Colorado Springs Circle Second Channeling Intensive Session 9 Thursday, May 19, 2022

Q’uo on the Slogan “All Is Well” and the Stakes of Evolution

Colorado Springs Circle Second Channeling Intensive Session 9 Thursday, May 19, 2022


In our group there has been a concern about the putatively extremely positive notion that it is always the case that all is right in the universe, when we can see all around us that, at least from our own limited point of view, this does not seem to be so. Suffering abounds, injustice too often prevails, and opportunities for advancement are too often prematurely truncated. Moreover, there seems to be a dimension of the creation that is the home of terror itself, as negative time/space would suggest. Q’uo responds by strongly reaffirming the “all is well message,” while at the same time acknowledging the validity of the very perceptions that gave rise to our concern. Interestingly, Q’uo also admits that, within the group of social memory complexes going by this name, there are some quite different perspectives at play on this very question. These differences are here explored in some detail.

Group Question

Ra gives assurance many times that all is well. And yet, from a third density perspective, it very often seems that this is not and cannot be the case. Is it actually clear in higher densities that all is well or can there be something of the nature of a spiritual experience of terror in the higher densities, which would suggest that it’s possible that all is not well? Are there stakes even beyond the veil? Moreover, if it’s true that all is indeed well, how can we integrate that thought into our third density lives without becoming callous to the suffering of others?

Channeled Message

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo and it is our pleasure to greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Upon this day when three intrepid seekers have gathered together to put their query to us that we must admit we find challenging.

The nature of the query is such that it is especially important to us that as you hear what we have to say, you exercise your discrimination with unusually strong strength of conviction in your hearts, for you must be in a position to take a stand within this creation that represents what you deeply and truly believe. Only from the standpoint of such a stand will you be able to exercise that discernment that tells you what of our words is worth holding to and what you should leave aside.

The query for this afternoon poses the question of whether there is, after all, something vital at stake within the creation in such a way that it’s possible that somehow the creation itself could fail to live up to the task given it, or even worse, that it could somehow meet with disaster.

If such a possibility were to be contemplated and found real, then there would indeed be occasion for terror to be experienced all the way through the densities of spiritual evolution, for what could be more terrible than that the creation itself should end in disaster? It is true that we of the Confederation are known for our positive outlook, as it were, and that it is a characteristic gesture in gatherings of this nature for us to give the assurance that all is well. And at this time we would like to reaffirm that assurance, and to say that to the very  best of our understanding, a disastrous end to the creation is not possible.

We do not wish to suggest by this, however, that, for purposes of third density, which you enjoy at this time, that disastrous outcomes are not possible, for there is truly a legitimate aspiration that runs through the experience of third density and animates its workings from deep within that suggest that both at the level of the individual seeker, and at the level of the groups that seek according to common sensibilities and a common sense of purpose, that the best laid plans might well go aglee.

This can create such confusion, such disappointment, such a sense of abject failure within the minds of those who seek that the experience of recovering from such failures promises to be long and arduous and uncomfortable in the extreme.

The group to which we speak is well aware of those experiments in third density within what you call your solar system that have gone awry, that have issued in what, surely for all the world as you know it, looks like disaster. And it would beggar the imagination of any current resident of earth to contemplate being among those who found themselves in a terrible knot of fear after their planet had been blown to smithereens, so to speak.

While such an outcome might not be contemplated as a likely result upon this planet at this time, it cannot be ruled out as a possibility, for surely the means for creating this effect are indeed at hand. The feeling of concern about such a result therefore is not entirely unfounded, we will admit to you.

We would say that it is the case that among those of the planet Maldek which was blown up, there was eventually sufficient healing that these individuals were able to continue their journey along the way. And so the question then arises: Is there any perspective within the creation from which it can be said that the experience of the blowing up of Maldek was a favorable one? That is to say, that it offered to the Creator a kind of information about the Creator that the Creator might otherwise not have had.

Now if the answer to that question is “yes,” then one could say “Q.E.D.” which is a short-hand to indicate that the proposition that all is well within the universe has been demonstrated.

