Colorado Springs Circle Third Channeling Intensive Session 2 Thursday, October 6, 2022

Q’uo on Positive and Negative Greeting

Colorado Springs Circle Third Channeling Intensive Session 2 Thursday, October 6, 2022


In this session, Q’uo gives a detailed account of the elements and issues affecting the dynamics of communication across the veil. This relates both to the intricacies of the inner planes and those of the outer planes, to the extent that either of these locales are implicated in the type of contact that is sought. The nuances of meaning associated with the positive and negative paths are explored, as is the role of time/space in serving as a vehicle for the perpetuation and enhancement of the qualitative characteristics associated with each path.

Group Question

How does greeting across densities actually take place with respect to the dimension of free will, both in a positive and a negative sense. How does this contrast to respecting free will between third density entities?

Channeled Message

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator.  We happily join this group in its moment of seeking, but we ask you, as we always do, to exercise your own discrimination in filtering our communication , laying aside that which does not resonate with you, or seem to you to bear the stamp of truth. We are your other selves, quite capable of distorting the messages that we ourselves receive from the Creator, and it would greatly ease our minds knowing that you too have the capacity to ascertain truth and not to be subject to whatever distortions we may seem to bring to the table.

You ask us this day to address a question that indeed relates to the very communication which you now receive from us. And we find that this is an apt question to  be asking, and that, indeed, any group such as yours does well to ask this question, not once, but twice, and even thrice, for it is a central issue in a context where you may not have readily at your disposal all the information you would like to have in order to evaluate our response. Thus, to some extent, there is something taken on trust, and you must be prepared to have an operative assessment of what you may accept on trust, and what you would do well do doubt.

So, we speak happily to this question, as we say. Before we begin, let us lay out what you may call a ground-plan for our communication, our little inspiring essay, if you will. We will speak to a few preliminary considerations relevant to the issue of what you sometimes call your paranormal communications through this instrument, focusing more on those communications which come from members of the Confederation.  Then, turning to the one you know as Jeremy, we will speak to what, by contrast, might be expected by way of a paranormal communication coming from your own inner planes. Moving to the one you know as Claire, we will deal with some of the more nuanced differences between the two. Then, returning, finally, to this instrument, we will sum up by reviewing some of the salient points which we have made along the way.

To begin: We are those of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. What that means to you is that we speak to you from a vantage-point which is outside of the normal domain of discourse, and domain of experience, which you enjoy at present, and which we have referred to in the past as your third density. That means that the densities from which we speak (these being the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth) might well be expected to bring into play perspectives which are different in kind from those which you find available to you readily in the third density.

The most arresting difference here is what you call the veil. And it would behoove us to begin by stating, first of all, that the veil in third density is a fundamental facet of the way in which your free will is given free play, so that you may find your way as if feeling through the dark, or, at most, being lit and led by a very small candle meant to eliminate that darkness, and in such a way that you are not even permitted so much as to know who you are. And you are, in this much constrained capacity, invited to seek out the truth of the creation and your opportunities to serve within it.

 So, how does it stand, then, with regard to one or more than one (such as we of Q’uo) who desire to aid you in your process of evolution and your process of seeking, and your process of self-determination, in such a way that we respect your right, your need, not to know who you are, and how things work in the environment of your life experience? Where, one might ask, do we “get off” even making such an effort? Well, we would say to you that the only basis upon which we may have a voice in your domain is that you have requested this voice, and in doing so have permitted us to speak. Otherwise, we would have absolutely no legitimate basis for communicating with you in the manner in which we now do, which is to say, directly.

We would say, further, that the only possibility for this type of communication to occur is predicated on one central truth. And that is the truth that, ultimately, we are not different from you. That is to say, it is the unity of the creation, together with the commonality of all creatures within it, that gives us that most slender, if strong, thread of self-identity that ultimately all share as a portion of the Creator.

And so we would say, as the initial response that we give to you on this interesting and vital question, that our first task in undertaking this communication is to hold in a place of central reverence the truth that you are not other than us, but same in an ultimate sense.

