The HARC Circle Fifth Channeling Intensive Session 2 Saturday, November 4, 2023

Q’uo on Personality and Subconscious Will

The HARC Circle Fifth Channeling Intensive Session 2 Saturday, November 4, 2023


Those of Q’uo describe the life of the will as an entity evolves towards a stronger and more effective energy distribution system otherwise known as a personality. Because will transcends the veil between the conscious and unconscious minds, the very catalyst that challenges us to know ourselves also mobilizes our deeper selves within as blockages are untangled, patterns from past experiences and incarnations crop up, and the personality increasingly draws upon the latent power of our inner architecture. While this power is a fruit of the proper polarization process, it can manifest in strange and unwelcome ways, and we are encouraged to mind our thoughts and intentions carefully in order to serve effectively, accept ourselves, and balance that whole self we channel.

Group Question

Expand on the Ra quote at Session 52, Question 7, which states: “There is great danger in the use of the will as the personality becomes stronger, for it may be used even subconsciously in ways reducing the polarity of the entity.”

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

We are Q’uo. Greetings, my brothers, in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. Our best wishes on your somewhat still new endeavor as you come to a shared understanding that makes a magical ritual such as the channeling possible. You have persisted through many disturbances and have not been found wanting. We share our insights with you only due to this fastidious discipline and focused attention. This is due to your role that you play in the service we wish to offer you in our Creator. 

We remind you of the responsibility this role entails, which includes your discretion in which of our thoughts you take as your own. For you must be the master of your own house. You must carefully curate those ideas that plant seeds in your seeking. And so we trust that you and those who read these words later will, of your own volition, decide which to discard and which to hold near and dear. This would be very agreeable to us as we understand our relationship with your kind.

Our topic of discussion this evening deals with a certain aspect that those of your kind must reckon with. In order for polarity to arise naturally in the mind/body/spirit complex without too much jostling about, inefficiency, and blind corners recklessly entered (for your interest in this intensive has to do with the use of will), the item that registers in your complex as the upward spiraling light beckons you on. This will transcends the compartments you have placed in your psyche and that great dividing line you did not place, but instead have, with great honor, chosen to work with: this veil between the conscious and the unconscious. You must understand the faculty of will as spanning the entirety of this complex, and as we have indicated in the last session, you are consciously aware of but the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This is very useful at your level of development, for you are learning, slowly and patiently, my brothers, how to cooperate on multiple levels of awareness on this pole of seeking.

We would begin in addressing the aspects of volition that are occurring without your direct observation by pointing out the role this plays in the processes of catalysis and balancing. You are sitting upon a treasure trove that you dare not investigate too much. The reason for this aversion to your total resources has to do with a deep intuitive awareness that you are not quite ready to offer the Creator the full spectrum of your power as co-Creator. 

You see, third density is a transitional mode in the evolutionary spiral. It is in terms of your counting of time quite abbreviated, and is dedicated to a single task: the choice of a kind of flavor of beingness, a foundation against which you may start to exert your strength and push against, and a deep commitment to keeping your feet upon this solid foundation. And it must be recognized as solid; it cannot simply be assumed. So, while there is much inquiry into the nature of the deep self, as those of Ra say, understanding is not of this density. Choosing, we would say, is the first true creative act in concert with your Creator and the logoic pantheon.

The consequence of being a self that is hidden in great degree from oneself is that much is being created, much power is being continually exerted as an almost autonomic capability. You are tasked with discerning, observing, feeling, so that your choice may be made with confidence, with sincerity, and with the elevation of the heart to its proper position of importance. This is no small feat, no small feat at all. And yet continually you are challenged with your mirror images, your shadows that you cast as you approach the light at the barrier of the density. And these experiences are not always of your conscious conjuring; they seem to appear. This is a salutary, educational phenomenon, and learning to have patience with this seemingly plodding process of humbling oneself before the greater self is teaching you well, even in this very moment.

However, as that shadow sharpens, as you accrue the power that comes with the greater acceptance in faith of the full self, you begin to sense this latent capacity for creation that is your birthright is sometimes invoked with less care than is possible, with less of a clear idea of one’s true and orienting intention, and those shadows can become like parallel personalities. From your point of view as a seeker with a goal towards which you are striving, it can seem as if your building power brings gremlins to bear. Little eddies of desire become stronger and work in ways that catch you off guard.

This is a preamble to a broad and deep analysis of the surreptitious working of one’s own will in those subconscious ways. The end is well, in that those ways achieve a kind of balance that validates your chosen polarity of service-to-others, but it takes some work, some skill, to learn how to abide the uneven expression of self that living in front of the veil makes necessary. 

In order to begin this exploration, we would at this time transfer our contact to the instrument known as Steve. We are those of Q’uo. 

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument. 