Now, if it should turn out that there was nothing really gained from such an experience, but only a delay indicative of a slowing-down of the conduit of information back to the Creator, it could be said that it was an event without intrinsic interest, and therefore something that the Creator itself might feel would have been well avoided. We are those of the Confederation of Planets in Service to this One Creator, and, my friends, we must admit to you that we do not plumb the depths of that Creator, and this is one of the areas in which the depths, for us, remain unplumbed.

That will help you understand why we, as servants of this One Creator, have pulled out all stops, so to speak , to aid planets such as this and such as Maldek to attempt to avoid these outcomes that we must confess seem disastrous to us as well, even though we do enjoy a larger perspective, and have, what we will call the faith that indeed all is well, and all will be well.

And so the question that you ask is, from our point of view, not an easy one to answer, for what we have to offer is grounded in the element of faith, which for us has a palpable reality not experienceable in third density. Faith, as we experience it, as the veil is not a portion of that experience, is like an energy we can tap into, which informs our being and suffuses it so fundamentally that it becomes impossible really to function outside that framework. Faith, in this context, expresses who we are.

And where it is the case that the nature of who we are, we who serve the Infinite Creator upon the path that celebrates the fee will of all, and the preeminence of the loving way throughout the length and breadth of the infinite creation, we are not the only kind of higher density beings that inhabit this universe, as you know only too well. There are those who take a very different view of the creation, and accordingly, a very different view of the Creator. It is a view which seems to us not only to us not only to feel all wrong to the very bone, but also one which is so overladen with paradox that it simply cannot be sustained.

However, there are entities that in many, many cases, have every bit as much spiritual strength as do we, and cannot be said to be less wise than we, who do hold the view that there is something that could go wrong in the creation, and that it is the vocation of those like themselves that have advanced along the line of a service to self evolution to see to it that the creation does not go wrong, but rather conforms to an ideal held within the individual minds of such individuals, such social memory complexes, and in such a way that this ideal may be meaningfully striven for, and if it should fail, that the universe will indeed have met with disaster.

And so we have an initial characterization of the possibility of disaster that we have ascribed to the negative point of view, or the point of view of those who have embraced the path of service to self. It would be easy to for us simply now to take a step back and say, well there you have it, the point of view that suggests the creation can go awry belongs to negativity and those of us who embrace the power of love and the free will of all know better.

And yet, to be sure, there are consequences possible within this creation that do in fact cause even beings of higher density to shudder. You will be aware of the concept of negative time/space, and this is a dimension of the creation wrought of shadow, and permeated with the glee of power realized and the terror of power lost. It has the aspect of a den of horrors to the eye of one who loves unconditionally, for it is a domain where love always and only turns back inward to embrace the source as a separate being. It is a domain where there is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth, and it is certainly this domain which has inspired your earthly concept of hell. And you will also be aware that through that form of cleverness that strikes us as sinister, it has happened that the naive seeker upon the positive path has been lured into this domain, and there has had to struggle to gain such evolutionary traction, shall we say, as to be able to reverse the polarity that is all around, and leap again back into positive time/space to renew the incarnative pattern there available.

Now, of what is negative time/space made? Well I suppose that depends upon whom you ask. If you ask somebody from negative time/space you will be told that it is made of the real stuff of the universe, and that it somehow represents that universe in a fundamental aspect of its being.

However, if you ask us, the answer you will get will be very different. For it seems to us to be made of undirected wayward affect of negative and shadowy feelings that have been over long aeons crystallized into the semblance of an actual place, with just enough beingness present to permit the continuation incarnative upon incarnation with in as well as the entrapment of which we have spoken. Still, we say to you: all is well. And by that we can only mean that even this monstrosity we call negative time/space is merely a figment of temporary expression of a resistance to the creation in the fundamental characteristic we know it by — once again, as love — a figment that in the fullness of time will be dissolved into that which is real, which is love, which does grant to each and every soul the fullness of its freedom and the joy of its capacity to enjoy the fruits of love and life everlasting.

