Colorado Springs Circle Second Channeling Intensive Session 5 Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Q’uo on the Role of the Spirit Complex in Self-Consciousness

Colorado Springs Circle Second Channeling Intensive Session 5 Wednesday, May 18, 2022


This session features Q’uo discussing the concept of self-consciousness and how it serves the Creator’s evolutionary mission. There is a quantum leap in awareness demarcated by the second density entity’s discovery of the possibility of stepping outside its feedback loop between mind and body. This new position recapitulates the initial stages of the Creation’s articulation through the octaves, making possible the Choice that assembles the metaphysical power necessary to reach back to the Creator through the infinite medium of an emerging spirit complex. Finally, Q’uo frames this polarity of service to self and service to others as itself issuing from the development of the more primitive mover/moved polarity with which spirit initially engaged the creation. Through extending its feedback mechanism to the spirit complex, the self-aware entity grows to be an instrument of spirit, indirectly plumbing the mysteries of separation and the finite as an ever-unfolding discovery of its one infinite source.

Group Question

Is there a relationship between the introduction of the spirit complex in third density and self-awareness/self-consciousness? If so, what is the nature of the relationship? What is it about spirit that causes reflection/mirroring to begin to occur?

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am with this instrument, and we greet you all–those in this circle at this locus in time, and those who join later–in the one love and light that binds us to our Creator. It is a love and light that may seem quite varied, and yet, you are on a path of mapping these colors, one to another, finding each an irreplaceable facet of the unified crystal that shows each of you your true face.

We are overjoyed to continue working with this circle at this time in spite of many delays. You cannot bore us, my brothers and sisters; we experience time quite differently and we are only anticipating that commitment that you express, not just in the activities of this circle, but throughout your life in your dedication to being a channel, not just of our words, but of the Creator’s love and what light we can shed upon your source of illumination within. We will always point you to this inner source of illumination, for there is the location where you may make that express, deliberate decision as to which of our words help you pull the picture together. These are choices in third density that are made without any error, we would assure you; the drama of linear time is one that you will not have to abide much longer in the grand scheme of things. But while you are  here, please use your discretion, so that we may find a small way to serve through you, and you may find that deep vein of the Creator to mine and dislodge a piece of this beauty, and may be accepted by your fellow other selves when you offer it to them. You do us a great favor by blending your learning with what meager teaching we can provide, so we are in your debt, my friends

This aspect of your discernment, this construction of an approach to the evolutionary task is such a hallmark of the third density experience that we notice you take it for granted frequently. It is the self-consciousness about which you ask this day, the reflective ability to recognize the self as a self and the other self as some kind of self. We assure you that if you fully recognized the other self as self, many of your conflicted experiences would be resolved in favor of harmony. And therefore, you would not need to, shall we say, hang out here. So let us look into this self-awareness that designates your lessons at this time, and explore those connections between this experience and the vast infinity of which your spirit complex is but a mode of conveyance, a conduit.

To begin, the spirit is always with all. There is no moment of separation in truth; we stress that which is already well understood. And yet, perhaps in the struggle to achieve this ever-changing balance in space/time, it is perhaps not forgotten but put aside, as an orientation towards the whole is not always useful in the focus that you seek to achieve and express as mind/body/spirit complexes. This complex nature helps you to show the Creator its own mystery, and you should have no expectation, my friends, that that would be a project that would always leave one feeling necessarily complete in and of himself or herself. By beginning here, we wish to set up the environment for what self-consciousness is about. 

The path from second density to the third is one in which the patterns of behavior, the crystallized thoughts of accrued experience, begin to produce this mystery in ways that beckon the mind/body complex towards a new kind of mind. Not the pack or species or vegetative serenity, but instead, toward something that, instead of centering an evolutionary project of which the entity is a part, it instead centers the entity on its own terms. Now, this is a quantum leap unparalleled in the typical evolutionary process. We hope we can convey that much of your fears, appetites, vexed interests as third density entities, were placed there, not even so much as a lesson as simply the starting position. 

Self-consciousness is what allows you to make the accrued experience from first and second densities into a drama that starts to pull at the heartstrings, shall we say. What is this new variety of love that one finds oneself subject to? New resources must be called upon to examine this, for it is at once irresistible to the entity, but at the same time, it quite resolutely pulls the entity away from the safety of that more primitive group mind. We give this instrument an image of the small mind/body complex being birthed through the canal as a crude analogy of the first aspects of trauma that are necessary but are newly experienced as a singular entity, as a mind/body complex exposed to a bright light it cannot fathom, drawn towards it, but also, we should say, pushed as the infant is moved through the canal. 