Now, that brings us to the first paradox that this communication must endure. That is that, in fact, it would seem that, given this unity of self with self, there could be no possible reason for needing to undertake such a communication, for anything and everything, which we could possibly share with you, you already have. And this is true, and yet, somehow, strangely — both, apparently, to our perception, and to yours — it does not obviate the validity of this attempt. For, though we are one, yet we are two. And in that simple statement lies the mystery of the creation, whereby it seems that an infinite number of centers of free will can exist in such a way that each and every one has its own individual integrity of being while at the same time being one with the All in All.

Now, that which constitutes a communication which comports with this fundamental nature of the creation, as we have just described it, in such a way as to do honor to both dimensions simultaneously and in such a way as to celebrate the integrity of free will even in the unity of the All in All, this is what bears the characteristic, as we understand it, of Service to Others. And, my friends, it describes our commitment in communicating with you.

You will remember, and note well, that we have repeatedly admonished those in this group, as well as in others, that you do well to be on your guard at all times while seeking communications of this nature. For, the respect for the integrity of free will of which we have just spoken is not universally acknowledged, even on the side of those who would communicate with you from densities four, five, six. In truth, there are those who, rather than to commune with you in the joy of mutual beingness, would seek rather to control you, would seek rather to add those awesome powers which all who have the eyes to see can discern in you to their own powers and authorities. And, we would tell you further, that, unlike the third density experience, those who dwell in the higher densities are not inhibited by the veiling. And therefore they have  a tremendous advantage over you when it comes to presenting themselves to you. For, we know who we are. And equally well, we would say to you, that those who have polarized in such a way as to serve primarily the self also know who they are. And the latter very often know how to insinuate themselves into your good graces, for they can find your week spots. They can find where you are unguarded. They can find where your stray desires wander out unprotected in the wild world at large. And they are most eager to entrap you in ways that will serve their purposes, and not yours.

And so, here you are, babes in the woods, knowing not who you are, carrying your little candles in search of that which you know as truth, and asking for just a little help upon the way, and being sufficiently attuned in your seeking that you have been able to open the gateway to what lies beyond, and through this gateway come these voices. These voices, we say, but which voices are these? To whom do they belong? And whence are they wither? “If I follow these voices,” you may ask, “where will it lead? Do I have the capacity to judge of what is true and what is not true?”

Now, if it simply a matter of information that you seek, if it simply an item or two of knowledge that you desire to have, we would say to you my friends, that you do not have the capacity to exercise the needed discrimination. You do not. And you deceive yourselves if you believe that you do. So, if that’s what you’re asking of us, if you want to know this or that or the other tidbit of information, or if you want some advice about how you may better situate yourself in some self-enhancing posture in relation to the remainder of the creation, for our part, we would tell you, you are barking up the wrong tree, my friends. And, we would tell you one more thing. If you encounter any, coming to you from through this gateway that you have managed to open, who would say to you that they can help you out with some most useful information, which will have the added attraction of being able better to situate you among your fellow human beings — maybe give you a little bit of a leg up, or just increase a little bit your likelihood of survival, perchance of prevailing — if any of these gifts are on offer, we would suggest to you that it is time to close that gateway.  It is time to say, “Thank you, but no thank you. I must find my own way.” For, indeed, there are “friends” that are truly no friends at all. And you, who serve in this capacity, do well to keep that in mind at all times.

We who serve otherwise do not wish to give you information of any kind that will be advantageous to you in any way that individuates you from any other. We have only the most humble service to offer, and that service is to inspire you to know that you are loved, and that your love is never, ever in vain. For love is that which accepts all, and love is that which unifies all, and which gives the pathway to the realization that the All in the All is all there is to be.

These words are easily mocked as being of the utmost superficiality. They tell you nothing more than you already knew. You don’t need us to say these things to you, and we will freely admit that that is true. Yet, perhaps in a way these communications are marked by the singular feature that we need you more than you need us, for we do love you, my friends. We love you, not just as other selves, but as the Creator Itself that we find exalted within ourselves as we interact with you.

