Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 3 Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Hatonn on Change and Turmoil

Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 3 Wednesday, July 13, 2022


In this session those of Hatonn attempt to speak to the discomfort and heartache inherent in the constant change of our lives. This change and the emotional wake it leaves is part of our lessons, and it is our limited third density perspective that prevents us from seeing it as a smooth and coherent curriculum leading to realizations which we are destined to achieve. In fact, the more we can feel into our emotions deeply, no matter how positive or negative they may seem, the better use we can make of the catalyst. We might fear that feeling negative emotions could prompt us to act in rash or destructive manners, but those of Hatonn assure us that we are more likely to act in ways we might regret in the attempt to escape the emotion, not in simply feeling its truth.

Note: The Richmond Meditation Circle is still working out how to facilitate remote participants in its channeling circle. This is the reason for the pauses towards the end. We always ensure at least two participants are present in person in addition to the channel themself.

Group Question

What are the best ways to work with change in our lives and balance the turmoil that may issue from it?

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Hatonn and I am with this group at this time. We apologize for the surprise, but it is our nature to come to respond to a calling when we hear it. And my friends, how the heart cries out. We are therefore very pleased to be with you and to make the acquaintance of our brothers and sisters who are new to this circle. It is quite a treat for us, and we appreciate the positive vibrations emanating from many points on this globe. This is a somewhat newer model for contact, and we ask humbly that your energy be kept at a steady state, as it were. But we believe all involved are doing fine–fantastic, even.

Now this instrument reminds us of something he need not, [and] that is to issue our caveat. Our words are freely offered, but under the condition that you exercise your own discernment in accepting or rejecting them, for, my friends, do you not recognize how much of that truth is rustling inside this heart of yours which we have mentioned? Look there first, and if our words should prompt an insight, you may be assured it does not originate from us, except to the extent that we partake of the same unity as you do.

However, words are crude instruments, my friends. They will not hit the target, so to speak, in each and every case. This is, after all, the mystery of manifestation. As such, you are, as our friend Ken said, the master of your own house within your mind/body/spirit complex, and we would never take the reins of that complex from you. So use your judgment, and we will feel most pleased to riff on this entirely apt and dense question this evening.

We will take a moment to deepen this instrument’s state. I am Hatonn.

(Brief pause)

We thank this instrument for an awkward pause, and we will continue.

What your life entails in general is not easily perceived on a moment by moment basis, my friends. As you well know, the change that provokes such turmoil, as you have phrased it, is ongoing and a kind of permanent state of existence. Change is constant and unrelenting. It is a function of the space/time illusion in which you iterate through your lessons, and it gives you the ability to issue up to our One Infinite Creator novelties of experience and energy configuration.

The consequence of this, we are sad to say, is that there is a tension in the experience of this life, this unceasing litany of changes. This is a life, these changes. The Buddhists, we note, recognize that there is a moment of rest and static state, and it is called death or unity. As long as you are alive and manifest, you can look forward to change, and you can perhaps take many emotional stances towards that change. This is your purview.

Now, we of Hatonn have also experienced the rough and tumble, as it were, of a third density life. From our vantage point on the other side of these experiences, it seems to us so neat and tidy the way your pains and your troubles delineate the vectors of the lessons in your life, much as you witness a protagonist of a movie go through a dramatic experience, only to come out the other side as somehow transformed. And yet, has this not happened, from a cosmic point of view, in a blink of an eye as you sit in your chair and remove the DVD from the player?

We recognize, my friends, this perspective is of limited use to you because, when one is tossed about in the waves of change, while a higher perspective can yield comfort, it is not the only palliative available in the medicine box. This instrument has struggled to think of ways in which the incidence of change itself may be worked with, and we would like to oblige in a way that is not glib, for we could not start without pointing out how change and the turmoil are the lesson, they are the path.

