Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 4 Sunday, January 15, 2023

Monka on Power and Community

Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 4 Sunday, January 15, 2023


Monka is an old Confederation contact in the tradition of UFO-inspired channeling, first appearing in the work of Richard Miller in the 1950’s1 and channeled twice by the L/L Research circle in the 1980’s2, 3. Responding to questions and concerns around group work in the Other Selves Working Group’s activities, they share their view of the dynamics surrounding the building of community, the exercise of power, and the nature of disputes. The gravity of such work is laid out in light of the arriving fourth density, and those of Monka counsel patience and flexibility in accommodating the sometimes troubling nature of personal relationships. Some commentary is offered towards the end of the session on the operation of archetypal mind at the cosmic level.

Group question

What are the spiritual principles around exercising power in a group setting to bring everybody’s best out? How does the concept of individual and group boundaries relate to this exercise of power?

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Monka. Greetings in the love and light of our One Infinite Creator, my brothers and sisters. We are pleased to make this contact, and wish to reassure this instrument. He is struggling to justify such a unique intervention in your circle, for there is not the history between our peoples and yours that others of the Confederation of Planets in the Service to the One Infinite Creator possess. Therefore, we would remark on the presence of many of those you recognize. This is always the project of a group, and we know that the signs are clear to this instrument even if they are a tad bit disturbing, you might say. So he asks us to offer renewed caveats to this group, for neither he nor we would mislead you in your pursuit of truth and light and love.

The topic today deals with issues very close to the exercise of those distortions which, we might say, those of your kind have a vested interest in. And so extra caution is not untoward in the hopes that, through your concentration with this instrument, we might find common ground across the density barrier, and you can take something with you that creates a relief, a kind of recognition of what is valuable in your life and salient in your seeking.

There is a corollary we often are prompted to add, and we chuckle a bit, for we have a very good memory, we would reassure this instrument. Please leave aside any of our words that do not feel right, for the subject matter for this session deals with some of the most intense of the lessons that you are to learn as you mediate these boundaries that offer consciousness focus and the insight that you as the Creator crave. Please use your discernment and lighten the load on this instrument and give us the freedom to express what we can see, nothing more.

It occurs to us that when we talk about boundaries, we are talking about separation: the foundational feature of a creation. For though we would affirm the oneness of all, yet is experience possible when there is no object, when subject permeates through all levels of what can be perceived and what is mysterious? No, we would trace back to the purpose of the interesting fault lines that characterize your experience, these fault lines being the illusion of the separate self. It creates the possibility of freedom of choice so that interests can arise, a focused attention on an experience worthy of the peril of being a self, being a Creator in some sense in chains, self-imposed. It is said that those who do not move do not feel these chains. Why would you expect yourself to move when you have bound yourself to conditions of denseness, conditions of the social norms and rules? The very surface of your skin touches the air and creates a boundary. And yet you are here to find oneness with your fellow man in spite of all this. This is a conundrum that you place before yourself.

There is the mystery of social memory at the very cusp of your waking experience; it is not far off. But you struggle with the maintenance of a balance within yourself as well as with others. The veil between the unconscious and the conscious prevents the clear-eyed apprehension of the latent power you have exercised as Creator. Never forget that the vast balance of power lies in the potential, in that which is at hand and yet to be invoked, not simply a capacity to be flouted and whimsically played with.

This is a safety guard, my friends. You have much power at your disposal. The first boundary is erected to protect you and your experience, so that once your consciousness has reached the level where the group can be seen as self in the complete sense—not in this idealistic and imagined sense—you will be able to take your place in the community of those who share freely. It is not simply power that is shared freely: it is thought, it is feeling, the deep rivers of emotion that color your experience, that seem so personal and intimate, that are such wide vistas of expression and discovery within yourself. You have only to draw a single curtain [back] and, behold: you are home.

And we simply want to reflect how harsh it is that you must live behind this veil, feeling with every bone in your body your oneness with your brother and sister. And yet you must do the pantomime of the separate self, the kabuki theater of third density. It is frustrating, and it is why gatherings such as this are so important to the individual’s evolution of a sovereignty that stops not at a single entity. You are learning that your independent exercise of power only occurs on the backs of others’ exercises, how who you are as a unique entity partakes of a host of conditions that you did not create, how at the end of the day your self-creation as a personality in the yellow ray sense is but a means to an end and a vehicle in which to transport that tiny, flickering, sometimes incredibly dim candle [which] you are sheltering from the gusts and menacing of a harsh and painful illusion.