My friends, these are the initial conditions of self-conscious agency. You spend third density reconciling who is mover and who is moved, and you are able to tell yourself more and more complex stories about agency as you develop the social complex that begins to articulate this foundation that has been laid, always in a kind of wonder and dread, so to speak, of the light you sense over the top of your head that is not menacing, it is not a problem. It is simply that you dare not look directly at it. There are clear metaphors in your myths about this. The spirit will stay unfocused in the corner of your eye until you are able to use self-consciousness in a more disciplined way. 

And in order to explicate the process by which an entity becomes more comfortable with this mixed bag of agency, this dance between mover and moved that never provides a solid plan that you can simply write down and prosecute, we would take this opportunity to thank this instrument and pass contact to the instrument known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument. At this time, we would like to take a step back, and to consider, at an earlier phase of what you might call the evolution of the creation, how things stood at a point when the distinction between mind, body and spirit was not what it is now. And we would like to examine this question in light of what you know as the first distortion of absolute unity, which is free will.

It is useful to ask, from time to time, why there needed to be free will in the first place, and we would suggest to you that the answer is that if the Creator made everything perfectly in the image of the Creator in a fashion that was perfectly predictable to the Creator, the Creator could not be informed of itself through the creation. So it is the very difference or distance of the creature from the Creator that allows for something new, something informative, to come from the creation via the creature to the Creator. Now the process by means of which this communication could take place has itself undergone a long, long evolution. And at an earlier phase, the distinctions that you now recognize between mind and body and, yes, spirit, were not yet in place, such that the effect of the nature of spirit was felt at that time more immediately in mind, and the reflection in body of mind was also more direct and immediate, so that mind not being shielded from spirit, not being differentiated from body in any deeply structural sense, was more an immediate reflection of the nature of the Creator.

Now that might seem to be an advantage, for is this immediacy of the relation between creature and Creator that which you strive for? We would say, yes my friends, indeed it is. However, if that immediacy of relation is not itself something striven for, if it is something itself immediate, itself a given, there is less opportunity for what we might call self-determination on the part of the creature.

Now we have spoken of the time when mind/body/spirit differentiation was more, shall we say, shadowy, was more compact, less articulated. There were many attempts at creation on the part of the many and sundry Logoi that populate this universe — this universe of unity — to arrange the interrelations among these dimensions of creatureliness that were gradually becoming more and more distinct from each other, until, at the present time, we have a mind/body/spirit complex arrangement.

What do we mean when we speak of an arrangement which is a complex rather than merely different facets of a single structure? Well, what we mean is that each component of the complex has the capacity to function with a high degree of autonomy, and in this way there is a built-in propensity for articulations of different dimensions of beingness, and when there are these different structural articulations of beingness, there is more opportunity on the part of the creature to achieve an uniqueness of perspective upon the creation as a whole.

Thus, in the vast infinity of the creation, each creature may reflect back to the Creator something unique, and the information in the vast feedback loop of the creation that comes to the Creator is much more finely wrought, and thereby much more informative.

Okay. Having given this background, we would like now to snap back into your present situation, if we may. And we suggest that the great event that takes place with the development of what we have called self-consciousness in third density is one in which there needs to be an effort exerted, a struggle, if you will, on the part of an entity which has lost its sense of being spirit, so that the return to spirit, the redeeming of that relationship to what fundamentally does still – and always has done – define it. That relationship may be more informative: it crosses over the vast distance of the unknown. There is the moment of revelation from creature to Creator.

Now, there is another dimension, as you well know, to this process, according to which an increasingly self-conscious creature in the process of defining who it is, must undergo, and that is what we have called the Great Choice. It takes a kind of energy to bridge this gulf of the vast unknown, in fact a very strong kind of energy to make the leap across this distance, so that the self may in a sense be reconnected with itself, the latter self being the spirit complex.