So, our message to you is so very simple, and yet so very difficult. For it is the simple which is difficult. It is simplicity of heart which is truly difficult for those who gaze upon the world, complex beyond all imagination, and wonders where every little strand of beingness may lead, and every little path may take one. And we say to you that, whatever your path, and whatever strand or thread you follow, will lead ultimately back home to the simplicity of heart that is itself the gateway to all unity, where love abounds.

So, apologizing to you for our dearth of complex information which may satisfy your yearnings, we would at this time undertake to allow a communication upon a subject somewhat different, though somewhat same, involving what you call your inner planes, and we will do this by transferring our contact to the one known as Jeremy. I am Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we continue our communication through this instrument at this time, jumping right into the same thread of love, following it, pulling ourselves along, so that we may offer you inspiration: inspiration with which to meet those unique and taxing challenges the density that is third. In this miasma of illusions you must make your choices, my friends. The goal is to discover yourself, something very subtle, and yet an axis upon which your future forays through the Creation will turn. 

What we offer you from the outer planes, my brothers and sisters, is the concept of some kind of fruition; not concrete, only perhaps a mirror in which you see your own heart. This can be contrasted with the designs of those who share your density. There are many inner planes, my brothers and sisters. Your group had entertained a concept of discrete levels of consciousness which those of the Confederation have, in the past, referred to as subdensities. This map of third density consciousness that you are traversing is only useful to the extent that you do not forget how important it is to not forget the details of the territory you tread upon. 

There are many types of third density consciousness, and yet knowing the typology serves you poorly, save that you apply this to the exigencies and details of a single moment. It is this theater in which communication across sub-densities has utility in your project: the project of seeking the Creator-self. And so we often speak of that most concrete of encounters within this density, those being your other incarnate selves. And we spend quite a bit of time discussing this with you for the simple reason that this is where your lessons and the process of catalysis will yield progress in polarization. It is well to train one’s attention and practice one’s values in this context of incarnate, veiled life. 

So we are calling out to you that we are approaching the mystery of consciousness veiled from itself from a different angle in this session, and that is communication with brothers and sisters in the inner planes of third density. It is a different kind of greeting, a different variety of Creator hailing the Creator for, my friends, it occurs in a situation in which consciousness can see its own reflection more clearly. What do we mean by this? Simply that you have more in common with a third density inner planes being, and this is both of great value and perilous danger for the fragile self that is being expressed through the search of self that constitutes the development of polarity.

Let us begin with the dangers. Because you share a common idea of the gameboard that is grounded in day-to-day life in some way, deception can be more descriptive of those qualities that you might experience in the negative. A third density inner planes being has more in common with you in terms of their purposes, their projects, and their goals. 

Especially if there is negativity involved in a communication from the inner planes, you must understand you are dealing with, in some sense, a very wounded animal. More than you, perhaps, they understand the retarded nature of their seeking, for the goal is not to indefinitely abide in this density, and they know that much better than you can ever know. What they seek from you is expression on the planes of manifestation, that golden ticket on the train of upward spiraling light. You can walk the path, but my friends, do not ever discount how blessed you are to learn, grow, and even suffer in this most articulated and poignant expression of consciousness. How deeply intention matters here and how hidden the meaning of that is from you without your constant exertion.

This exertion, we suggest, has much to do with what it takes to operate within the fourth density and higher. And so it is through a manipulation of sorts that they may partake of your incarnative gifts. It is not necessary to fully understand the mechanism of this, but if you have practiced the crossing over of sub-density boundaries through the practice of activities such as ritual magic, then you are somewhat familiar with what is going on here. 

You have the ability to realize meaning in many different ways. And it is your own ability to parse and express that meaning in more pure and targeted ways that give you insights that cannot be learned through the conscious awareness of the waking mind. It is on this level that you are, and will continue to be, vulnerable to incursions that exploit what you cannot defend against easily. 

It would be problematic if you were to be on a constant guard against inner planes greeting, for it would take the focus away from understanding the self. So you must learn, my friends, to recognize the tragedy inherent in negative greeting. It is a tragedy reflected in your own beingness and drawn out by those who are not subject to the veil in the same way as you. 

