Colorado Springs Circle Third Channeling Intensive Session 8 Saturday, October 8, 2022

Q’uo on the Dangers of Channeling

Colorado Springs Circle Third Channeling Intensive Session 8 Saturday, October 8, 2022


This evening session features those of Q’uo discussing the pitfalls of channeling with a special focus on channeling instruction. They catalog several ways in which instruments can lose their tuning and protection, and the danger of this recklessness is magnified in teachers. We hold a responsibility to ourselves, to other selves, to students, and to the Creator to be fastidious in our channeling conduct, and this requires care in whom we choose to teach to channel.It is in the daily life that we can do the least exotic and most grounding work in recognizing and promoting that vibration we seek in our service as instruments.

Group Question

What are the dangers of channeling? How would we best approach training in that context? 

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and greet your circle once more in the abundant love and infinite light of our One Infinite Creator. We understand you have a so-called maintenance question for us this evening, and we are pleased to offer what we can in the maintenance of your joint project with us. 

We applaud your care, your interest in the blind alleys and pitfalls of the channeling endeavor and encourage you to think deeply about what we say. Our admonition to weigh our words for their utility to you is thereby intensified, underlined, italicized. You must decide, as the manifest of our group, what is applicable, for you are our representatives, not our servants, so to speak. You must navigate the conditions of third density from your vantage point with the equipment available to you and such wisdom as you may gather unto yourselves. 

So weigh our words ever more carefully, for there is much we will not be able to explicate in a direct and forthright manner. You must look in your heart to find the key that unlocks our full message. And therefore, our message, if correctly interpreted, will be your deepest truth. 

This is perhaps an apt place to begin. The dangers of channeling are manifold and require, first and foremost, an appreciation for the variety of problems that can occur when densities are mixed, when consciousness dances across the lines that protect. This is a challenge that all in this group have dealt with in a very appropriate manner; appropriate not because it is correct from our point of view, but appropriate because you have made your protections your own. They speak to your heart and your accrued wisdom. In other words, they apply all of your resources, and as such they generate a field, so to speak, that exceeds the energy input. 

The secret is the purity of seeking, the sincerity that you have with yourselves. We have had occasion to eavesdrop, so to speak, on discussion around this, and chuckle a bit at the analysis we have concluded, which is similar to the TV program you recently watched. Everybody is correct in their individual approach; not because there are no more universal principles to be had and dealt with, but because you have once again engaged your full mind/body/spirit complex in a cataloging of your weaknesses, frailties, strengths, areas of transformation at present. And therefore, you can offer what you actually possess, not a figment that asks of another what they cannot see in you. This creates a trust that goes beyond the verbal assurances you can offer one another. 

This is most apropos. You realize in the material the spiritual. This is the essence of the channeling project and ethos. It goes far beyond a session such as this. It permeates the life. It positions you in front of the mirror–nay, several different mirrors. For not one look within is sufficient; not one reflection sums everything up. 

To begin a list of dangers, we would suggest that the first place to look is when this purity and dedication to what you hold highest and best is degraded or has lapses in its practice within your life. This is, we feel, most common among channels who do so with the conscious mix that we suggest, the 30/70 ratio. Nobody can maintain this vigilance on your behalf, save some who might pick up on energies, but with no true authority to rule upon them. Indeed, this imbalance of application of sincerity and honesty with oneself has occurred from time to time in this group. But my friends there is not one conscious channeling circle in which the tone has not gone sharp or flat from time to time. 

The perspective we suggest is one of the long run: to learn from being out of tune as much as you learn from being in tune. In this way, so-called mistakes or so-called errors serve a wider purpose; they broaden your appreciation for the fragility of the endeavor and therefore make more urgent and meaningful that praxis which you attempt to engage in your life. You are after all building a body of praxis, and this will be what you convey to any student. It goes beyond, far beyond how you word it. 

The second danger that we would point out has to do with contact itself. We feel that we will begin to describe this, but would like to transfer in the middle in order to give the accomplished instrument their say, for this is a matter of experience, not rote knowledge. 

