Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 12 Monday, August 2, 2021

Q’uo on Life After the Channeling Intensive

Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 12 Monday, August 2, 2021


In this final session from the Other Selves Working Group’s first channeling intensive, Q’uo counsels the channeling circle on their commitment to ongoing, remote spiritual work upon returning home. They urge the group to discover a balance between the daily duties of life and the responsibility of serving as channels, commenting on the importance of accountability and clear communication. Catalyst may be increased in the group’s personal lives, but with that challenge comes additional resources arising from the dedication to the spiritual path. Q’uo finishes by answering questions on despair and healing, concerns about financing the group’s effort, and the advisability of practicing channeling at home.

Group Question

We would like Q’uo to speak on the subject of transitioning from an intensive retreat like ours–specifically a channeling retreat–to daily life, which is imminent, of course. And in particular, I am curious about how to go about things a little differently than before, in a way that’s sustainable.

Channeled Message

(Joseph channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. We greet you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are grateful to have been given one more opportunity to commune with your circle. We look forward to contact with each of the instruments within this circle.

It is easy to think of the short span of time that you have spent together as, in some way, less than significant. After all, a few days are so easy to misspend. That you have spent these few days so wisely is, to us, impressive, considering the distractions available in your third density illusion. Before we continue, we shall remind you that we are but seekers as you are, that we have our own lessons to learn, and that the mystery of the infinite creation and its creator is not yet plumbed by us. Measure our words by your standards. Release whatever does not resonate.

In coming together for the working that you have all embarked upon, you commit yourselves to a new adventure, a new course of development. We are aware that each of you has felt this freshness, that something is now finally afoot. Though you have prepared long for this occasion—longer than you expected—the moment of transition from preparation into execution, regardless of how long the preparation has lasted, is still—the instrument struggles for a word—is still, shall we say, significant, ponderous. Now, without dismissing the transformative content of having commenced a new project, having executed, finally, on that commencement, [you] cannot endure in its current manifestation. After all, each will go their own way. The location of the working is not yours to keep. And, indeed, even the working itself is no longer yours to retrieve. What’s done, as your peoples say, is done.

We have been posed the question of how to assist or advise on your transition from the intensive experience of communing in spiritual work to the families and work and obligations to which you must return. The first thing we shall say is that your daily life, even as it was prior to this working, is blessed. We have been with you. The creator has been with you. Were there to be no noticeable change, there would not be reason for concern. You live lives well worth living. You attend to the project of spiritual evolution, even were this event not to prove transformative. So, indeed, my friends, there is nothing over which to worry.

Yet, we believe that the motivation, the enthusiasm, the commitment found here in this circle, between this small group of seekers, will prove to be enduring. We cannot say how; we cannot say what your experience will be like henceforth; only that what we see among you today is not the flash in the pan, so to speak. And because it is not the flash in the pan, do not expect a blaze of fire to commence henceforth. The slow burn is to be preferred. 

We would now transfer the contact to the one known as Jade. I am Q’uo.

(Jade channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. As the one known as Joseph has noted, each of you already engages in your daily round of activities modes of service that you have chosen or that have been chosen for you. And these daily modes of service to those in your homes and others who are in closer proximity may seem less flashy than this mode of service which can feel very big, and the sense of potential of this mode of service that cannot be seen due to the nature of the service holds much promise and hope for your personal service to extend beyond your physical location. You exist at a locus of space and time where the physical distance between entities is not as much of a stumbling block for coming together and sharing hearts. So while you may feel certain pangs of despair for having to part ways, remember the many tools you have that, even a short span of time previous, were not available to groups who seek like yours. 

In previous times entities who sought to incarnate and do spiritual work together did choose the limitation of incarnating at a similar location. It is a great gift that each of you can come together and go back apart, similar to a heart beat, and (descend?), bring your love back, the love that has become fuller because of the commune. Many are those who are in need of seeing that love shine, and we find that spiritual groups often think they would be more effective if they could isolate as a group for longer periods of time [for] more intensive transformation. But the modes of transformation are, of course, infinite and while you may have a preferred mode, you cannot escape the transformation of spiritual growth as long as you keep your eye on the prize. So rejoice that you have overcome obstacles to come together, albeit temporarily, and have given each other love in a way that has multiplied itself into a bigger, larger, more potent expression of love that you can now take back and share with the others who do not come to this intimate circle. 

We are Q’uo, and we would like to transfer to the one known as Jeremy. We thank this instrument. 