Okay. You have known very well from your studies that the polarization — and it is that of which we speak — the polarization that creates the potential for this leap can be understood as a relation that the self preserves to itself in a resolute attempt to enhance itself. Or, on the other hand, it is a relation that the self takes up in relation to the rest of the creation — most notably, other selves — in a recognition that the self is not in any fundamental way separate from these other selves, that in fact there is a great corporate enterprise of informing the Creator of itself, and that all the selves present in the creation are party to this enterprise, and are therefore to be understood as friends and associates in the process of creating a viable relation to the spirit complex, which in turn is the conduit back to the Creator.

So there is a great division, a great division that can only take place when consciousness has achieved a self-reflexive capacity, and may choose whether it shall be service to self or service to others.

Now we would say that even the fact that consciousness should be in a posture of being able to choose — and, yea, being  needful  of choosing — was itself a revelation that came about as a result of the experimentation on the part of Logoi in creating the creatures that grow up under their watchful eyes, shall we say: under the watchful eyes of the various Logoi.

So, we have now a situation in the creation where it is possible not only to cross this distance of the unknown back toward the Creator in the very innermost, intimate reaches of the self-constitution of the Creator through struggle, but that it is also possible for the creature to refuse to bring its gift to the Creator in a way that is inclusive of the rest of the creation. That, my friends, is a very great revelation to the Creator; it adds a dimension previously unknown to the very concept of free will.

What is unknown within the creation at this point in time, is what further developments there may be in the drama of the creation, given now that this great refusal has been shown to be possible. Self-consciousness is not, therefore, something that may simply register the distinctness of a portion of the Creator in a holographic image of the Creator itself, but it is something which may arrogate to itself a conception of the entirety of the creation, and the innermost being of the Creator as a this-here-piece of the Creator. What will become of that unforeseen aspiration? Has it any future? Well, we will tell you, my friends, that, to our experience, it has not had a future that extends beyond the middle part of that which you know as the sixth density of spiritual evolution. It continues to be our view that there is neither a structural possibility for achieving a result that could extend service to self evolution beyond that point, nor would it be, in our humble view, desirable that it should come to pass that this impediment should be overcome.

However, we are but a small portion of a vast universe, and our consciousness itself has its limits, so there is, with respect to this question, ultimately for us, a dimension that remains unplumbed and therefore unknowable.

What we will say is that it is not possible for those in the third density to achieve graduation to the fourth density without making a very firm stand with regard to the decision of evolving upon a path of service to self or service to others. And therefore we would suggest that the key moment in self-consciousness comes down to a question that you may regard as ethical. There is an ethics associated with each of these two divergent paths.

Those who choose the service to others path, which we find to be the more efficient, will make an effort to be inclusive of all other selves in an integrative manner, and when this is achieved, not simply in a rarefied context of the work of the adept or meditation, but rather in the daily life, the pathway to the opening of the spirit complex is eased greatly. That is the gateway for accessing that dimension which has not been absent in the constitution of the self, but has been occluded up to the point where self-consciousness comes upon the scene.

With that thought, we would at this time transfer the contact to the one known as Joseph.

(Joseph channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We would at this time return to the initial question: what, after all, is the relationship between self-consciousness and the attainment of a spirit or spirit complex? In your parsing of this question, we interpret a gesture toward the notion of priority. That is: which comes first? We have, we believe, already spoken to this issue, but we would retread the territory more explicitly this time around for the sake of drawing out some of the detail available.

In the first place, as we’ve suggested, note that the individuated portions of the Creator that, in the process of what some have called involution have further and further separated and articulated themselves; individuated, separated and articulated; individuated, and so on. In that process, the potential for a focus, a Logos, or a sub-Logos, or a sub-sub-Logos, and so on, continues to expand downward and outward. And, in this process of involution, the more microcosmic parts of the Creator separate out, find focus and become themselves, as is hoped for in the One Original Thought.

Each of these parts of the Creator, though, is bound by the Law of One itself. There is no escaping, no undermining or side-stepping of the unity of all creation. So, this fact, this fundamental reality generates or necessitates an inevitable pull or longing or even a gravity in which, despite the accelerated expansion of individuation, no matter how far apart the individual parts of the Creator might get, whether spatiotemporally or metaphysically, they still long for return. This longing for return manifests in many different ways. You can see it at all levels of the creation. You can see it even in the physical evolutionary process in which simple, organic compounds become single-celled organisms. Single-celled organisms develop into multicellular organisms and so on. It is this same longing for return to unity that ultimately binds mind/body/spirit complexes into social memory complexes and social memory complexes into confederations, such as we enjoy.