We have to this point spoken of the empowerment of a maturing personality and the factor of polarity within that dynamic of empowerment. To a certain extent, the power of which we speak is a function of polarity itself. At this point, we would invite you to step back for a moment so we might consider together what it means to have a personality in the first place and how it comes about that will occupies such a central place in that phenomenon. 

Now, in your third density experience, you will tend to recognize individuals by their personality in a way that features qualities above all else. You may recognize the quality of kindness, or of patience, or of forbearance, or equally you may recognize the qualities of impatience or a propensity to dominate, or a propensity to wish to deflect or defer the offerings of energy coming from other selves, other personalities as it were. Now we mention this last quality at this juncture with a specific purpose in mind. For from the point of view that we occupy, what you call your personalities seem to us to have the nature of an energy distribution system. And as your personalities come into contact with one another, we see a field of complex interweavings, blendings, and yes, resistances, from one personality matrix to another.

Now, we would say to you that in the vast majority of personalities in third density that we observe, the system of energy distribution is inwardly thwarted to a very great extent, so that the personality itself, as it advances outward to meet the world and others within it, is a somewhat blunted reality, not being able to present a fully integrated sense of itself, and therefore not being able to leave in the world of common interaction a clear trace suggesting a trajectory of beingness that may influence the broader energy arrangements within another individual or within groups, small or large. And thus it happens that, when in assemblages of individuals that are not fully developed there fails to be a clear focus within the group, and the purposes that do arise in a somewhat scattered and unintegrated fashion often are somewhat self-defeating, they thwart themselves in manifestation, because they do not draw in a clear way from the general fund of prana, if we may so speak, and make of personalities, one and many, a recognizable, overarching quality. 

So what would it mean to have a personality that is stronger than the common run? What would it mean to have any personality to begin with? Well, if what we are able to observe from our perspective has to it any abiding truth, we would suggest to you that the qualities or colorations of personality that are more powerful are ones that are inwardly aligned in such a way that the alignments do not conflict with each other, and this means that you have a clear and open channel to draw forth the prana which feeds the manifest bodies in which you have your being.

The clearing of these channels we have sometimes described as a process of breaking through blockages. We are now presenting a metaphor, a slightly different description, in suggesting there are these lines of force that are disentangled from one another. And so that the blockages of which we speak are here represented as tangles. When an energy system such as you are becomes disentangled from itself, it is able to draw forth power that for you may well seem to be unimaginable in scope. Very, very few in your density are able to draw upon power of this potential, but there are some that are considerably in advance of others, and it is with respect to these that we have spoken of the danger of the use of this greater degree of self or personality empowerment. 

We would add another thought to complete the picture we need in order to carry this point to its completion, and that is that what you appreciate as your present personality is in fact not entirely a creature of this present incarnation, although a great deal of its coloration is indeed of that character. What is not of this incarnation is a configuration of energy exchanges that has over the course of many, many lifetimes, been built up as an inward architecture of personality, and this is a crystalline structure of great complexity that lies within each incarnated individual, but at a level far deeper than most can reach with an act of conscious awareness, or even with an act of conscious willing. Because of the veil, this latent, builded architecture of the self, which you may call your deeper personality, is largely blocked in a present incarnation until such time as the work within the incarnation is done to disentangle the outer threads to the point that one may draw upon this inner architecture which lies closer to the sources of energy which will be food for the personality as a whole. 

In the maturing entity within an incarnation, where this process of disentanglement has proceeded far enough so that the resources of the deeper personality may begin to be drawn upon, the empowerment that results is very substantial. And in the auric emanation of such an individual, this sense of power that is exuded can be quite palpable to other selves. One senses then that one is in the presence of an individual who is developed, who has clearer lines to the deeper resources of will. 

Now we would say that the configuration that we have just described is given without particular regard to which polarity that may be ascribed to the individual in question. The individual bent on serving himself may achieve such a configuration as easily as the individual bent on serving others. The caution we have issued concerning the danger that arises for this individual who has learned to disentangle the threads of its own personality as an incarnate being was meant to pertain principally to those who are in the process of polarizing to the positive, that is, to service-to-others. For it is these individual that are in danger of finding that the power they are now newly learning to draw upon, by virtue of accessing their own deeper architecture and the energies that lie therein accessible, can be such as to be overwhelming to other entities in their environment, entities that they may well seek to serve. 

This is why we admonish the utmost fastidiousness in the smaller ways of the overt or incarnate personality as it becomes aware of the effects it observes upon other selves, and we would ad to that thought the further admonition that the ethics of relating to others in such a way as to preserve the free will of others down to a level deeper than these other selves are able to reach themselves, is of paramount importance. For as powerful an instrument of channeling energy as the human personality, both in its superficial and in its deeper form, may be, it is still a crystalline structure of the utmost delicacy, and it is possible to damage such structures most especially when they are in a condition of near latency or potentiation, such as is the case when the surface personality has not yet been able to access its own deeper dimensions. 

