Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 2 Friday, July 30, 2021

Laitos on Forgiveness

Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 2 Friday, July 30, 2021


Forgiveness is an issue we all have to deal with on a fairly regular basis, and for many of us, it poses a real conundrum. Laitos here does little to make the issue simpler, but rather deepens the concept by suggesting that it is a project which extends well into the higher densities. The problem is broken down into the following components: (1) The act of forgiving needs to include both the self and the other, (2) The gift of the energy of the Creator, as unfathomable as it may be, is still perhaps our best resource, and (3) There is something called “complete forgiveness,” in which a full balance is achieved by each self forgiving itself and the other.

Channeled Message

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos. We greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We have been asked to speak today upon the topic of forgiveness. And we would say at the outset that this topic is one of the more difficult that we may be asked to address. For not only is it complicated, which it is, abundantly, but it also has dimensions to it which are of a level of difficulty so great that many attempts may end in failure, despite the best intentions of the one who seeks to forgive. We would like to be able to tell you that there is an art to forgiveness, there is a technique which may be applied, there is the proper preparation of the proper state of mind that may be assumed as you move into the posture which enables you to forgive that which has done you harm and which therefore stands in need of being forgiven.

My friends, we have not yet discovered ourselves any such technique, any such art, any such propriety of posture. We will tell you that, to our limited experience, that the act of forgiving is one which bifurcates into the necessity to forgive the self as well the necessity to forgive the other. And, even within the context of this bifurcation, a complexity arises, because it is never clear whether it is best to begin with the forgiveness of the self or to begin with the forgiveness of the other. For, in truth, until one forgives the other, it is very difficult to discover that aspect or that facet of selfhood that stands in need of being forgiven, as the correlate of the other that has somehow offended. And on the other hand, until one has forgiven the self for being so out of balance, shall we say, that it was possible to be wounded by the actions of another, that one can then turn to that other with forgiveness in the heart, in the mind, and in the eye.

Forgiveness is as much in the eye of the beholder as in that which has been beheld. Forgiveness is yet another mystery of the spirit, for it is not something that can be isolated, as a separate and individual act, from the whole of the being that is dedicated to spirit. Forgiveness is not forgetting. Forgiveness is not leaving aside or finding something else to do that permits one to be distracted. Forgiveness is an undertaking that requires bringing before the self the very thing that causes pain, the very thing that can cut one to the quick, the very thing that can pull the ground out from under one’s very feet, and leave in question the issue of who one is. Forgiveness, therefore, is something that redounds to the deepest portion of one’s being, and in doing so requires of one that one draws upon that energy one does not yet know one is. For, in truth, an act performed by another that so disrupts the bonds of friendship that it leaves almost nothing that would seem to be repairable between two entities that perceive themselves to be different from one another — such an act, we say — requires drawing upon energies nothing short of those of the Creator Itself.

In such an energy configuration, may we say, the apparent split between self and self can ultimately genuinely be healed within a depth that may yet be incomprehensible to the one who seeks healing in this sacrament of forgiveness. One who wishes to invoke the sacrament of forgiveness, however, must do so, most especially in third density, where the veil so often reigns supreme, in such a way that once again the division between the forgiver and the forgiven remains in place. And so we will speak to both elements of this division in sequence beginning with the message we have to deliver through the one known as Jeremy. I am Laitos, and we now transfer this contact to the one known as Jeremy.

(Jeremy channeling) 

We (inaudible) again. We are those of Laitos, and we once again greet you in the love and the light of our One Infinite Creator. We thank this instrument for an extra dose of challenge which we are happy to cooperate with. We will continue on the topic of forgiveness.

What is it that needs forgiving? It is there that any investigation must start. It is there that in the veiled third density mind entities such as yourselves often neglect, often skip over. This is part of your confusion, how you can learn lessons on the surface, and yet be drawn below the cracks in the ice, that crystalline veil that refracts and reflects the light of which we are all part.

So go within; take your time. It is an experience you must have. In order to demonstrate the full power of the soul, you are to make an example to the Creator of its inviolability in truth, in each octave, in each test, the one Creator seeks to take upon itself in a humble but creative spirit. You are cooperating with that. It is forgiveness, in part, that drives us through our lessons.

This instrument pauses because we mean to say, yes, our lessons as well in the fourth density. They are easier lessons, they take more time, and there is more space for them. My friends, there is no end to your reaching and seeking. If we can impress upon you one thing, it has to do with the infinity of consciousness. And in the light of that refined element of the Creator’s fullness, we ask you to fixate for once upon how offense leads to forgiveness, how injury leads to healing. 