We feel it is incumbent on us to speak of the lessons here, for when you have sensed the otherness of an inner planes greeting, you are afforded an opportunity to learn a lesson. This lesson will then be carried out and certified by the way you act in your waking life. This is one benefit of the inner planes negative greeting relative to [greeting from the] outer planes. 

The danger is not in the setback, but in the misidentification of self that characterizes the third density project to begin with. It is an opportunity to ground yourself, to ask yourself what it is that you seek, what it is that feels so alien, and what service, what a focus on the other as a node in the network of universal life, can bring about in terms of healing and in terms of effecting protection that you cannot realize as a direct defensive act. Third density inner planes entities are not to be bargained with, for this is the pattern of negativity, it is the pattern of the negative adept. 

You are instead given an opportunity to invent a way to convert this greeting into a positive lesson, an act of creativity that may seem to exceed your resources, to go beyond what you might think you are capable of. And this is a much more honest way to deal with the inherent fragility of third density consciousness, for it is here that free will can find its most powerful expressions. Your advantage is in your purity, your lack of cleverness, your ability, in other words, to radiate in response to the challenge. 

We urge you to understand inner planes beings of both the positive and the negative character as intensifications of the catalysis inherent in waking life, in the incarnate experience, and your metaphysical vulnerability is simply the analog of your physical vulnerability. This is perhaps more easily seen, ironically, in the positive third density greeting, for much that can be characterized as information, which we spoke of through the one known as Steve, comes into more useful light. You have capabilities of which you are not directly aware. The positive greeting will seek to make you aware of this, to teach you those skills and energetic heuristics of expression that are only coarsely identified in waking life. It is the refinement of your incarnation that the positive inner planes entity seeks. 

It is contrasted with the negative inner planes entity to the extent that this refinement gives you a sense of grounding in something that feels like yourself. The negative greeting will seek to turn you about and make you feel that the ground under your feet is shaky. You do not need a special acumen to feel this way, for this is simply a magnified experience of incarnation in general. So positive greeting within the density will help you identify within your consciousness the ladder that is available so that your will can be fixed upon what it is you seek, instead of knocked down, so that you must feel about for your orientation. 

To conclude this section of our communication with respect to inner planes greeting, we would simply point out that your best preparation for the metaphysical excesses of life is to use your incarnation well, to demonstrate in materiality those values and principles that resonate in the heart. This may be one way in which you can discern the polarity of a greeting within the inner planes. It may not be useful to spend too much energy on this discernment; you must have a light touch on these matters, my friends. Too much attention on them, and you are not living in the sector of consciousness in which service is paramount. But too little awareness [on them] and you lose the thread of your lessons, you lose the ability to bob and weave, and this nimbleness will be most needed in the densities to come, for you will understand the search for the Creator as a dance when you fix your attention on the present moment, not when you seek to analyze each subtle energetic sensation as if you were comparing the paint on the wall to a swatch. It cannot be cleanly and neatly disposed of, these experiences that go outside waking life, but you can learn to become capable of skills that you cannot directly enact. And this is one of the mysteries that incarnative experience in third density is designed to throw into stark relief. 

There is so much to say on this subject, and yet, as outer planes entities, to go into too much detail would be to do you a disservice. However, to the extent that there is more to say, we would say it at this time through the instrument known as Claire, passing our contact in love and light, with gratitude to this instrument. And at this time, we will transfer the contact to that instrument. We are those of Q’uo.

(Claire channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We would continue and in that continuation of our discussion, we want to remind you that a greeting is an extremely common phenomenon. When you enter a room in your house, you greet the room, whether you say or think anything or not. A greeting between entities is contact. This is what greeting is. And the greetings that occur occur as a matter of attraction. You, after all, entered the room for a reason and the room itself is, of course, of the first density nature and has little in the way of capacity for attraction, though it has some. Though, in the case of creatures in the third density and above, the attraction between entities–and this is also true of second density–can be very strong. And you need not know that an entity is attracted to you to yet be greeted. You may never become conscious of the event. At all times, you are surrounded by beings that you are not aware of, or anyway dimly aware of.

