About the High Altitude Receiving Center

The High Altitude Receiving Center (HARC) maintains a record of communications between members of the Other Selves Working Group (OSWG) and the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator (the Confederation). OSWG engages in the practice of vocal channeling of entities from this Confederation to bring information, inspiration, and a different perspective to seekers on this planet. We carefully vet the messages relayed through this channeling to ensure their quality, polarity, and relevance to spiritual seeking. Our senior channel, Steve Tyman, was trained by Carla Rueckert and channeled next to her for over a decade. Hence, our protocols and contacts emerge from the same lineage and tradition as Carla’s.

Vocal channeling is a particular kind of activity within the larger concept of channeling, or manifesting in the material world the vibration and ideals of spirit in order to serve others. By this definition we are always channeling in some way; after all, our personalities are not material things, and we make choices about how we express our ineffable selves on a moment by moment basis. Vocal channeling is simply an intensification of this dynamic wherein the “instrument”, or the person performing the channeling, adjusts their consciousness to partake of a more refined concept of self. Since all is one, all entities are really part of the same Creator. Therefore, our separate identities are mutable constructs, able to be transcended by focused, intentional thought.

In order to achieve this more refined level of thought, we practice “tuning”. Using ritual, visualization, and meditation to attain a level of peace, clarity, and focus on the highest and best within oneself, an instrument can safely and stably bring through helpful messages from intelligences that seem not to be one’s own. This can be easily performed without inner work — artists of all kinds create from this space — but we are attempting to bring through philosophy and information of the highest caliber and benevolence. This requires of us instruments a great deal of personal work in consciousness, and the techniques of this work were taught to us by other instruments.

Many perspectives abound in the universe, including views held by entities who do not share our philosophy, values, and goals. To select only those intelligences that share our polarity, we practice our tuning on a daily basis. We tune to contact entities who can assist us with information around spiritual seeking on the “service to others” side of the spectrum. By critically analyzing our lives, thoughts, emotions, and channeled product, we strive to adhere to high standards of transparency and positive, radiative service.

We channel with extreme care, and do not proceed in a session if there is any reason to doubt our clarity, our intentions, or our inner strength. Channeling shall never be performed in a group of less than three; it is crucial an instrument receives assistance from a group in order to rely on balanced energies to help identify metaphysical blind alleys. The group hones their intentions along with the instrument, thereby playing a role in the quality of information received. We studiously avoid topics that are of transient value such as conspiracies, politics, and personal requests for material aid or trivial curiosity. Seeking information on these topics would detune our instruments, and we do not proceed with any channeling where we cannot be certain of the provenance of the messages received.

Regardless of the safeguards we employ in order to keep the information on this site pure and maximally helpful, we implore the reader to read these messages carefully and critically. Not every entity out there has the right message for you. If a message does not resonate or seems “off”, it is our fervent wish that the reader disregard it. This is also the consistent advice we receive from our contacts, as ultimately there is no authority but the self when it comes to matters of the spirit.

Active Instruments

  • Steve Tyman
  • Jeremy Weiland
  • Nithin R.