We feel that we have only begun to scratch the surface of this difficult question, and yet we have made a beginning, and with this we would transfer the contact to the one known as Jeremy.

 I am Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are with this instrument, and we appreciate an extra dose of the white light of challenge, for this is a most vexing and confusing topic. 

Recall that the negative path has another name: “the path of that which is not”. Now, we find ourselves running into this brick wall on more than one occasion with your circle, my friends. How do we break down this paradox in such a way that you may make use of it? For we are not here to idly speculate. We are not here to satisfy vague whims of curiosity. We are here to serve, my friends: to serve the Creator that has made all, and to serve you, who is the Creator, who is in this third density illusion. 

You are not pure positivity, my friends. And so, these ideas that you consider must be understood as partaking of illusion, partaking of that which is not. Now, do not hear in our words a chastisement, my friends. For we know that what the great wave of curiosity calls for pulls from points in the timeline behind and before you. There is hardly a thought you can turn in your head that has no value, save if it does not swim in the river of your desire. But this is, in a way, the whole paradox to begin with. 

For you see, service always is a projection of unified love and light into a limited context where there can be an end and a means; an end that is love, and a means, a way of relating, a way of intelligently distributing light that can effect the recognition of the Creator’s hand in every single minute portion of this universe. This is what we mean by service, and, of course, so much more. But in order to serve you in formulating an answer to the question, we must first remind you that the parties to this dialogue here occupy limited viewpoints. And therefore, we must be caught up at some minute level, at least, in issues of that which is not. 

And the invocation of the slogan that “all is well” is not designed or intended to mitigate fear and pain; that is not its purpose. For these are worthy portions of the white light. It is designed to expand the viewpoint, my friends, so that the questions you ask, the hypotheses you contemplate, need not break open and show you all of the mysteries within for you to benefit from them. They can instead be stepping stones to wider vistas where new and more urgent and, frankly, desirable, questions and hypotheses can be recognized. 

This is an illusion; it is an emergent thought of the Creator, and you serve by allowing for time to pull you along that event horizon. We would suggest that there is a viewpoint in which possibilities of information issuing up to the One Infinite Creator are lost, but my friends, does this not happen on a moment by moment basis as it is? Your question is one of scale; in a holographic Creation, scale is arbitrary. It would be perhaps part of the nature of the positive adept to learn to ask the questions that draw him or her towards the conception of faith that they can obtain within their waking awareness. 

You behind the veil choose to ignore much of the path of what is. This does not make you negative; this makes you an individual. In here lies part of the mystery of what individuated consciousness is useful to emergent omniscience. You play your role when you allow your desire to pull you towards the paradoxes that call to you. 

But this also means that you, shall we say, construct models that help you take an unfathomable, infinite idea and tuck it safety on a shelf, in a cubby, where it can wait for you to return to it as you go about other tasks which also have similar natures, we might add. Washing the dishes has aspects of that which is not, and the most horrific crimes have aspects of that which is. These are ideas for you to chew on, to be used. 

In the hypothesis of a total failure of existence to absorb virtuous learning, you have a hypothesis. Does it serve you? Does it change any aspect of how you walk your path, my friends? There is no error or shame in idle speculation, none whatsoever, and asking this question has yielded great love, if for no other reason than to bring you three into a deeper group mind. This is of value, my friends, and this curiosity and adventure that you feel in your toes up to your crown, is worth all of the stakes. 

There are questions, my friends, that we of Q’uo can answer without resolving, and this is one of them. At a future point, contemplate what about this question moves you. We would not infringe by giving you the answer sheet to that [question]; we would simply offer that infinity truly will not yield to any model that contextualizes existence itself, as those in this circle well understand, there are and must be those a priori concepts. To be mysterious is not to be unknowable necessarily, but it is to say that the price of individuality, of the limited viewpoint, is the balancing of the equation in totality. 

