Hatonn on Change and Turmoil
Evening Group Meditation, Session 3 on Wednesday, July 13, 2022

In this session those of Hatonn attempt to speak to the discomfort and heartache inherent in the constant change of our lives. This change and the emotional wake it leaves is part of our lessons, and it is our limited third density perspective that prevents us from seeing it as a smooth and coherent curriculum leading to realizations which we are destined to achieve. In fact, the more we can feel into our emotions deeply, no matter how positive or negative they may seem, the better use we can make of the catalyst. We might fear that feeling negative emotions could prompt us to act in rash or destructive manners, but those of Hatonn assure us that we are more likely to act in ways we might regret in the attempt to escape the emotion, not in simply feeling its truth.

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