Protection is a finicky thing in the metaphysical planes. You concern yourselves chiefly with certifying the polarity of contact. But contact is so intangible, so nebulous, we might say, that you must be very, very careful, not simply in doing due diligence, but in ascertaining threat to begin with. The daily or nearly daily practice of your preliminaries and tuning go a long way. Yet negative greeting can still occur in spite of your best efforts. So it is actually a good thing to deal with your friends from the opposite polarity from time to time, to get a taste of the area to be defended and what the terrain may offer in terms of defensive points and vulnerabilities. 

With this point made we would like to transfer to the instrument known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument.

Let us begin emphasizing that the universe that you seek to gain access to when you open yourself up as a channel to higher density beings is crowded with many who will take interest in your efforts. And, as you well know, not all of these have made the same fundamental choice as to how they will evolve in this varied creation. There are those who will serve others right up to the limit of their ability to do so. And there are others who will serve themselves, right up to the limit of their ability to do so. One can have one orientation or another, and still advance to the higher densities.

Now, among those in the higher densities, whether they be fourth, fifth, or sixth, there are not those who are operating, as you are, under the veil of consciousness. And that already gives a great deal more capacity to function within the range of nuances that consciousness itself has to offer. We find that these nuances often overtake specific information in importance. So, when you are attempting to discern the polarity of a communication, as provided by channels in general, you do well to feel your way into those communications by means of the tone or the nuances even more than the specific nature of what is literally said. By doing so, you will provide yourself with the ability to be critical in your reception of channeled material.

Now when it comes to channeling yourselves, you must understand that channeling must be seen as a portion of a life lived in service, and not as a momentary act separated from that life. Therefore, the usual recommendations to channels would apply in a similar manner to the way in which spiritual seekers down through the ages have sought the disciplines of the spirit in order that they might advance.

These disciplines involve, over time, an intensification of the desire to seek, and, coupled with that, the desire to serve. Those who serve in the positive modality serve other selves before all. And that must be our motif in what we have to offer. And it is what we understand to be the fundamental commitment of this group.

Now we have said that there is an intensification of desire to seek and to serve, and that is correct. However, that intensification can very easily lead to dramatic imbalances, which, themselves, can be the source of very grave problems, both in the lives of the channels themselves, and in the content of what is channeled as it evolves over time. Therefore, we would strongly recommend that the intensification of the desire to seek and to serve be balanced by habits that serve to create moderation within the self, and that enable the self to walk through the third-density world that you enjoy in a grounded way, full of love and eager to serve others in little, innocuous ways, often that go unnoticed.

In this fashion, you will build a personality which may bear the weight of responsibility you take upon yourselves when you resolve to serve as a mouthpiece for those, like ourselves, who wish to share what small measure of wisdom we may have to offer.

So, to reiterate, we have a twofold pattern of conduct that helps to support the activity of channeling. One, we have the intensification of desire, and, two, we have the balancing of that intensification through moderation of habit and moderation of conduct. Two prongs of the same tree of recommendation, so to speak.

Now, we turn our attention briefly to the dangers that lie at hand should these two qualities of character not successfully be generated. The first danger is that the message itself will become polluted over time, and one is very well familiar with groups that start out on a positive note, but that wind up in messages of gloom and doom. There is a specific you may employ to avoid some of these hazards, and that is to never let yourself be cajoled into communicating material that is too specific or that in any way whatsoever tends to violate the freedom of self-determination of any within the group, or any who might come into earshot of the group. That is a very important consideration.

Another danger that you might face is that the process of opening yourself up in the course of channeling does have a lasting effect that you carry over into your daily lives. And this effect is that of greater openness to influences. The greater openness to influences, in turn, has the effect of accelerating the catalyst with which you must deal. This effect of catalytic acceleration will take place regardless of whether you are under the influence of negative greeting, or not. But it can take place with especial danger if in fact you are under the influence of negative greeting.