When you despair at times in the dilation of time that you make use of the infinite consciousness of which you are part, this is as it should be, as we often say. It is a key obstacle that one learns not to circumnavigate, not to destroy in front of oneself in an act of will that tends towards the negative side — no, my friends. One takes it into the heart, and the relative motion of bringing it into the heart allows one, relatively speaking, to pass through it, for it to become like air, for this is the nature of spirit, don’t you see? This is the nature of intelligent infinity making itself manifest in this drama of time which so confounds all of us, not just you, my brothers and sisters. This is the leap that must be taken.

And therefore, my brothers and sisters, so dear to us, when you are ready in the infinite expanse of opportunity available to it, so much more infinite than we can possibly convey, gather your courage. Bring your mind to the focus that you are learning throughout your life culminating in some way in the lessons you are learning this day. This is an important step for you. This is true work of the spirit, of the adept; we are not afraid to say this. We welcome you into this community in which we support each other each and every moment as, one by one, you show the Creator a new facet. And it never drives it deeper into the heart of the allness for it to be a coming home to love, of the love that you have, the love you can only experience when you unblock your heart, when you allow it to come through you. You plant the seed with your effort, my friends. And no matter how diligent or halting this effort is, you must recall, it is but time that separates those distinctions. And as such, do you not see how perfect and beautiful you are, in all of your tribulations, to us?

The route forward unfolds towards a horizon. We walk arm in arm with you; as we have once said through this instrument, we now say again. Oh, if you could appreciate the darkness for what it truly represents, and if you could understand, if you could appreciate what forgiveness truly entails, if we could appreciate it, we would not be so circumspect. And yet this is our mystery, my brothers and sisters. It is our mission in the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, and in this unity of the open heart that all are returning to, this forgiveness we speak of is not a question of “if”. Have faith. 

And as this road reaches towards a new horizon, we will pass the torch that lights our way, around the circle, to the one known as Jade, thanking this instrument. We now transfer contact to the one known as Jade.

(Jade channeling)

We are Laitos and we are with this instrument. My friends, it is the nature of the veil that forgiveness can be so out of reach. It is often when we look at another that we project our own thoughts and feelings and experiences. So when an entity comes into your path that you find you need to forgive, it is often because they have performed an act that you yourself see as unacceptable for yourself to engage in. But each of these acts that you have learned from are your own lessons and the entity you are engaging with is on their own path, and they have had different lessons. And each of these lessons of the open heart, in third density, are very hard won. So even though you yourself have completed the path to avoid that which you see as unforgivable in the moment, the other entity is still traveling that path that you see as complete within yourself. A lot of the perceived inability to forgive in the moment is an inability to let go of the expectations we have of others. We expect each person, especially those that we feel like we know well, to perform or behave in such and such way. But as we have stated, each lesson of the open heart is difficult, and some entities just need more time.

So we advise to help facilitate forgiveness to release those expectations of your other veiled companions and allow them to place their feet on whichever path is necessary for them in this moment and see past the difficulties that they are manifesting for you or for others or for themselves. And bless their journey to finding their greater being. And as you bless them, you help them to find the end of that path where they can finally release what they need to release and open their hearts. 

And as you willingly continue to journey together with those, even if they have caused you grief or harm, you express faith in the rightness of all action and all identity in third density. And if you can move to that place of true forgiveness, even in the face of pain or anger, you create a momentum that is very precious and very priceless. And each time you are able to complete this cycle, somehow the barriers to the next forgiveness become less. Each time you affirm the rightness of those who you are not in harmony with, you acknowledge the creatorhood in all. 

We are Laitos and we thank this instrument and we would like to transfer now to the one known as Joseph.

(Joseph channeling)

I am Laitos and I am with this instrument. We have spoken of forgiveness of the other self, but there are, perhaps, two more perspectives to consider. There is, of course, forgiveness of self. And there is also the totality of the event that we might call completed forgiveness that involves self toward self, other self towards other self, and each to the other. Forgiveness of self is no easier than forgiveness of other self. Consider the moments that keep you up at night, the old memories that still haunt you. If forgiveness were a moment that was once and for all, these memories would subside and be as the daily moments of your life. What comes back to you in reconsidering your own actions is an inkling of something new that has not yet been fully comprehended. As we have said, there is no one posture that can guarantee successful forgiveness. Though each act doubles the next, yet there are still thresholds to cross. Forgiving the self becomes, perhaps, recognizably necessary—we correct this instrument—important in stepping through the spiritual journey you attempt each day, each week, each month. But the thresholds are still difficult. When you learn to forgive yourself in the old ways, when you learn to accept the gross features of your previous actions, then the finer features reveal themselves. So forgiveness of self is as enduring as forgiveness of others.