The seekers who sit amongst us now have identified the existence of this flame, and have gone so far, against all odds, to reason and feel their way to those who have made a similar discovery. It is the eureka moment of the third density, the point at which individuation as a dynamic of consciousness reaches its pinnacle. Once you have discovered your connection within to the Creator, however you can see that, individuation has done its job, and it is high time to share the light, to start a network of light. We give this instrument a vision of towers stretching across the face of your planet. One by one their bonfires burst in the flame, and as their operators see in the vast distance a point of light emerge that they have been watching for, they hasten to ignite their bundle and bring the brightest light they can into the world.

You have such a small concept of your value, my brothers and sisters. You are entirely ignorant of those looking to you, waiting, their hands at the ready for some sign that the light within them is not a signal that they are alone in the dark. This is part of the experience of achieving an awareness of self that then gets magnified, turned into an engine of sorts, as we all learn to recognize the light within each other, seeing that same flame, we learn that power is an expression of a mystery. It is not a duty; it is not even an artifact of potential, at the end of the day. It is simply a flow. What keeps your flame burning is the opening of the vent, so to speak, and letting the breath of the Creator nourish it, and allowing it to burn the fuel you have on hand. This fuel is a metaphor for those catalytic experiences you engage in in your life, and by this we mean the meat that you chew on as you wonder where to direct the beam.

So let us take stock at this moment. We have articulated some of the principles of the need for individuation, the boundaries that delineate and describe what an individual shall be, and the sacred cargo of this individual vessel, coming into awareness of the cargo within other vessels. How can we then describe what should be done in this situation when it is your job to figure it out together?

Well, we have been called to this circle because we are interested in this question. We are those of planet Monka, and we are bringing to bear our experience of coming apart as individuals, of reaching across those boundaries to build the faith that the separation was not an ultimate fact, and then the direction of all of our lights in a single vector, so that the individual’s work is not at the expense of the group but the very means by which the group comes into its own [and] recognizes the self that is vaster than you can possibly dare to imagine. This is the self, my friends, which will heal your planet. This is the self that will wipe each tear away. This is the pull that all feel as the light dims outside, as the world seems to crumble and threaten your existence as a self.

This is a grand vision of social memory, we understand, and we have not forgotten your concern with those more attenuated attempts at community, those smaller associations that draw upon those moments when you feel a common cause, a cameraderie, and seek to build units of light that prefigure fourth density, that set an example that others may translate into their concept complexes. Perhaps the first place to begin with the spiritual community at this juncture is to recognize the difference between a means and an end. It is common among your people to build tools, organizations, structures of thought that discipline behavior and make possible outcomes in a regularized and consistent manner. This is a large part of your recent history as a species.

It is through this organization of energy and consciousness that you were able to make the fantastic advance of planetary awareness. We call this out because this is not the case on every third density planet. Many learn to appreciate group consciousness without recognizing the fragility of their spacecraft, so to speak, their mother planet, and when group consciousness comes into full bloom it is a revelation beyond words, beyond a single person’s ability to emote. Your planet has had a more gradual entry into the next density. It is learning the hard way how closed a system the material world is, how finite the resources are, how limited the game is to play if it is about animals snarling at each other and grasping for all they can.

Our planet had a similar experience. We learned through tears that we could never accrue enough to extinguish that light within and blot out the longing for communion with the other. And so we look on your planet, and though we have had our fair share of false starts, we recognize that groups such as yours matter deeply, not because they are grand organizations that trumpet their logo and announce their values in a self-important way, but because they create grooves in the energy body of the planet that allow for people to see possibilities of being a self that go beyond what their parents taught them, what society expects of them, and that there are reasons to hope.

So when you encounter difficulties in the balance between individuals and a group and feel that the power is misdistributed, that only the assertion of a single self can correct the imbalance, we would ask that you pause and take a moment to get over yourself, and we are looking right at this instrument. This life that you live individually, think of what resonates in it and what blurs. What stands out but those moments when you connect? It is not all on your shoulders; you are not the [single] missing piece. The puzzle has yet to be fully assembled, and so as you connect with those adjacent pieces, focus on those connections, one by one. If it takes time, it takes time, and if you take that time to be honest, to reflect purely, to give your best, you may find that you are forcing together two puzzle pieces that are not in the proper position, and this, my brothers and sisters, is as important a discovery as any.