Now a mind/body complex, as in the case of a second density creature, has a kind of self-referential quality, but this self-referential quality is not in the mind complex but between the mind and body. There is a constant feeding back between one and the other. The one issuing new manifestations or new intentions to manifestation to the other, and the other reporting back to the one the results or consequences of these intentions. So you can see, perhaps most easily in the travails of second density animals – those creatures which are closest to yourselves in functioning, that you are aware of – you can see in these creatures the constant interplay between the mind that integrates information and the body that enacts the will of the mind and then transmits the information back to the mind as a result of the sometimes surprising consequences of interacting with the environment. So here you see a flow from one to the other, the other back to the one, that resembles the initial flow of the Creator down into full or nearly full separation and distinctness and back into the unified awareness of intelligent infinity.

In the process of this reciprocal interaction between mind and body, there is available at all times to the mind/body complex the possibility of a sudden discovery or stepping outside of this standard, what this instrument would call, first-order representation. The sudden moment of discovery resembles the sudden moment in which the first distortion initially came to be recognized as a possibility by the Creator. This separation of self from self becomes recognized as a new possibility and this is the initial step that can then reiterate infinitely. It is the foundation on which all creation is built and, microcosmically, this same stepping outside of the self to discover the self is the foundation on which the transition from second density to third density is established. This change is not to be underestimated. In fact, the ethical would not even be possible without this capacity to pull the self outside the self to reflect on the nature of the self and ask the self whether this is who I want to be, whether this is who I am, whether in the end, the path of development is the one that I have really chosen for myself. These questions are not available except in the self-consciousness that is characteristic of and codified into the metaphysical functioning of third density.

And what is most curious, even still, to us, is that with this initial development of self-discovery, of self-awareness, the project of ascending to higher and higher orders of self-questioning, self-doubt, self-discovery, of self-revelation, that ascent is infinitely available. And we use the word “infinite” in an intentionally conspicuous way.

Return to the one Creator, this gravitational pull of which we have spoken, is a process that necessarily must be engaged through the quantum transition of which we’ve spoken today. The quantum transition, the crossing of the threshold, the leap from one position in experience to another, must be, in some sense, discontinuous. The reason it must be discontinuous is because it always has been. The onset of the first distortion was, though atemporal, discontinuous with the prior undifferentiated unity of intelligent infinity. This discontinuity, just like the Law of One, is embedded at all microcosmic levels, holographically, into the universe. So the achievement of contact, of return, to the infinite must begin with a discontinuous step that is, to our understanding, most efficiently attained through self-consciousness, through self-awareness.

In achieving self-awareness for the first time, the entity has available to it a fragmentation or a jarring or a shaking; has available to it the disorienting effect of decontextualizing the everyday and raising questions about existence itself. In fact, for the first time, the mystery of self in this constantly iterating — or anyway the availability of constantly iterating — higher orders of self-questioning, there is an opportunity to snap out of the hypnotic experience of a daily grind, the hypnotic experience of attending to the instinctual patterns. You may see this every now and then occurring in one of your pets. There may be a sudden change in behavior, or the pet develops a kind of strangely person-like quality, maybe even a self-consciousness in relation to its activities when you are not there and when you are. This is the moment of which we speak. And in this moment, contact with the infinite suddenly becomes available, for otherwise where would the immensity, the overwhelming experience of the infinite find the creature?

Now recall what the spirit complex is. As we of the Confederation have mentioned many times, it is a conduit or a shuttle or a channel. Consider these metaphors. Conduit and channel are not entirely different from one another, except that the conduit is constructed and the channel is developed. The spirit complex is, in many ways, both of these things: constructed and naturally developed.