Now, this can seem a bit cruel when you do not see things the way that we see them, when you do not have the ability, in your life, to simply cut to another scene of the movie and speed the lesson along in its narrative tidiness and [cleanliness]. So you find yourself in a pit of despair, and no perspective from thirty thousand feet will move you from that pit. It is the consequence of embodiment, of being in an illusion that locates you, that nails you to the spot, as the one known as Pema has said1.

Now when you find yourself gripped by despair, by suffering, we have often suggested in the Confederation that you should balance this experience, that you should work with the emotion. The ones of the complex of Ra have most often shared this viewpoint, and this is well. But that is a task to be accomplished at a later point than when you are on the needlepoint of a moment and this sharp edge presses into you. No amount of anticipating a future balance can lessen the pain.

Or can it? And here we might offer a suggestion for our brothers and sisters who don’t see the glory of their lives and who cannot always safely deposit their treasures in heaven and abide the clash of opposing interests and emotions and concepts that boggle the mind and give one nowhere to stand. We speak from the firmament to those of you on the fundament, and we say: dive in. The first step in using intense emotion in the moment is to surrender to it.

You believe (not without good cause, we might add) that if you were to yield to the intensity of a negative emotion, it might destroy you or provoke such a rash action that you would be forever changed. But my friends: what do you think the point of the feeling is? It is to change you. It is to transform you, and it is to show you a new, precious side of yourself. It may be dark, but my friends, this is a creation both of the dark and the light, and we would offer the suggestion that the next time you feel life pinching in on your heart that you simply pay attention to how it feels. We observe how valuable this pinching, this pressure is, for my friends, it is not easy to grow without it. This is the utility of the third density illusion. You bang on the walls of your prison, and yet, you do not understand the transformative nature of that enclosure, how it slowly, perhaps too slowly, disciplines and forms and provides a solid surface off of which to push so that you may change your trajectory, so that you may recognize your unlimited potential which will come in quite handy in more ethereal experiences that lie ahead of you.

So let us return to something practical and exit the abstract. When you are feeling this emotion deeply, we have suggested that you pay attention to it. Now, it is not simply to pay attention to it, to simply endure it (although that is part of it) but also [that] you have a unique opportunity to witness what those of Ra called the randomness of the energy, of this discomfort, this turmoil and unsettledness. To feel into it is to learn something about your hardware, my friends, something that you can’t learn intellectually, something you, like most third density beings, avert your eyes from, and try not to let crush you. It is this aversion that is to be worked with; the emotion, the feeling, the sense of displacement from what is “right” and “proper”, is what is to be worked with.

You often fear how you will react if you feel deeply, yet my friends, if you analyze yourself in this moment, you may recognize what we do: that it is the desire to expurgate the feeling, to be rid of it, that often causes the rash response, the anger and lashing out, as this instrument has named it. The feeling itself is pure and true, for we remind you, my friends: this is one conduit to that deep mind that partakes of the archetypal plan. These rivers of emotion, as you purify them, become your entry into the true purpose of existence.

Now, to be sure, we do not wish to get ahead of you. You cannot work with the archetypal mind in a complete way overnight. We simply recommend that you give these emotions the respect that they deserve; that you tenderly attend to them. This instrument has often marveled at the coupling of bad emotion, so to speak, with wrongness, with something being awry, out of place, in need of correcting. Consider our point of view. What if the emotion, no matter how discomfiting, is true and correct, and your experience of it an irreplaceable moment in the architecture of our Creator? What if, instead of escaping it, you are there to accept it, and to perhaps surprise yourself in your reaction? When those of Ra spoke of an unstudied and spontaneous response to catalyst2, we would offer that this response is least useful in its physical form. The true depth of this response is within you, the energetic way in which you shuffle the cards of your seven basic experiences to accommodate or repress this moment in consciousness.

