressing that the individual and the collective are two sides of the same coin, and neither grows without the free will and cooperation of the others. And we are so happy to have collaborators [in] you, to be able to speak on this more elevated level about what is to come, what is to be feared (as humans naturally do) and what is to be anticipated. And to build upon this topic and others, for there are so many, we feel it is time to transfer this contact, with gratitude to this instrument, to the one known as Steve. We are those of Laitos.

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are with this instrument, as we are also with those of our fellow brothers and sisters of sorrow. We may mean Hatonn, and we may mean Latwii , we may mean Auxhall and we may mean Ra. All of us together join in celebration of the dedication of those in this circle, and in other circles like it, to the task which is most immediately to hand, and that is the task of smoothing the transition of this sphere into its next and its inevitable state of being.

We have spoken of the great need on the part of the population of your planet to take up an accepting attitude toward the necessity of change. And we advocate this attitude with full understanding of the extreme difficulty of achieving that state of acceptance, for it is uncomfortable. It will be uncomfortable, and discomfort is not something any in the entire creation can accept as an end in itself. It is, rather, an inevitable moment in a transition. We have spoken also of the need to do inner work as a portion of the task at hand, another portion of which is the endlessly repeated and graciously taken up stewardship of every little element of earth being. And here we speak of the nurturing of the second density life, the nurturing of the plants as well as the animals upon your planet, for all are incipiently self-conscious, and at least minimally aware of an earth that is undergoing profound changes. We have spoken of the need to come together with each other in a combined effort, an effort where every bit of energy expenditure is matched with hope and prayer.

We now would ask that in reflection you take a little bit of distance from what is going on in the immediacy of your environs, and look at what we might call the larger picture. You have, cosmically speaking, a galaxy which is the physical manifestation of a great consciousness which you may know as the Logos. You have in your sun body a subordinate portion of this Logos, which you may know as the sub-Logos, and upon this planet you have billions of entities individuated such that consciousness is split, and in many cases pitted against other consciousnesses, in a form which you may know of as the sub-sub-Logos. Now the earth as you know it is not itself in that chain of Logos, sub-Logos, sub-sub-Logos, etcetera, for the term “Logos” is reserved for those consciousnesses which have a center to them that may be called the self. In short, we refer to self-consciousness. And that is a term which is not applied directly to the earth as such, for the earth comes into its awareness of self through those individuated self-consciousnesses which you are.

Now that suggests, if you think about it deeply, that you do have a great responsibility to this earth, which finds itself as a self in and through you. It finds itself as a self in and through you, and yet it itself is also a precondition for your being. What we would invite you to consider, therefore, is that the earth in this state of a precondition of your being might be thought of as an unconscious domain of the reality of which you are a kind of fragmentary conscious expression. As you develop the capacity to draw your conscious mind down into the roots of its being, you come into closer proximity to Mother Gaia, a great sleeping giant of unconscious beingness wherein lies the unified root, the great cosmic Malkuth of all conscious life upon its surface. We say earth, earth, earth, great all-embracing Mother Earth. And when you come to feel this deeper sense of belongingness, you find that in that belongingness, you really are not so separate from other fragmentary manifestations of self-consciousness, but that you are all together in one condition of being rooted in Mother Earth.

The great and wonderful experience that awaits in the fourth density is that experience in which little by little, the fragmentation of consciousness begins to dissolve, to fall away, to resolve itself into a sense of unified being, which we now wish to tell you is grounded in its earth. This is a great mystery of the creation, my friends. It is one which we even now reflect upon, even now, stand in awe of. We, who begin more and more to feel the call to the density that lies above our own, which is the fourth, begin to feel the call to wisdom, we remember yet the great mystery of the coming together, which has been the ground of our fourth-density experience. There is work to be done of a wonderful, exalted nature in which your hands are even in the very heavens, and there is work to be done in a very deep unconscious domain in which your feet are planted firmly upon the soil which sustains you. We want to suggest to you, my friends, that this is one and the same work. That the higher you go, the deeper you are embedded in the unity of all that is, and the more you draw upon these deep, deep roots.

We are those of Laitos. We are very, very grateful for the fact that you have called us to this service which we have now been able to perform. Your group is moving on, my friends, for you have shown such promise as suggests that you too are prepared for a kind of transition as instruments of our confederation. And it is with great gratitude that we take our leave of this instrument, and transfer to the one known as Jade to complete our day’s message. Adonai, my friends.

(Jade channeling)

We are Laitos and we are again with this instrument. We have said many times in many ways that the distinction between your body and the body of other beings and indeed the body of the planet is illusory. In reminding one of the fact that you are one body can be very helpful. So we ask you in your efforts of wanting to heal your birthing planet to consider: if you yourself were a birthing entity, what might you need to facilitate the process? Would you need rest and quiet? Would you be comforted by the simple vibrations of words of love and encouragement? Perhaps as a birthing entity, you would be comforted by the presence of one who has witnessed a birth, a successful birth, who holds that awareness and that experience within them. Those of you who are wanderers–for those of you who are wanderers, this is not the first time you have seen and aided the birthing of a fourth density planet. So even just holding that space, having that faith that all will be well, that the entity will arrive full of the love and light of fourth density, this can offer comfort. And not just to the planet at large, but to the other beings on the planet who feel the need to shy away from the difficulties of this transition. Hold that peace and knowing in your heart, and through your days, remember that when you comfort yourself, or when you comfort another, you can also offer that comfort to the planet. And you can ground that vibration of acceptance and knowing and welcoming and eagerness for the new entity.

As wanderers, you are the lucky ones who get a front row view of this incredible event. And those at times, you may feel less than grateful for that front row seat, rest assured that there are many entities who would greatly appreciate having that front row seat that you have been given as those who have come to aid this transition. So we would like to thank you for recognizing this aspect of your mission, of your incarnation, to hold space in peace and knowing that all will be well. As there have already been interventions in this birthing process, some that have aided and speeded up the process, and some that have slowed down the process. But it will come and all beings of this planet know that on a deep level.

We are Laitos and we feel we have offered a significant amount of our thoughts on this subject, though obviously a very small fraction of all the aspects of this fantastic event that is occurring for all of you beings on this planet Earth. While we cannot interfere directly, we do encourage each of you to ask when you see fit, because there are ways that our energies can blend even though we are not incarnated at this time. But those of you who are incarnated have so much power, more than you realize in aiding and welcoming this new child who will be here soon. We thank you again and we take our leave of this group in gratitude and love. We are Laitos. Adonai.

1. For more discussion of Earth’s relationship to the chain of logoi and humans specifically, see Ra: 65.17.