The natural development of the spirit complex is not unlike the natural development of a system of rivers. For even though the repeated self-reflection – the increasing order of self-reflection – is available, at no point does it become obvious to a creature in the veiling, such as yourselves, which formulation or which path of self-discovery or self-constitution is to be chosen. Instinct is no longer a guide the way it once was before. Suddenly, all possibilities seem to be on the table. Suddenly, the question of who I will become is not just interesting but all-consuming. For who I will be, though, as we have stated this day, that question is practically limited to the possible paths of development, those two paths are not themselves given in the visceral experience of self-awareness. It is not obvious that there are two paths. The concepts of good and evil are developed over time and transmitted culturally and evolve culturally. And even if you were to have on hand these two concepts of good and evil, you would still have, in this space of self-reflection of the infinite possibilities of what self might be, the possibility of simply saying “no, I choose neither good nor evil.” For, in this space, again, everything seems possible. And it is only through experience that one discovers that in fact forward movement takes primarily two directions and one must choose between the two. The choice is discovered; it’s not presented initially. Moreover, even in choosing, the project of self-constitution remains infinite in possibility. For choosing to be service to others does not imprint upon the self all of the actions, all of the biases that one will take on. The mystery of self continues, even along the path, for the path itself leaves many variables open.

Notice then, that the experience of self becoming self in its gravitational pull to the Creator follows both a constructed path, since you must choose who you are, and a natural or organic path, since you must likewise discover who you are. The mystery of the interplay between the choosing of self and the discovery of self is not one that we have found our way to the bottom of. We suspect it remains mysterious and that this is the precise mystery that motivated the Creator in the first place. The first distortion of free will is an expression of this very mystery. In free will, do you choose or do you discover? Since the Creator took on this distortion of free will in an effort to know itself in a way that it would not be known prior what the self would be – since this was the ultimate structure or motivation or discovery of the possibility for creative potential, there is no fundamental difference between choosing freely or discovering in a way that is completely unknown to anyone, the Creator itself included.

Now, we have discussed the metaphors of channel and conduit. Consider the metaphor of the shuttle. The shuttle emphasizes the flow of content in both directions. The shuttle moves from the mind through the spirit to the infinite; from the infinite through the spirit to the mind. In shuttling content back and forth, the spirit functions as a tether that is newly available in third density to the mind/body complex. The activity of discovering and creating self is both an experience of transmitting content to the infinite and receiving transmitted content from the infinite. And notice this feedback loop is a macrocosmic expression of the microcosmic expression of the feedback loop we discussed in the mind/body complex itself.

Now, let us once more return to the initial question of priority. Does self-awareness come about because the entity has established or has attained a link, a spiritual link to the infinite? Or does a spiritual link to the infinite come about because the entity has managed to pop out of itself into this new state of self-awareness? My friends, we do not see a difference between the two. The event can be characterized both ways, just as the mind/body complex reaches for the infinite, so the infinite attracts the mind/body complex back to itself. The attainment of a spirit complex is inevitable, where the time exactly is not known. And this is a function of free will, for the mind/body complex must discover on its own terms what it is. And that first step to self-discovery is the possibility of the question.

Now it is worth dwelling on these details of the nature of the relation between mind, body and spirit and intelligent infinity, insofar as it has some practical consequences, or can be practically useful in your quest for deepening your seeking. For what is the spiritual seeking except a reverence for the gravitational pull back to the Creator? What is the spiritual seeking except giving oneself over to the abiding love of the Creator that invites the individuated self closer and closer to the ultimate return? The spirit complex is a conduit that covers a great, great distance, metaphysically speaking. The chasm itself is infinite. So the path back to the Creator is, too, infinite. And each step that you take along the path further develops that conduit. It develops additional pathways or stops that the shuttle might make along the way. And it improves the possibility for the shuttle to expand its bandwidth to transmit more up and more down.

If you think of the ethical experience of third density as a continuous effort at creating and discovering the self, then you will find that even amidst the very mundane choices of your daily life — those choices that you might recognize as laden with ethical implications — even in the midst of these daily choices you’ll find that there is available to you yet further articulation, further development of this shuttle, further beating of the path, clearing of the jungle, to establish a more careful road that one may navigate to build a map of spirit in [your] effort to make use of the possible instreaming from the infinite and the possible communication, perhaps even request, from the self to the infinite. In each ethical choice, you further sharpen who you declare yourself to be and who you discover yourself to be.

We therefore point to the bursting possibilities of the present moment. The spirit complex is the tether that you cannot cut off and with that tether, the infinite is always at hand. And the magnitude of each moment increases with the realization that the infinite is always at hand. Though you are small in the scheme of things, and it is well to remember that, at the same time, this tiny sliver of time that you call the present moment is bursting with possibility. So, once again, we point to the discontinuity necessary for reconnecting with the infinite. This discontinuity being the ultimate insignificance that you might find in living out or in making your choices, since the universe is so large, and yet also the ultimate significance of this tiny moment wherein you have all of your potential. Somehow, you must reconcile these two apparently opposite ways of seeing the self, and in that reconciliation find the mysterious nature of the infinite itself.