Therefore we will wrap up this portion of our soliloquy by pointing you to the power of faith, and the way in this Creation polarity orients faith, and causes acceleration of the orbit or a friction, a resistance that merely elongates that trajectory back to unity. Remember: the intellect is a tool. It is not designed to satisfy you. It is designed to be your walking staff. Shall you walk the path, or shall you inspect the staff? 

Choices like these are easily elided when ideas such as a “cosmic stakes” are considered. So we hope we have not tread too far into any kind of infringement to remind you to look at your feet once in a while, where you stand, and praise this blink of an eye of being located temporally and spatially in these media of transformation and particularity [which] obscure only to free you, my friends. 

And with that tangled thought we relinquish contact with this instrument at this time and move our contact to the one known as Joseph. We are those of Q’uo.

(Joseph channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument.

We have thus far spoken both to the kinds of stakes that we experience and the rather abstruse nature of posing such a question. We believe, however, that these kinds of questions demonstrate the stumbling blocks available to those who not only make use of the intellect heavily in their path of spiritual evolution, but also those who attempt to incorporate messages such as ours into that path. That is to say, despite the fact that we repeatedly point to the center of this creation – the abiding Creator within each of you – as a real and existential feature of your experience, as the absolute center of all that you are. We point and point in this direction and yet it is o easy to get lost in a maze of concepts and then to reorient the center of self somewhere else by focusing on this maze of concepts.

For this reason, we believe it will be helpful to articulate a distinct pitfall, a possible confusion. Recall that, in our description of the stakes in our experience, we articulated a horror that we feel at the very possibility of being drawn into, for whatever reason, a negative time/space. It is difficult to describe to you the specific details of the horrors of such a realm, since these will be metaphysically substantiated. That is, it is the opposite type of experience from what you experience now in space/time. So you must, unfortunately, imagine correlates to horrors of your experience. However, what we can say that will make sense to you is that there is no possibility for companionship as we know it, no possibility for mutual dependency in openness and receptivity, no possibility for enjoying the deep and abiding connection in which each feels at their deepest core as if they are part of the others. For us, this is so central to our very wellbeing that to imagine otherwise is akin to your imagining the loss of integrity of the bodily vehicle. It feels gruesome. So horrors to our eye do exist.

Now, having said that, there are two points we should make next. The first is that should one such as ourselves be drawn into the negative time/space and be forced to become a creature of the negative path, we would have to, eventually, develop a taste for it. So, in this regard, it is not as if the feeling of horror would be endless. Rather, the same feeling would transmute into a kind of pleasure, though it is difficult, supremely difficult for us to image, we simply know it to be true.

The second point, and the most important for your consideration is if when we say that “all is well,” what we mean is “all is well that ends well,” then it would be a cruel expression. For simply declaring all to be well does not stop the horror. We see this as well as you. Consider the stakes for ourselves in this drama in which the two polarities find each other in conflict. Notice that we ourselves are drawn to your conflicted planetary sphere. It might seem to you that we in our densities may have better things to do and why should we care so much about a third density planet? To us, this is a strange thought. For we feel your suffering; we feel your horror as our own. Your stakes then are, in that regard, also our stakes.

And you can imagine something similar from the opposite polarity. Why do we seem to battle for the favor of our path over the other? Why do they battle for the favor of their path over ours? Our reasons are different. As we have said, our reasons are that the suffering calls for attention; we assist because we love you. We assist because you call for help and we hear you. And those of us who resist [the efforts of the negative polarity] do so because we appreciate the imposition that the negative influence seems to be upon your experience when what you call for is peace and what you call for is tenderness and support of each other.

Why, then, do those of the negative polarity take such an interest in your planetary sphere? Well, this is because they, for their own advancement and articulation of self, depend on it. This is why their method is conquest. The harvesting of subordinate yet similarly polarized individuals; the harvesting of a spiritual energy toward their ends is an important ingredient for progression through the densities along the negative path. So they have a need to entrap you so long as it plays by the rules. And we have a longing to liberate you so far as we can.