We have often given, through our brothers in the Confederation of Planets, the concept of the service-to-others social complex as a hierarchy without title, without a fixed place for each entity, because you are learning focus with flexibility. You are learning that who leads and who follows is a matter of the moment. The moment dictates it, not the person with power, and you are learning to trust. We would suggest therefore to focus on trust-building as an act in microcosm that the social memory complex expresses in macrocosm. Trust is not simply a matter of harmony; it is a matter of shared understanding, and this understanding need not always be that of two buddies. We wish to underline the wise words of our brother Nithin in this regard.

Once you can see each other clearly through the trust-building, through the honest recognition of where harmony lies and where disharmony finds itself, you can stop struggling, and it is in the struggle that power is drawn upon when it is not necessary. Our brothers and sisters of the complex Ra spoke of power and its exercise as involving a question of its right use. Well, that begs the question, does it not? We will not solve this riddle in this session, for that would foreclose upon your opportunities to make deeper inroads into trust with each other. However, there are many right uses of power; as many right uses as right moments.

To see clearly the state of play, the trajectory of the various pieces in flight; that is to recognize the opportunities for expression of self and, conversely, the opportunities for the stepping back so that others may step up. These principles should not boggle your mind, we think, but recognize what it is we are pointing out. The tools are already in your hands, my friends. The hour in third density is late. Most of you are in your final positions on the board. What is the missing ingredient, then? We will spell it out for you: connecting with that light within. Remember: communication is first and foremost about love. Only fear rushes it; only doubt protects the self from shining as dimly or as brightly as your flame makes available at the moment.

To wrap this up (as this instrument realizes time has passed without his awareness) every moment you spend in meditation is a moment building a greater self to explore. Every moment you balance a hard feeling within, you heal something holding everyone back. It is so difficult, we understand, to take this responsibility seriously, and it is for that reason that we encourage you to faithfully, lovingly but honestly, reflect to each other. Everyone is capable of hearing an idea. It is the creative nature of love within you that gives you the imagination, the ingenuity to express that love in the moment, in that relating, so that it is heard. It is up to the other to hear it, but you have many resources within. You are not limited to only certain ways of relating. This is what lies before you, each of you: the vast plethora of tools, energies, modalities of thought that make every relationship workable on some level. So if a relationship fails on one level, you have no reason to despair but, to be frank, your own laziness.

And we feel this is quite sufficient to inspire each person in this circle to continue their admirable work in reaching out, taking what walls they can identify down, even if for a moment, and letting the heart beat, letting the flame burn, and sharing the sublime experience that it is another self before you, another you, and that that relationship reflects your true nature as the One Infinite Creator.

We are those of Monka. We are grateful for the license you have granted us and reiterate this instrument’s concern that words be carefully weighed. We have spoken on matters directly impinging on your service, and it is vital that it be your service freely given, freely decided upon. Only this freedom expresses the Creator’s love, and we would not tweak that one bit. Therefore, let us pause for a moment and entertain any follow-up questions on this particular topic. I am Monka.

Baris: I have a question. Monka, could you talk a little bit more about the puzzle pieces that you mentioned that are being forced together and in time understanding that they are being forced together? Could you expand on that?

We are those of Monka and are aware of your query, my brother. Yes, this is where the rubber meets the road, is it not? Two entities, locking eyes, and yet, even if they feel the flame and recognize the beating heart in the other, simply cannot let go and let love flow from one source to another.

It is so hard to let go when one is in the midst of an encounter of Creator to Creator. It is what this instrument has recognized as the negative or harsh boundary setting as a desperate defense mechanism against this despair. We have suggested that not getting along with another is not the failure you believe it is but instead an opportunity to be creative in recognizing what the more harmonious dynamic might be in how one piece of the Creator would relate to another.

You can, first of all, slow down, remove the urgency from the situation, my brother. Encounters of Creator to Creator in second density are fraught often. The emotional rivers that you tap as self-conscious beings have their patrimony in survival. A new kind of self is seeking survival now. New patterns of evolution come into view, and it is not a gigantic flop, shall we say, to be entirely bewildered by how to reckon with this greater self when what stands before you seems, in some cases, alien. It is true, my friend.