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We are once again glad to continue on this topic, for we do feel a camaraderie that we discover in your third density example you set. You see, the striving towards the light is universal, but the refinement of the desire, the dedication, the ability to sacrifice for the exigencies of the moment for a greater love than seems on offer at any given time, and to let oneself be drawn, not as a matter of a scheme or a plan, but as a matter of faith, of surrender — well, my friends, have we described a spiritual group, or have we described the very act of the channel? They are so similar in their orientation, and we are grateful to have had the opportunity to share this with you, something we would admit that we are less your teachers than you might think. 

We of the Confederation, who exist at the densities higher than your own, speak of a vantage point that we occupy that provides a wider perspective than is available to you without some discipline, and this is of course entirely true, even though it conveys — we correct this instrument — even though it confers no great honor upon us to do so, for there is no great struggle involved on our part. Our openness to you we do gladly, not as a matter of a chore, but as the highlight of a very long, and a very in some sense tedious process of evolution, which we believe on some level each and every one here understands. What is amazing to us to behold is to see how…for but a moment, a brief glimpse of this higher density can be seen. You have all had that glimpse on your own. And there have been those moments of association with those with whom you resonate that have afforded you a similar glimpse that does not require you to shoulder the burden of disciplining the self moment to moment entirely on your own. 

So we feel you understand what we are trying to get at, as this instrument would say. That this democracy of spirit that is such a commonly held value of this group is one that we would not point out as being correct or more true than some other perspective. Yet do you not feel that there is a resonance to it all the same? Something different in the way you gaze in each other’s eyes, something different growing as we go through this ritual over and over in the short span of time that you have. Your task, and we say this not to in any way infringe on free will, but only to inspire: bring that home. You need do nothing more. 

The group and the individual are one from our point of view. The dissolution of your colocation as this particular spot on this sphere need not in any way, shape, or form dampen your heart or arrest your ability to bring those words of love and light, and this you know well. There is no infringement; there is only a deep satisfaction as we see, you must understand, the genesis of this group energy in the past, and the decisions and catalysis of past events, and thoughts that over time, that we transcend so easily, bring about a calling of energy that makes this event possible far more than your mundane travel details. And we can feel the fruition of this continuing growth process that partakes of the incoming, instreaming energies in a way that perhaps we can only ask you to have faith in imagining. 

And this is the thought we would leave you with: that what you are modelling for your fellow others selves as they walk their path is not simply a faith, not simply a love, and yes, not even merely wisdom, but the the creative potential of imagination, that shines a light where so few are willing to extend their curiosity, their hope. So bring this flame back to your daily lives, and know that we are with you every step of the way. And should you desire our presence at any time during your moments of silence, you need only think of us, and we will be there. And in this manner you will learn continually how to think the peace that beckons to you and all of your brothers and sisters on this beautiful blue planet. 

And with that thought we release the contact with this instrument and we transfer that contact now at this time to the instrument known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we speak now through this instrument. My friends, your journey of somewhat short duration draws now to a close, and if you are like we are, you will feel some sadness at its ending. And we can easily understand how you are concerned that as you return to your daily lives, you will face those inevitable tribulations that those daily lives possess. You will have to bear up under the continued mounting of catalyst, under the burden of responsibilities, until finally this event will be but a vague memory–a happy one perhaps, but not something which has enduring effect.

My friends, we would suggest to you that there are two dimensions in which the effects will, indeed, inevitably be enduring. For you have opened a gateway to energies of an order higher than is common among your peoples, and this will change the way that your life is configured from within at a very subtle level. So subtle that, most likely, you will hardly be aware of it, but substantially enough that from our point of view, the change is fundamental.

Now, that will actually work in two directions at the same time. For one thing, you will have greater spiritual resources to draw upon, and we feel that each here is very well prepared to make use of those spiritual resources. You do, after all, have daily practices of meditation, and you have the practice of reflecting upon the catalyst that you receive for purposes of turning it to positive effect. Now we will also say that the second dimension of the changes that will inevitably have occurred relates to catalyst. And here the effect may not always seem so positive, for, in truth, you have undertaken a committed course of action that will inevitably have the effect of accelerating that catalyst.

Accelerated catalyst does not necessarily make for an easy ride, my friends, and we do not offer you the prospect of an easy ride through the remainder of your incarnation. We would like to suggest, however, that you not allow yourself to be deterred in your course or disappointed if it should turn out that a life that formerly seemed to be somewhat regular now finds bumps and hollows so that your course through it is not so smooth.