So we say that all is well, not because the suffering is not real, not because we do not feel it, and not because there will be ultimately a happy ending when the infinity of time has passed. We say this because to deny that all is well would thereby assert that there is an overriding ethical requirement. For when all is not well – when something is not well – this stands as an injunction. It is productive of a categorical imperative to attempt to make things well. Should we insist to you that all is not well, we would also end up offering to you an assertion of what you ought to do, and this is not for us to say. What you choose is acceptable. It is simultaneously true that what you choose is acceptable and that your suffering is our suffering; that your horrors are our horrors. There is an important cleavage between the ultimate acceptability of the universe as it is and the desirability or preference of a type of experience that you may have. We prefer against suffering and against horror. And we suspect — we are nearly certain — that you do as well.

So this can perhaps contextualize the value we place on efficiency of progression through the densities of experience, especially the third density and above. For in the first place, it is very inefficient to have to switch polarities, to face the horrors and learn to develop a taste for them. But the inefficiencies, in general, wherever they lie in your experience — in your veiled third density — will tend to produce more suffering. We do not wish for you to suffer a difficult or painful incarnation. It saddens us that sometimes this is simply how it must be. But we also do not deny you the choice for inefficiency.

Now this leads us into another subject. For not all of the events that occur in your sphere of experience are your choice. Were it to be the case that everything you experience you had chosen, then there could not be a violation of free will. It would be metaphysically impossible. However, as it stands, each of you interacts with other agents, each of which also has free will. And the possibility of your freedom being abridged by another is always present. Such a possibility, it is true, introduces new catalyst with which you work. And it is true that you may well find yourself, in your own way, grateful for the experience. But by no means is it expected that you will find this gratitude, at least within this lifetime. For if it were expected, then there would not be karmic entwinement. Unfortunately, a violation of your freedom can produce karmic intertwinement. These are simply the laws the metaphysical laws by which our universe, and in particular this portion of the universe, operates. So, in that regard, you may judge that life is not always fair.

Indeed, the service to others polarity is motivated by the longing for a world in which life can be fair. The experience of the horror and the suffering produces in you the differential, the voltage, the power by which you can be impelled toward the difficult work of not only constructing or working toward a reality in which life is fair, but also developing the inner capacities and strengths and skills through which such a reality may be manifest. We remind you that, prior to the veiling, third density was very long, indeed. For it was difficult in such experiences to care enough to develop such skills. Moreover, in the higher densities there was less to do, since third density planetary spheres did not call for our aid in nearly the order of magnitude that they now do.

So you can see that all being well does not mean that suffering does not count; it does not mean that life is fair; it does not mean that happy ends justify unpleasant means. It means, at least when we speak it, that the path you wend through your experience is acceptable, that we love you and accept you as you are, that your worries, especially when they reach toward the very grand scale, or the ultimate ends, or the fears of total annihilation, that those worries need not be the center of your focus. For, ultimately you will get infinite chances. Each will receive all the chances they need. And, fortunately, as we have suggested, even the suffering that you may endure, though it breaks our hearts, is still not infinite. So, in this regard, there is no hell. There is no endless suffering. Every wound eventually, at least to our understanding, is healed.

So if the worry that all might not be well is over the loss of a kind of spiritual integrity, that the devil, as it were, may ultimately supplant the deity, we suggest setting this worry aside. But if the worry is that life may bring difficulties and that these difficulties may indeed be ones that you cannot work with in this lifetime, then indeed it is possible for things not to be well. However, we still would suffer with you, and we still would love you. And we will be there to help you when you try again.

At this time, we would now pass the contact back to the instrument known as Steve. We are Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo and we are again with this instrument.

The astute observer of this interaction which has taken place this day will recognize that there are multiple voices at play, and will perhaps sense enough daylight between the voices, as to suggest the possibility that there is an actual disagreement in the response we have to offer.

You know us as those of Q’uo, which is a kind of nominative gloss, if you will, that covers the convergence of three social memory complexes which have come together for purposes of communicating with you., who query us. And with regard to the vast majority of the questions that you pose to us, the differences in viewpoint merely shimmer like so many facets of the same gem.