And with that, we would now transfer the contact back to the instrument known as Jeremy. We are Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am once again with this instrument. We are grateful to the instruments in this circle for yielding to the many details that we can offer in explaining how to think about a relationship between your self-consciousness and the infinite vastness of the spirit, which your spirit complex provides access to. 

Now we have spent more time on the viewpoint of the creature, for this is most apropos in directly tackling your object of curiosity, and also, perhaps, more practically useful. Allow us then, through this instrument, to take a brief foray into another point of view. And we encourage this instrument in its steadiness, for he has relished soaking up all of this data, and this is a point he will have to reach a bit to reflect our less differentiated point. 

Now, if it can be spoken of that there is a point of view encompassed in the spirit, in that which is not seeking a discontinuity to recognize itself, then we would offer the concept that is most aptly conveyed in the archetype of the Great Way of the Spirit. For if spirit is to partake of this content exchange that we have described in detail through the one known as Joseph, it must have an instrument, an agent. 

In previous creations, we have offered a hint at the dynamics that governed evolutions, which we gestured at towards the beginning of this transmission: the polarity of mover and moved. And in the simple construction of instrumentality you have this quite basic relationship. When the Creator sought for further articulation, the free will was extended to what was, before, the moved, and this creates that polarity between service to others and service to self, what you often think of good and evil, a crude way of expressing it, but we trust you get our drift, as this instrument would say. So, an extension of a basic polarity finds itself growing in this iteration.

Now, in past sessions we have spoken of an overarching framework through which Creations achieve new levels of informativeness. We mentioned in passing the idea of trial and error. And we would offer that, from the viewpoint of undifferentiated-ness, of spirit as experiencing the Creation as a dilated thought–a stretched out, so to speak, single concept–that the function of polarity in bridging the gap and returning the creature to the Creator with the motive force that a simple mover cannot offer it, is a new, novel exploration of what it is to be a Creator, what it is to be all, and full of the potential that can only be expressed by, shall we say, blotting out parts and bringing into the light others. 

So when we employed the metaphor of the light that cannot be looked at directly, we offer the idea that this indirectness of experience provides opportunities for extra dimensions of the Creator’s informative possibilities. You by choosing, you by integrating, and you by opening to spirit, give the undifferentiated Creator deeper penetration of its own nature. It has indeed, my friends, yielded surprises, and while there are no mistakes, we offer that trial and error is the best, most succinct way to dance around our meaning. 

We are not in contact with you, my friends, as the principle of Q’uo in order to mystify. We wish to inspire and to augment the grounding that your incarnation, your evolutionary path, can only be helpful in showing your other selves and your highest self. 

What dimensions of informativeness can best provide a scale, shall we say, by which an instrument can be played? There is a natural conflict [in] thinking of an instrument as having polarized choice, its own agency. And the dilemma is only resolved in part when one surrenders, when one recognizes that one’s choices have offered an instrument, that it is not simply being a self. It is more, it is being a breeze, a stream, a melody that for perhaps only fleeting moments comes into that bizarre mystery that is manifestation. 

And we leave you with one thought: that, from your point of view, you marvel at the mystery of infinity. But do not forget how utterly mindboggling finity is, how inscrutable it is to be separate. And if you can sit with this as a self, as a mind/body/spirit complex in third density, veiled from direct experience, well my friends, you will hear a melody that will redound to the inner depths and the outer reaches of, at the end of the day, what is just a self.

We are those of Q’uo. We thank the instruments for their patience in laying out this map that we sincerely hope helps and inspires in some way. And we would offer you an opportunity to ask us further queries so that we may help spirit further explore itself. We are those of Q’uo.

(40 second pause)

We are those of Q’uo, once again, we are with this instrument, and we recognize that this is a lot to take in. Therefore, we leave you to your task, in love and light, which shall never be forgotten as you plumb these mysteries. It is the Creator’s love, it is the Creator’s light, and it is all self. We will meet you again soon. Until then, we leave you in the love and light. Adonai vasu borragus. We are those of Q’uo.