Sometimes, in the case of an inner planes entity, as we have suggested, a greeting might come in the form of what you might more commonly know of as an intrusive thought. Was the thought your own? Was the thought provoked from somewhere else? Well, the attraction existed. Part of it comes from you. The mere fact of an intrusive thought indicates that some of it is yours. There as an opening into which that thought might have entered, even if, had that entity not been there, the intrusive thought might not have occurred.

Likewise, entities in higher densities will also be attracted to you, and you to them. As in dreams, you may also find attraction between yourself and another entity. And, in virtue of that, you might find some entity, say an inner planes being of the positive variety, attempting to assist you in whatever work might be done during your dreams. Or, conversely, perhaps one of your fears is being energized by a less positive entity in your dreams. And all of this becomes, of course, catalyst for you to work with. It may be more difficult in virtue of having been energized, yet it is still there.

Now, we wish to comment on the metaphysical differences between the varieties of greetings that you might experience. And these metaphysical differences cut across one another. There is the difference of native density and there is also the difference of polarity. And these will have different effects depending on where the entity that greets you falls along these dimensions.

In the first place, notice that beings of higher densities have greater power to effect some kind of change in your world, and also, in virtue of the quarantine, have greater limitations on doing so. When they do get through, they can have a strong effect. The strong effect that they have is not necessarily a profound outward difference. You will not see spectacular magic as you might in a video game. Rather, the strength of the greeting from higher densities is perhaps best measured by the way that it stirs you or anyone who comes into contact with the action that comes from the higher density. For example, in the case of a channeled contact like ours, the words that are communicated, the message that is communicated from the higher densities, if it is communicated in a relatively undistorted way, will carry a signal, it will carry a power that is felt upon hearing the words, or upon being exposed to the message. Or, even more so, upon being immersed within the context of the communication. This will be true of both the positively oriented and negatively oriented entities of the higher densities. They exert a powerful ripple effect within your illusion that is difficult to identify what, within the action, really caused the ripple effect. Why should it be so strong, so touching, or so–in the case of a negative action–disturbing? And yet it is so.

Now, it also bears mentioning that, despite these greater powers for effecting a response within your world, there are also higher risks imposed upon those beings who might effect some kind of action. In the case of higher density positive entities, like ourselves, the risk is not only to ourselves, for we would indeed pay a price were we to violate your free will. But the risk is also to you, because we cherish the ability that you have to express yourselves as you are and through expressing yourselves as you are choose to be what you are, choose to shape yourselves into what you will be. We want this for you. And the risk, then, for us cuts both ways. And this is largely an artifact of the overlapping identification of self that characterizes the positive polarity. For the positive polarity reflects the truth of the unity of all creation.

Yet, from the higher densities in the negative polarity, there is likewise a risk. For in both out cases, there are metaphysical laws that apply, laws that govern our progress through the densities and our experiences in terms of what we wish to be and to become. For the entity who is driven forward by dominion and the enactment of its vision upon reality, a failure to do so is costly, especially if a failure to do so occurs in a context in which the free will of the entity–yourself, that is–is set aside. For this reason, many crusaders of the higher densities enact restraint. They would much prefer that you choose for yourself to give yourself over to them, than for them to attempt to exert control over you and then have it backfire when it doesn’t work. For this reason, the greetings from the higher densities that are impressed upon you will come in the form of the nagging imbalances or concerns, or the nagging traumatic experiences that you’ve had. It is far, far safer to energize these and throw you off the path than to insert themselves into your lives in more prominent ways, only for you to register that there is in fact there is something attempting to subvert you and to consciously attempt to thwart it. The goal, then is to pass by your discriminatory capacities, to make you think that what this is is entirely of your own creation and that in fact life is much more difficult than you realized and perhaps not worth the effort that you might have thought. That your projects are best abandoned, not because something has gotten in your way, but because they are simply difficult. This sort of feeling is the kind of feeling the higher density crusader would want to encourage within you, since it is safe for them.