Now, we will tell you that the factor of negative greeting tends to increase as the capacity for effective channeling increases. Thus, in a way, you become more vulnerable to negative greeting as you learn to become a better channel. That means that your fastidiousness in invoking protections must grow apace, and your fastidiousness in your personal conduct must follow suit. And so, what we have recommended by way of moderation of habit and conduct becomes more and more important the more your intensity of seeking has permitted you to open those gateways to higher influences that you seek as a precondition for being able to channel effectively.

We feel that this is a good beginning, and mind you, only a beginning, of the admonitions that we would offer to channels, because we will say that the practice of becoming more and more fastidious becomes, as time goes on, necessarily more and more nuanced. And you will need to attend to disharmonies and disruptions within your own group, and disruptions and disharmonies within your personal lives more and more, and these will become more and more insidious as you go. Therefore, fastidiousness in all things is the order of the day.

At this time, we will pass the contact to the one known as Claire.

We are those of Q’uo.

(Claire channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We would speak now to the prospect of teaching or being taught the discipline of channeling. 

In the very first instance, channeling is something that any spiritual seeker would do well to develop a skill in. And here we do not mean channeling of higher density entities as in this particular instance. Rather, the channeling about which you ask is a special application of the broader skill of opening oneself up to an influx from beyond the conscious mind. 

We encourage seekers to dip their toe into the pond of channeling as a means of coming into contact, first, with themselves. Should you want to learn to channel, the place to begin is to channel yourself–that is, your own personal, hidden resources. This is a salutary method for coming to know yourself in the process of developing yourself and preparing yourself for the more rigorous forms of channeling that are available. The moderation of habit, the moderation of character that we discussed, is a product of the development of a harmonious relationship, or at least a happy relationship, between your conscious and unconscious resources. If you are not a friend to yourself, we would suggest it is better to focus on the simpler form, the safer form of channeling first. Become a friend to yourself first. In this way, you may discover in yourself through a desire to develop your internal harmony a corresponding desire to promote that harmony in others. 

This is the basic nature of service to others: that you wish for others’ advancement along the service to others path which they have chosen. Thus the small acts of service become a second nature to you; the small, daily, unnoticed acts of service, we emphasize, are in fact the bread and butter, so to speak, of the service to others path. For that reason, should you be interested in and desirous of serving as a channel for higher density entities, recognize that this is a form of service that is additional to the bread and butter.

A second thought for those interested in learning to channel higher density entities is the question of whom you wish to serve or see yourself serving thereby. In the first instance, the contact that you make with those such as ourselves might not be very well appreciated by most, and in fact, were it to be very well appreciated by most, the practice itself would likely be more common. The truth is the messages that we offer to you are not likely to win you a large slate of followers on your social media. 

We mention this because we encourage you to focus on the small forms of service, even in your engagement in a more disciplined and, in this case, dangerous form of service. The number of people you reach is less important than what you bring to those you do reach. So another danger, another concern, is that your interest in channeling may well be an interest in social prominence. We do not say that this is in fact the case, but it is a pitfall along the way that one must attend to with constant vigilance, for this, in fact, is a common form in which the disruption of the purity of your channel manifests. 

And for those who wish to teach channeling, we might say that there are two points that seem appropriate at this time. The first is that you must be on your guard about whom you take under your wing. And by “on your guard,” what we mean is, as a senior channel in relation to those whom you would teach, it is your duty to make a judgment about whether this person whom you have in mind to teach is in fact prepared, has made the way clear through their own inner work, has a balanced picture of what channeling is to be and how it can be a form of service, and balances that service against the bread and butter service of their lives. Attend to this, because in the case of an individual who is not so prepared you will find it common for them to believe they are so prepared. It is your duty, then, to decide whether to impart what you have to offer. 