This alienness is a reflection of your own alienation, and it is not a mistake; you do not misperceive. You yourself, my brother, brought up the idea of acceptance. You did not say, if we of Monka heard you correctly, that it was merely the acceptance of the other as you might distortedly perceive him or her, but the acceptance of the entirety of the emotional experience of coming into contact with yourself in the funhouse mirror, as an instrument once described it. If it were not disturbing to see such an exaggerated, warped, sometimes even ugly version of yourself, it would not be catalytic. It would not call upon your resources and demand that you bring them to bear. In other words, it would not be the challenge for an individual.

We would suggest that the challenge is more easily taken on if you give yourself a wide berth, as it will, a freedom to dance, not simply to stand still and stare the other self in the eye, demanding that this work against all odds, but to recognize that you may shift. You can change your thoughts about the preconditions of a situation. You can change even the terms of relating. You can even part ways in love. All of this is available to you. You are not commanded to love your fellow man in exactly the first way that comes to you in your mind.

Remove the strictures of what you think love is, that vast resource, multi-dimensional. It is within you, and all we can say is that despair is a kind of illusion, a kind of belief that separation is in fact real. Keep searching, and accept situations as they precipitate into being, regardless of their outcome. This is the faith that all is well in practice, in the vacuum between two hearts. The radiative love reaches out in all directions and does not stop until it runs into something. Let your heart be this. If one mode of thinking of another doesn’t serve your purpose, release it and choose another. The master Jesus gave just this lesson: remove the mote from your own eye.

What we are trying to point out is that disputes happen, people rub each other the wrong way, and yet there is love. You are tasked, my brother, as all of us, to find it, for this is the Creator’s recovery of unity in the dynamic of the illusion. And what is service-to-others but the translation of that all-encompassing love into a limited moment in time, already lost as we have spoken its existence into being.

Does this answer your question in any way my brother?

Baris: Yes it does. Thank you.

We are grateful to you for your question. We are those of Monka. Can we offer any further thoughts on this subject?

Jon: Yeah, I got a quick question. The concept of working with the catalyst within the self and how that releases it for others… I believe you mentioned something along those lines. Do you mind expanding on that?

I am Monka, and I am aware of your query, my brother. It is simply a matter of which side of the mirroring you care to pay attention to. You are familiar with the concept of projection. This is an element of consciousness that is far more prevalent than you can possibly realize. Therefore, what you experience as catalysis is simply one facet of an overarching dynamic of growth and transformation.

Let us give an example. You encounter your brother and find you do not see eye-to-eye as it is. Do you look within for the reason you cannot put this inharmony aside, or do you look to the other and see him as the one to be changed? We recognize this is a simplistic example, but it is a way to broach the subject of self-work as world-work and, therefore, manifestly other-self-work.

Others may or may not accommodate the harmony that you seek. This is just as much an exercise of free will as your own actions, thoughts, and emotional reactions, and is to be honored as deeply, just as deeply. This presents a conundrum for the entity that seeks, that walks a path and seeks progress on that path, for it is the way of the seeker to seek more and not to simply stop and dismiss the object of seeking.

However, when we spoke of the power of the present moment previously, we were not bandying about in cliches. This moment is the only thing that actually presents you with a choice, and you have it within you to wait, to exercise the Creator’s capacity for patience, for the faith that all seems not well at the moment but that that is but one moment.

Now, you would be right to think us foolish if we were suggesting that all disputes merely need to be waited out, but the lack of a viable action to discharge your service simply demands the reflection of that energy to the inner self. If you were not capable of change and transformation, you would be in quite a pickle. But you experience catalysis on many levels, and you have the option of the participation in any of these levels should you have the wherewithal, the presence of mind, shall we say, to shift and try a different mode of thought.

This flexibility seems like a skill that one must learn when we put it in terms of your communal relating, your orange and yellow ray interchanges. But what we are talking about is a kind of curiosity about the other that reflects a curiosity about the self. If one of those two seems less viable, you have always the other at hand, and my brother, you would be amazed at how often another self has freed you, has brought a catalytic process to some kind of completion in spite of your own best seeking within. You can think any way you want, and this is more of a skill than a simple imagination, for that is a kind of dance with the creative nature of love, and the disciplining of thought is an exercise in focus and the full expression of desire within the self. You need both, but it is typical among not just your peoples but those of third density in general to favor one over the other. By the time fourth density is fully grounded and anchored on this planet, you will be quite adept at both patterns of energy expenditure.