Now, in the inner planes, the risks and the powers are lesser. There is less at stake in failing to gain control over you, because many of your inner planes entities, though they wish to advance, are themselves within the sinkhole of indifference. And, as we have said, their experience is what you might think of as a tragic one: they go around in circles, harvesting what energy they can, out of a feeling of need. So for these entities in your inner planes who might greet you in a negative way, in the first place they have very little power over you. All the can do is magnify the unhappy feelings that you might have, or to magnify the self-righteous feelings that you might have. They magnify it in order to feed on that feeling. The risk to them of thwarting your free will is not that great, but also the have little capacity to impose themselves upon you. Yet, they do have the capacity to follow you around.

Similarity, for entities within your inner planes who attempt to offer a positive message, they can play more fast and loose with what they offer to you, because, again, the consequences for them for an error are not that great and they do not appreciate the limitations of preservation of free will as much as they would were they to have a higher density perspective. Which means that the possibility for error is also greater.

Now it is also worth speaking to another concept which touches upon the possibility for interaction between yourselves and either inner planes entities or higher density entities. And this is the concept of trustworthiness. Even if it were not the case the we pay a price for violating your free will, and part of that price is our sorrow at having violated your free will, even if that were not the case, what would it say about us if we were to take advantage of the authority that your peoples would naturally want to ascribe to us in virtue of our perspective? What would it say about us if we were to use that authority that so easily is ascribed to us to communicate to you all the various juicy bits of information that you might not otherwise be apprised of? And how, indeed, would you check our message for inaccuracy? Our willingness to speak on these little details would cast doubt on us as a trustworthy source, precisely because we know that there is little in the way of your ability to check the truth of our message. In such a case, we would be able to say whatever we want, and you might believe it. And this is precisely what makes the possibility for accidental contact with higher density negative entities so salient. It is easy to slip into this in virtue of the willingness that you have to trust such answers that we might give to you.

Now we would also like to comment on the possibility of violations of free will among your incarnate third density other selves. What does it mean, after all, to not violate free will? Notice the double negative. One might parse the same thought in terms of a positive, which is to say, what does it mean to preserve the free will of another. Well, this seems to be more or less a matter of your attitude toward the other self and their attitude toward you. Do you, in speaking to you, or do they in speaking to you, desire for you to have the space to express yourself as you want yourself to be, to construct that self on your own and on your own terms? And do they wish for you to become that self? And then, through that wish, do they desire to meet your needs in the way they actually manifest, rather than the needs that they think you ought to have? In this sense, then, violations of free will in terms of communicating information, between yourselves and your incarnate other selves, is a matter of not withholding the information that you think would provoke some kind of change of heart or change of mind or would, perhaps, in your judgment, reveal too much to them. Rather, worries about violations of free will, in terms of sharing information, are perhaps more appropriately situated in terms of whether you have the intuitive sense that this is information that they are calling for from you. Moreover, information that you might give to another also suffers the possibility of inaccuracy. What can you say to another that they cannot find out for themselves? Perhaps you can say something that they could find out for themselves and would be grateful for you to have said. These are nuances of individual interactions that are best left to the particularities of your relationships. We cannot say in advance how open and forthright you ought to be with your other selves. You will have to judge this for yourselves. What matters, both in terms of your capacity to preserve their free will, and their capacity to preserve yours, is whether at the center of the sharing of information is a desire to help the other realize their own vision for themselves. With that, we would like to transfer the contact to the instrument known as Steve. We are Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are back with this instrument.  We are now to the point in our communication with you where it is time for us to sum up. We feel that we have perhaps gone overlong, and so we will attempt to be brief, and will close the communication at this time, encouraging you, if you do have additional questions,  to repose your question in such a manner that we may answer further and in a way that will particularly answer to your needs.

We will sum up, then, by saying this: that there is a sense in which both those communications which come from the outer planes and from the inner planes do share something significant in common, which is most central to the nature of both. And we will say, further, that the point that we made, through the one known as Claire, to the effect that such facets of your experience as the dream-life are also highly significant facets in this domain of communication which comes to you from those sources which you sometimes call paranormal. In order to bring together all of these communications into a common framework, we would invite you to consider a concept which we have presented to you on other occasions as that of time/space.

