Q’uo on the Role of the Spirit Complex in Self-Consciousness
Second Channeling Intensive, Session 5 on Wednesday, May 18, 2022

This session features Q’uo discussing the concept of self-consciousness and how it serves the Creator’s evolutionary mission. There is a quantum leap in awareness demarcated by the second density entity’s discovery of the possibility of stepping outside its feedback loop between mind and body. This new position recapitulates the initial stages of the Creation’s articulation through the octaves, making possible the Choice that assembles the metaphysical power necessary to reach back to the Creator through the infinite medium of an emerging spirit complex. Finally, Q’uo frames this polarity of service to self and service to others as itself issuing from the development of the more primitive mover/moved polarity with which spirit initially engaged the creation. Through extending its feedback mechanism to the spirit complex, the self-aware entity grows to be an instrument of spirit, indirectly plumbing the mysteries of separation and the finite as an ever-unfolding discovery of its one infinite source.

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