May we elaborate in any way, my brother?

Jon: No, that’s good, thank you.

We thank you. Are there any other questions on this topic?

(No response)

We are those of Monka and, hearing no offers of questions, we would extend an invitation for more ad hoc queries on matters that you are curious about concerning the seeker’s role. We are Monka.

Jon: I have a question. Could you comment on the purpose of sunspots and solar flare activity in a spiritual, metaphysical context?

I am Monka and am aware of this query, my brother. Before we lay out our thoughts which we feel are non-infringing, we wish to point out the very salubrious nature of this reasoning in which you are engaged. You are connecting dots, and this is exactly as it should be. So we wish not to expose the picture that will be revealed when they are all connected, and my friend, it is not for you to see this picture in third density in the first place.

Having made this explanation, we would say that those of the complex of Ra have given you a metaphor of the clock face4. This is an expression of the zones of energetic density that pervade our universe, to the best of our knowledge. This creates a rather simplistic, static idea of what the creation is. In fact, another metaphor would be a human body complex; fluids swirling throughout, secreted here, absorbed there, a kind of dance of parts of the body that are more dynamic and parts that seem more static at a certain time scale. Think perhaps of an issue of energy from the logos as a hormone released, a catalysis, if you will, on the grand scale.

Your peoples have a fascination with turning reality into a kind of blueprint, a kind of machine. This creates paradoxes. When we offer a metaphor, we offer just that. The incompleteness is part of the explanation. We have, through other Confederation sources, spoken of the archetypal mind as expenditures of energy. This is like saying reality is a bunch of molecules bumping into each other. It gives you a perspective that is useful in one or two regards alone. It is the job of the mind/body/spirit complex to work with this blueprint, this seeming machine that reality presents it, and recognize the deeper aspects of love that it reflects, and therefore, as a corollary, those aspects of love it leaves behind.

This is a patching up of separation consciousness that is quite typical in your planet’s experience, and it is no reason to change one’s approach; only [a reason] to recognize the great potential latent in alternative approaches. And so we close this answer by simply remarking on the multiple levels of consciousness involved in an illusion, in a creation such as this. The individual third density entity is not the only setting for archetypal processes, and on higher or grander, broader levels much is occurring. You will bring your most accurate resources to bear on evaluating this set of processes if you measure with the heart as well as the pen.

Does this provide something of an answer, my brother? We are those of Monka.

Jon: Yes it does, thank you so much.

We are grateful to you, and ask if there’s another query—perhaps a final query—for us of Monka to entertain.

(No response)

I am Monka and am again with this instrument. Hearing no queries, and recognizing the diminished energies of the group at this time, we would simply offer our usual caveat once more. We of the Confederation are seeking to be partners with you in the exploration of the way this planet comes into its own. Keep searching within for those possibilities that make harmony, community, and the elixir, delicious to the tongue, of group work possible and bubbling up at every turn. You are surrounded with the potential to do much good, but it is not the time for the hero any longer, except as the subject of your own personal myth of transformation.

We are inviting you to the pantheon of seekers who have preceded you, and we offer merely the clue once again that not one on the path of service-to-others has arrived there on their own. Or if this possibility were presented to them, they could not accept their solo entry into fourth density. Indeed, your brothers and sisters wait for you and offer their help, just as we of the Confederation extend our hand.

This discipline of the personality involved in being of service in forming spiritually powerful community is always available, always yours to forego. It is this choice that makes it so precious, such a demonstration of the vast, vast potential of the Creator which we of the Confederation have called intelligent infinity. And each time you bring your resources out, you make it kinetic, you bring intelligent energy to bear. This energy is what is bringing you together into groups, and personal discipline will help you tie these knots until you have a net capable of catching the prize. Keep holding your brothers’ and sisters’ hands, and we will be with you should you ask in a moment of meditation to help you do your part for the planet.

With that thought we leave this instrument, thanking all in this circle and those to follow for what they have contributed to our communion. We are those of Monka, and at this time we take our leave. Adonai vasu borragus.

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