We would like to connect this concept to the thought of atmospheres, which we have also addressed earlier. This is what we would say: in the domain of time/space, which is that through which we of the Confederation communicate, as well as that domain in which those whom you call discarnate dwell, in this domain, the veil does not hold sway. But neither does the capacity for completely individuated movement, and the illusion of complete separation hold sway. And so those who dwell or function in relation to time/space rather than space/time rather swim in an element that is more fluid than what you are accustomed to understanding as the structure of the manifest cosmos.

For you, a rock is a rock, a tree is a tree, and never the twain shall meet. In time/space, the individuations within the flow of energies are not quite so clear cut. One deals rather with experience which is not of this or that, or events which are not so circumscribed, but rather with a field of interplay of qualities. The way one who is discarnate is situated in relation to these qualities does not give much opportunity for laying aside those qualities which seem somehow to encompass one, and taking up others which might have caught one’s eye.

One  is consequently qualitatively somewhat more immobile, somewhat less advantaged with regard to the possibility of change or transformation.

And so those qualities that one has learned to draw around oneself as a portion of the atmosphere of one’s own being, while incarnate, are carried over into the discarnate state upon the death of the physical vehicle. And one dwells within these in the interregnum between incarnations.

When one is discarnate, one does not lose one’s intelligence. And one does not lose one’s desire, and most of all, and most of all, one’s desire to undergo transformation. While discarnate, unburdened by the veil, however, one has a much clearer view of the nature of that desire. One is much less inclined to think of it in terms of some passing fancy, and much more able to see how one’s desire constitutes a trajectory that spans lifetime after lifetime after lifetime.

And, for those who have made love their theme, the failure to orient desire to that love which is all embracing, and may be called the Love of the Creator, can be seen as so depressing that it is despair itself. For those who have long since despaired of love, the despair itself can become a point of pivoting in a modality of self-orientation, so that they who have seen that they cannot reign in heaven come to assert they would as soon reign in hell. Hell itself being understood here as despair.

Those who have dwelt long in the regions of despair have learned the secret highways and byways that can be traversed within its confines, just like those who have learned to dwell in the hope of Love Eternal become familiar with the highways and byways of that way of being.

Now us say that these highways and byways are in fact atmospherics, and these atmospherics are the essence of what gets conveyed in communication from time/space back through to space/time such as you now enjoy while incarnate.

It is a mark of a dream of positive inspiration when the atmospherics are of love and kindness and hope. Whereas it is a mark of the atmospherics of the negative domain when the feeling they elicit in dream or indeed in waking consciousness are those of despair. Now despair often does not recognize itself as such, but rather wraps itself in the ambition of dominating the atmosphere. For in that act of domination there is the sense of self-justification of one who has despaired of love, of one who has despaired of the joy of losing the self in the beingness which all can share.

And so we say to you that it is from this very, very complex and nuanced realm we call time/space where the qualities of the engagement from level of being to another are generated in the hope or expectation or aspiration or design that an atmosphere for furthering the propensities that have been embraced in time/space may be carried out in space/time. Those who have embraced the negative polarity wish to promote atmospherics in space/time that permit a furtherance of these qualities, whereas those who have embraced the positive path, the path of love, wish likewise to make possible in space/time the flourishing of those people whose inclinations in that direction are still somewhat germinal.

And so, my friends, we would suggest that, if you are interested in communications across the boundary of the veil, that the first question you ask about these communications might well relate to the qualities that the communications themselves carry. And the best way to ask this question is for you yourselves to project that quality which you find in the innermost depths of your own being is most resonant with you. It is not for us to tell you what that quality should be, for we may only offer an invitation. The invitation we offer is that of love. We recognize that there is another kind of invitation altogether, and that remains perpetually a possibility.

The key to successful use of such catalyst as we may offer, or those otherwise disposed may offer in the alternative, is to, more and more, purify the aspiration which you bring to the question, so that it matches more clearly the kind of atmosphere you yourselves are seeking to invoke. And it is with that thought, my friends, that we would leave you now, in the love and in the light everlasting of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.