The second point concerns the nature of teaching. In fact, when it comes to the discipline of channeling, there is not a great deal of book learning that can be done. If channeling could be readily learned from a book, then perhaps those who might seek for you to teach them would just read the book. In some ways, the word “teaching” is incorrect; it may be the wrong conception of the relationship between yourself and the individual who wishes to develop as a channel. The relation is more of an exposure or a pollination. So the form of teaching that you should think of yourself as engaging in is more of an example and where necessary gentle nurturing of the junior channel. 

There are, of course, elements that should be communicated, such as the tuning and the challenging that you are aware of, as well as the appropriate inclusions in the preliminaries. But teaching is much greater than just these mechanics. The most significant feature of teaching is the example that you set– but not just an example. It’s the vibratory resonance that you impart to the junior channel as the appropriate frequency of tuning for engagement in an actual session of channeling. This imprints upon the junior channel, especially through repetition, the vibratory features, the state of experience for which they were aiming each time they were engaging in the practice. For this reason we find it generally preferable to be in physical proximity, since this is the most broadband form of contact. Without the physical proximity, the pollination is more difficult. 

And at this time we would now transfer the contact back to the instrument known as Jeremy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

We begin now. We are those of Q’uo and have contact at this moment with this instrument to conclude our communication with you. We have discussed many aspects of the channeling practice that call out its dangers and put into context what successes might look like, so let us offer some closing remarks before we open for questions.

It is generally not well to take the full measure of another soul in the service to others path in such a summary way, yet the more that you reach out from your heart to put into practice that love you feel, you will find that entities both incarnate and discarnate will be attracted to the light. You bear some responsibility for that light, for this is the discipline and strength that will carry you forward into the next density, and everyone feels it on some level. Note that it does not always mean the attraction is positive, and you must make those discriminating decisions as best you can. 

Remember that the justice you seek to do is not simply to the student but to the Creator and, most aptly, those around you who are unaware of the level at which you work. Your duty is to pass by them without any infringement, and at most, to plant a seed in them by the example you set as we have explicated through the instrument known as Claire. 

My friends, you feel it every time you tune. There is a flame within you. You hold a candle, and you have stoked this little fire. You have protected it from the harsh winds. And when you find someone who seeks that flame within you, you must realize that you are playing with fire if you are not very careful. 

When they light their candle from your flame, they can be hurt, and this is part of the danger. But moreover, they can hurt others. They can start a fire that blinds with light instead of [illuminating] tenderly. There are those in this circle at this moment who have seen this occur. Take the lesson to heart. There is no urgency to this project. This practice of channeling vocally our message is but a decoration, an augmentation of a life of service, and that life yields the lessons that will guide your hand when you offer the flame to another. 

And with one final thought we would detain you. You may also serve by withholding the flame. This is an act of respect and mercy as long as it is not done to create an elite. There are no rules for how to avoid hoarding the flame, save what you learn practically by giving of the self on a moment by moment basis, and yet again in another moment. Rest is allowed and encouraged, but exertion, my friends: exert yourselves when you can, stretch out, and you can do more good by living according to your most cherished values than you can ever do by training a channel. 

And let, therefore, the act of inducting mind/body/spirit complexes into this sacred circle be a celebration of those values, not the prosecution of a social project alone. You have already done great service by serving as our instruments, but your instrumentality is most valuable when it is offered to the Creator at large in a lifetime of mistakes and missteps that teach patience, for the road stretches so far on. But my friends: we are by your side, and many who seek the realization of the glory embedded in this plane are with you as well. And there are tools. As you deepen your practice, we can help you discover them within yourself. Not point them out necessarily but be your companions in your own discovery of the immense power you hold. 

We are those of Q’uo, and at this time we would gladly entertain any questions you may have.

(No questions offered)

Very well my friends. The gist is that it is the simplicity of this mission that is so difficult to realize in the day to day, but you have us by your side, and most importantly, you have each other. Listen to each other with your hearts, and you will take this to the heavens. 

We now part from you and leave you in love and light, so that you may take a moment of relaxation and enjoy each other’s company. It is a source of strength and healing. We are your brothers and sisters of Q’uo. Adonai vasu borragus.