Third density is not a life of ease. And to accelerate catalyst within it, is to make that dis-ease a little bit more pronounced. Take heart, though, my friends, that even as the catalyst itself has been accelerated and will be accelerated, the resources for dealing with it are also augmented, and there awaits in prospect that triumph which comes from well processed catalyst. We think that the glow of this encounter which, my friends, we very much share with you, will linger a while and then will fade into the background of your committed undertakings, but you have made a commitment which we feel has enduring value, and we know that each here is up to the task of making good on that commitment.

We are those of Q’uo, and at this time we thank this instrument, and would ask that the contact be transferred back to the one known as Joseph, so that we may finish our final communication of this robust gathering. I am Q’uo.

(Joseph channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We understand that there are queries prepared. We would now offer ourselves to answer those queries, to the best of our abilities.

Jade: I have a query, Q’uo. Earlier this morning, the instrument known as Steve talked about the cycle of love, despair and healing. I would like to ask if this instrument could focus in on the very seemingly most deliberate part of that cycle with is the step from despair to healing, and how we may be able to find our way across that threshold, even if we may be the only party willing in a fractured love situation to begin that transformation.

We are those of Q’uo. We thank you for your query. We believe we understand it. We might first say that the instrument does not wish for the responsibility of answering on his own behalf, so we shall attempt to answer. 

Despair cannot be evaded. As we have said previously through the instrument known as Steve, the despair can manifest in hidden ways. Should one attempt to evade it, it will still remain in its own ways, having its own effects and blocking energy flows that then await the healing. How, then, does one address this despair to perhaps repair the damage, to reestablish the energy flow, to go on, and then find anew the desire and the love that are available in ways that previously were not? 

In the first place, one must confront the despair in all of its facets. This is the most difficult aspect of the project. Despair is not pleasant. And, as you have noted, the prospect of confronting one’s own despair, when the other self does not seem to reciprocate the desire for healing, or if the desire for healing is reciprocated, it does not strike you as of the right kind or of a congruent form to your desire, the mismatch will stand out. Who, after all, has hurt whom? Who owes the apology? You know, of course, that the apology and the forgiveness are most effective and most impactful on the one who offer[s] them.

Should you find yourself in a circumstance where one side does not see anything to apologize for or to ask forgiveness for, it may be helpful to keep in mind that this person, even if it is yourself, may not be ready for the healing. Healing takes time. You desire, of course, healing without a scar. This is the optimal outcome, where not only is the wound closed and the portion of self that was injured now functional again, but the repair has made the self now stronger and more resilient. This form of healing especially when wounds are deep, as we have said, must be allowed to take time. The best you can do is as you have done, unfortunately: to allow your thoughts, your feelings expression, to leave space for similar expression from the other self with whom you find yourself entwined in this moment of despair. It may be that the wound, though it closes, does not fully heal within this incarnation. If that is the case, remember, my friend: this is also well. Sometimes healing takes even longer. 

As one final word on this subject, we would say that the questioner might consider whether she errs on the side of taking responsibility or whether she errs on the side of demanding accountability. Whichever your tendency, you might find it beneficial to explore the opposite. Resolution may not be forthcoming, but balance will surely help. 

Is there any more we can say on this subject?

Jade: I think I’m okay, unless someone else would like to follow up.

Steve: I have a question, Q’uo. And it relates to the tricky issue of sustaining an enterprise such as that upon which we are about to embark. It takes monetary resources to sustain a group, especially a group such as this, that is spread out. And I wonder if you could speak to the role of such resources in bringing together an effective group and the extent to which one must be cautious of negative greeting in the process of seeking those resources. Thank you.

We are those of Q’uo. We thank you for your question. We would first say that we must be careful not to violate the law of confusion. Our answer, of course, will inevitably be applied to current circumstances within and without this group. Nevertheless, we will not comment very long on the significance of monetary resources and the material aid they provide. These things are a necessity in third density. 

It is true that the regular meeting that you have planned will necessitate investment. The first recommendation we have is that each be mindful of what they have to offer and to give it in the measure that they feel meets all of their obligations. No one need feel like the martyr.

You are also aware of the possibility of acquiring monetary resources, should you, shall we say, gain notoriety and capitalize on that notoriety. Naturally, you are aware of the dangers. You are aware of the influence that both notoriety and the monetary transactions pose to the desires, attachments and weaknesses that every third density being enters the incarnation with. This instrument’s approach is to accept gifts and if strings come attached to the gift, to dismiss the strings. This is one approach, and not necessarily the best, for some strings cannot be severed.