We take a moment to deepen this instrument’s state of consciousness. We are Laitos and we continue. 

Now consider the totality of the event of forgiveness. It is ongoing; it is a project between you and the other self. It a project that you must do your own part in and they theirs. And there is no guarantee that the other self’s part will be done quickly or even within their lifetime. And we would speak to the idea that forgiveness is an act that there is something we must do. An act that constitutes forgiveness. But it is just as much an event, an occurrence, a state that comes about, perhaps confirmation. Striving for forgiveness might produce a pretense, a desire to forgive yourself, to forgive others. And in that desire, there is a temptation to make it feel as if it were so. That saying “I forgive you” is enough. Instead, the intention to be in a state or a place of forgiveness should be the guiding light. Whether you are there, whether the project is complete, whether your memories still haunt you—is not so important as the baseline state of moving forward into a kind of perspective or motivation—we correct this instrument—concern for one’s own purity of intent for the authentic state of forgiveness.

We would now transfer this contact to the one known as Steve. We thank this instrument. We are Laitos.

(Steve Channeling)

I am Laitos, and we are again with this instrument. We would like to continue with the trajectory of the thought that the one as Joseph has helped us to understand as the totality of the event of forgiveness. For we believe that this is a thought that permits us to sum up, shall we say, the circumstances of forgiveness as best as we understand them to be. Now there is a saying in your culture that to understand all is to forgive all. We do not wish to dispute the veracity of this saying in its full metaphysical significance, but we would point out that third density is not the density of understanding. And therefore a formula for forgiveness that requires an antecedent state of understanding is a formula which is bound to fail.

Now we would further reflect on this point by suggesting that there is a certain metaphysical circumstance that obtains with regard to the nature of third density itself — a metaphysical circumstance which, from the standpoint of third density life and third density experience, seems to be paradoxical.

We ourselves struggled greatly with this paradox, as we can remember quite distinctly, for you see, it has not been so very long ago, for us, that we suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune in third density, and found ultimately that we could not achieve graduation from third density until we first forgave enough of those slings and arrows that we were able, shall we say, to limp forward into fourth density life and fourth density experience. We put the matter this way to reassure that complete perfection is indeed not required in order to achieve that state of graduation.

No entity of which we are aware has ever made it out of third density with all the work third density offers completely done. The pressure that is put on the fledgling self — and selfhood is indeed a fledgling affair in third density — the pressure that is put on the fledgling self to achieve perfection of forgiveness will be a pressure it cannot bear. And therefore at this moment we would like to end our remarks on this subject by supplementing the metaphysical considerations we have offered through each of these most excellent instruments with a very, very small piece of pragmatic advice.

And that is this: that very often when one faces full on the difficulties that crop up one after another and again and again, and again, involved in forgiving others and the self when one discovers again and again how deeply wounded the self has been. That instead of putting all of the task full-blown upon one’s plate, that one take a small step back, or perhaps two, and come to admit to oneself that some tasks are simply more than one can take on head-on. This in itself is already a small act of forgiveness of the self, that it is, after all, a finite thing, that it is a fragile thing, that it is a wounded thing.

To allow oneself to step back to find another set of circumstances that better allows the self to come into a more wholesome and flourishing condition, is to give oneself the opportunity to achieve the wholeness of the event we have spoken of through the one known as Joseph in a way that does more by way of allowing than of personal, directed creating of the event of forgiveness.

The self has been obliterated very often to some extent when damage has been taken in, and it needs to regenerate itself. It does so by drawing upon the energies of the Creator, and in third density, we say that these energies and this process is not truly available for understanding. And so it is almost the opposite of what the saying we have adduced would suggest. Instead of saying to understand all is to forgive all, we might almost suggest that to forgive all is to understand all.

It is actually never a question of all in matters such as this, but even a little [will help]. For, in truth, the forgiving must come before the understanding can be had, and that is the measure of third density in a small way. For even as the fourth density is the density of understanding, the access to that fourth density has to inevitably pass through the state or condition of forgiving of all the foibles, all the sufferings, all the sorrows of third density.

This will not be complete, my friends. There will be loose ends, there will be frayed feelings. But what we would suggest is an element we have spoken to in the ones known as Jeremy and Jade concerning basic intention. If you have the intention to heal, if you have the intention to forgive, regardless of how imperfect it is, it does register. And, over time, intention will build upon intention to the point that the harvestable grade of a mere fifty-one percent is obtained, and the threshold will then have been crossed.

To this threshold, then, we commend you, and in love and light, and in inexpressible gratitude to each of these excellent, excellent channels, we leave this instrument and this group in love and light. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.