We sometimes fear we make this too complex; it is actually quite simple, but it is typical of the people of your planet to thrash about and throw a tantrum, so to speak. So we offer you this metaphor: which entities in your world are prone to the temper-tantrum? Do they always scream so? Are they doomed to lash out in ignorance for their entire lives? No, my friends; it is but a stage of development. Your location and your maturity is variable, not [as] easily mapped as the development of a human from birth to adulthood. Yet there are similarities, and there are those helpful entities who look on your meltdown and do not think ill of you, but instead, see the soul you are growing into, and make space for your turmoil.

As a final piece of advice may we suggest that consciousness is multi-faceted. You can be your own parent, and you can calm down the toddler within. The toddler learns how to live from the parent’s example. Can you, my friends, set an example for yourself? Is that possible?

So we will leave the matter there for our monologue, for we are not conceited enough to believe that this is a great comfort on its own. No, it will take time, and you will come up with your own strategies, your own mental models for working with this multi-various consciousness, and it is all–all of it–exceedingly good and commendable effort. Not one teardrop is wasted, and if you were to speak to your parents about your meltdowns, your hardships, we imagine they would, with such a large amount of time [having passed], look back more fondly than you might imagine. And we suggest that you look fondly on this time. You will not have it for very much longer in the cosmic scheme, so if you can cherish it as you do the dark and light sides of the little child, we believe you would do yourself, your other selves, and the Creator, a greater service than you can imagine.

We are all in the dark, and we light our candles the same way, no matter the density. We assure you: you can light your candle. And with that thought, we would finally bring this monologue to a close, and ask if there are any follow up questions to which we might address our complex. We are those of Hatonn.

(Brief pause)

I am Hatonn, and observing no questions in the local circle, we ask the one known as Eric to ensure that the speaker is ready for our remote friends.

(Eric gives the go-ahead)

We thank you, my brother. We are those of Hatonn, and at this time, we ask those who are remote if they have a question for us, that we might offer our perspective.

(Brief pause)

We are again with this instrument. We are those of Hatonn, and we understand perfectly, my friends. It is not always time to speak, and if we have consumed the majority of the oxygen, so to speak, we do apologize. We would point out that, while this instrument has done well, the instrument known as Jeremy could keep a better focus in the future on the thoughts at hand, and this might lead to a terser monologue that would be of more help in offering the entire circle the contact.

We would like to thank all in this circle for their comforting energy which has helped this instrument tremendously and has assisted our complex in maintaining contact. It is a curious balance, and we know that the instrument known as Jeremy is incredibly grateful for this experience with his other selves. We wish now to bring this contact to a close, making our gratitude to all very, very clear.

What you do in this life, my friends, is not easy. No entity in any other density can really understand being under the gun of the third density–even in its memory. You are all heroes to us, so one last thought, my friends: go easy on yourselves. As this instrument would say: “take ‘er easy”.

We are those of Hatonn, and with that humorous thought, we would leave this group at this time, leaving you in the love and the light of our One Infinite Creator. I am Hatonn. Adonai vasu borragus.

1. The instrument believes this idea of being “nailed to the spot” arises from the work of Pema Chödrön:

Instructions on mindfulness or emptiness or working with energy all point to the same thing: being right on the spot nails us. It nails us right to the point of time and space that we are in. When we stop there and don’t act out, don’t repress, don’t blame it on anyone else, and also don’t blame it on ourselves, then we meet with an open-ended question that has no conceptual answer. We also encounter our heart.

When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön

2. A reference to the Ra contact, session 41, question 19:

The key to balance may then be seen in the unstudied, spontaneous, and honest response of entities toward experiences, thus using experience to the utmost, then applying the balancing exercises and achieving the proper attitude for the most purified spectrum of energy center manifestation in violet ray. This is why the brilliance or rotational speed of the energy centers is not considered above the balanced aspect or violet-ray manifestation of an entity in regarding harvestability; for those entities which are unbalanced, especially as to the primary rays, will not be capable of sustaining the impact of the love and light of intelligent infinity to the extent necessary for harvest.