We advise that you be mindful of the vibration of intention both in the request that you might make for material resources and in the offer that comes from the other. Of course, when a gift is anonymous, this vibration can be difficult to measure. We advise that you trust your intuitions. 

However, whereas martyrdom is not advised for the individual, it is also not advised for the group. You must find a way to make it. We don’t mean this in the sense of magnifying a profit, so to speak, but in the sense of finding the space and the leisure to engage in the projects to which you are committed. In answer to your question, again, there is a balance necessary to strike. We could describe this balance and have attempted to describe this balance, but it is best struck through trial and error. We hope that in your efforts engaging in this trial and error, you do not end up in a vibratory space that is to your dissatisfaction.

Finally, as you have surmised, the opportunity for negative greeting exists in contributions from without. And it exists as well in decisions from within. The best you can do to meet and answer these greetings is persistently commit to mirroring to one another. You must be willing to say the unpleasant thing. 

Shall we speak more to this question?

Steve: No, thank you very much, that was very good.

We are those of Q’uo. We thank you for your question. Is there another?

Jeremy: Q’uo, I was wondering, is there anything you can say about the law of responsibility in our group work?

We are those of Q’uo and we thank you for your question. Yes. We may say something about the law of responsibility. It is this: you are now responsible. 

That answer is cheeky. What we mean is you have undertaken a project. As the law of responsibility dictates, what you have gained here must be used and practiced in the greatest effort of service to those with whom you come in contact. Your responsibility is to carry on in your commitment in just the same way as you have a responsibility in your commitment to your marriage partners. 

What does it mean to fail in your responsibility to your partners? This, of course, is specific to the relationship, to the nature of the commitment. Just so, your responsibility, in this instance, is specific to the nature of the commitment. You have committed to becoming channels, to serving as instruments, and we are blessed with the opportunity to speak through you as instruments. We look forward to your continued development, to your efforts at increased purity, clarity, and the power that comes from a group bound together in mutual seeking. This is the basic nature of your commitment, as we understand it. So your responsibility is to nurture that commitment.

Just as in the case of your marriages, you are not expected to pester your partners. So, remember that nurturing the commitment does not mean a 24 hour schedule of meditation. This would be nearly unthinkable. You must decide for yourself what the reasonable limits of commitment are. And, should you fail in your commitment, you must trust your partners to let you know that you are not living up to your responsibility. And so you must also inform your partners if you believe they have failed in their responsibilities. Moreover, in this commitment, there is always, always the appropriateness of offering gratitude, support, and the honest expressions of love and acceptance. These, of course, are the primary binding ingredients and the accountability the secondary. Is this sufficient for an answer to your question?

Jeremy: More than sufficient, I thank you Q’uo.

We are those of Q’uo. We thank you. Is there one more query at this time?

Jeremy: Would you be able to say anything, Q’uo, about the appropriateness of channeling outside of this particular group as we go home? Any thoughts you have would be welcome.

We are those of Q’uo. We thank you for this question. Indeed, we have thoughts. Even this very instrument has contemplated the question. 

It will be beneficial to practice as instruments. The long duration of time between efforts will have a deleterious effect on the discipline, as those of you who have channeled before might recognize. It is possible and even advisable that, in time, you form circles of seeking in your own locations. You might think of this as perhaps not practice, since there is no practicing spirituality, but more as an emergence, a budding, or an outgrowth of the original commitment. 

Here you are committed to your circle of seeking: friends who know each other well, whose mutual perspective is very much in harmony. You may expect that at your relative locations, this mutual perspective will be less. This is acceptable. However, you must be mindful of your own limits in holding the kind of vibration that you want to bring back to this group. 

Insofar as your efforts here may serve your efforts in your own locations, so also remember that your efforts there should serve your efforts here. Synergy is what you must look for. If that synergy means that time must pass, that your circle must come to know itself and each other better, that you must improve further as an instrument—if this is what the synergy demands, then you are responsible for offering it. We hope that this is a satisfactory answer.

This instrument’s energy wanes. So we shall offer a final departing comment. We are most grateful once again, we cannot stress that enough, for this opportunity to work with you all. We understand that you may have your own suspicions or worries of the overenthusiasm or also of the limitations of your ability to make contact with us. It is not easy for a new instrument to trust the contact. Yet we are most pleased. 

As we have said, we say with some sorrow that this time must come to a close and we look forward to our next communion with each of you with some ebullience. So may you go forth in the love and the light of the one creator. We thank you, my friends. Adonai.