We would like to suggest that there is a strong sense in which this remains true with regard to the present question, and that strong sense, we would suggest, is due to the fact that all who have gathered here today, from fourth density, from fifth density, and from sixth density, have arrived at their perspectives by participating in the same general bias, which is to say, the bias that embraces a relationship to the universe grounded in love. That remains true.

However, well you know that the qualities around which spiritual evolution gathers itself on the way back to the One Infinite Creator tend to vary in their intrinsic balances as progress is made along the way. And so what may be offered to a query of this nature, which we find uniquely points to a differentiation of these perspectives, will vary from one perspective to another.

You may recall that the struggles between the two paths — the path of service to others and the path of service to self — do continue beyond the density you now enjoy, that is to say, the third. You are aware that even that which you call war continues in the fourth density, and the perspective on what is at stake in the creation is colored by the experience of conflict well into the fourth density.

That is somewhat lessened in the intensity of its effect at least as it registers in the affective life of fifth density. Nevertheless, within what you know as the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator, the fifth density social memory complexes which have evolved along the same lines, or with the same bias, as their fourth density brothers and sisters are currently evolving along do lend their support to the fourth density endeavor, which still sees the need to protect themselves and those they are dedicated to serving, very often in third density, from the incursions of those who seek conquest, the result of which would inevitably bring pain and suffering to those subject to this conquest.

And we will say that once sixth density is achieved, the perspective on these things will again inevitably change, and you may wonder when the requirement of manifesting through polarity has thinned to less and less of a real portion of the life experience, that any care at all should be taken to preserve a path that has largely been traveled already.

Is it merely some kind of nostalgia? For we will tell you that from the perspective of the sixth density, that which you experience as suffering tin the third density does not really seem much at all, for the most part, and can be seen as a portion precisely of that which precipitates growth. And indeed it is true, is it not, that the development of the spirit complex, the advancement in the ability to wield the energies of spirit, are very often motivated precisely by suffering so great it can be called trauma. Is this not true, then, that suffering itself has great and valuable uses? And should one not rather celebrate suffering, knowing how central a function it has in the evolution of mind, body and spirit?

And so we will say to you that. though we ourselves are the brothers and sisters of sorrow, that there is in this sorrow that defines our nature, yet a very, very great joy. And we do see, when we gaze upon the sorrows and sufferings of your peoples, that little spark of joy in a germinal state.

Okay, so why do we not, then, embrace all the suffering that you may have brought your way? Why, then, do we not say to those fifth density and fourth density social memory complexes that come to study with us, that they should simply leave third density to its fate, or, if you’re in fourth density, and you feel yourself to be under attack: “Oh, fight if you must, if you really, really must, but only if you must.” Why do we not say, “Oh, let the crusaders of Orion, as you know them, hold sway?”

Well, we could give you one answer, which would seem rather stark and barren, we think; it would seem rather sterile, although there would be some truth in it. And that answer would be that there is the need to preserve the balance, so that free will may after all have its sway. And that we may bless with all our hearts those who choose the negative path, and send them on their way, but we wish merely to preserve the possibility, within the creation, of there being the positive path, a possibility which the negative polarity would not be inclined to enable. So we can give that answer, and we do give that answer, but it is an incomplete answer.

For we feel a connection to those who strive along the path of love. And that connection is one of love. It is a connection which transcends time, for we do not see, from our point of view, the distinction between that which is you and that which is we. You are we, as we are in the past, though that is an illusion. You suffer; we suffer. We find joy in our suffering, and though you may not find joy in your suffering, we may see the seeds of joy therein contained. But we do come to your aid, because we are you, and you have called upon the resource you know as we, and there is magic in that call, and it is to that magic that we are inevitably drawn by the very nature of this one creation in which, we now reiterate, all is well.

And with this small thought with such a large reach, we would at this time take our leave of this instrument and this group, thanking each here for the dedication which they have brought to the experience of serving as instruments to express those sundry thoughts which we have to offer this day. You are blessed ones, my friends, and we ask that you go forth in love and in light. Adonai. Adonai. Adonai.