If the uttermost desire of a more developed personality is to serve others, the maintenance of the power to do so, the polarity required to do so, the strengthening of the desire to do so is dependent upon the sensitivity to the responsibility that arises from one’s own personal empowerment, and a careless or stray act of one’s own willing can have consequences beyond one’s present imaginings. The more power one draws forth, the greater the responsibility attendant to using that power or, shall we say, allowing that power to be expressed in such a fashion that, while it may be vaguely sensed by another, does not at any point or in any way force itself upon that other. And when that has occurred, even inadvertently, it is well for the newly empowered self to take a good, strong step back and to take a good, hard look at its own purposes, and to realize the portentous power that it has discovered within, and to know the ethical responsibility that attends the manifestation of that power.

With this thought we would, at this time, transfer the contact to the one known as Nithin. I am Q’uo.

(Nithin channeling)

We are Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. 

We would expand on what has been previously offered in that the personality’s use of will turns on the personality’s relationship to the greater self or, indeed, all of reality, as all is indeed one. It is a difficult and delicate balance when exercising one’s will from a service-to-others perspective when dealing with other selves, for when the will is exerted in a yellow ray interaction, and the other self does not come on board, so to speak, to what the service-to-others entity is offering, this indeed can be because the other self has freely chosen to exercise its will to deny the offering. Discernment is important because some of these so-called, shall we say, rejections by the other self do not necessarily mean no forever, but in this moment that entity is not interested or willing to choose what has been offered.

 And so great patience and dedication and discernment can be useful in accepting the other self’s decision while also continuing to hold the door open. It is an acceptance of the present moment while also understanding that other entities may be working through their own fears and reluctances, and may at some level wish to engage with the offering that has been given, but at a conscious level remain conflicted. However, as has been mentioned, it is not proper for the service-to-others entity to force their will upon the other. 

However, the personality’s relationship to the greater whole, the unity that binds all things, extends beyond interactions with other selves, for even configurations of matter which are not normally considered other selves are reflections of the whole. And so whenever a personality that is on the service-to-others path engages in a great endeavor and exercises its will, it may indeed face difficulties and obstacles from seemingly inanimate objects. A flat tire, perhaps, before an important meeting; a text message that strangely did not go through at a very critical time. Discernment here, too, is very important due to third density—and indeed, third transitioning to fourth density is not the density of understanding .There are many random influxes of energies which can and do manifest as random obstacles that one may persevere through in order to create their vision of what they wish to achieve. 

However, discernment is important because the personality is just a limited portion of the greater self, and often the greater self can have other plans, so to speak. Consider that many of us who have opened the heart before this incarnation have chosen many of the lessons for this incarnation, and in some cases have planned for us to do certain things or be in certain places. This plan always is subject to the free will once incarnated to choose otherwise. But when there is such a plan in place, and one’s smaller personality, shall we say, chooses an objective or goal and exercises its will in such a way that is not directly related to polarity, per se, but it may lead the personality away from the pre-incarnative programming which was chosen from a perspective of learning personal lessons of polarity and healing, but also to complete a mission here on Earth. And so, when such a situation occurs, that the personality exerts its will and is unknowingly going in a different direction than the pre-incarnative plan, the personality who is sensitive will notice, through discernment, strange obstacles and barriers that will be, shall we say, a message or feedback from the greater self, indicating perhaps that the personality may want to tap into more use of intuition in deciding how and what and where to exercise its will. 

And indeed, another form of obstacle is similar to how an other self might reject an offering temporarily because of a fear that they are working through. So can aspects of the self create obstacles when one is exerting their will as a way of creating catalysts so that the fear may be addressed. And it is indeed the purpose of such obstacles that they be triumphed over, shall we say. 

And indeed, this entity went through one such obstacle when applying to graduate school. There was much will exerted in the application process and, indeed, the studying for the entrance exam, and this entity did well. But there was a nagging fear that perhaps something would go wrong. And indeed, this entity made a seemingly, what this entity called at that time, obvious typo on this entity’s resume. And indeed it was a lesson that was balanced, and this entity did actually become accepted into the same school for which he submitted this obvious typo. 

So it is indeed important that the personality be very in tune with the greater self to be able to understand the nuances of the things that may arise as the will is exerted. And the meaning and the messages they hold for many of the obstacles are indeed feedback of some nature that can help guide an entity in both becoming more positively oriented, in learning to heal and transform its own fears, while also, if chosen, to maintain the path that was pre-incarnatively programmed for. 

And with those comments, we now leave this instrument and return to the one known as Jeremy.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo and return to this instrument.

We have ranged far over the many concerns that inform one’s exploration of the extended reach of that which you blithely call the personality, through the one known as Steve, in exploring the vast reaches of force and the crystallizing potentiation that provides glimpses of access to the evolving conscious entity. One feels the Creation as an evolutionary cauldron, honing this conscious portion to the tip of a metaphorical spear, and learning over time how much power, how much drive, is just below one’s reach: a vast army of self ready to apply the power, and yet, the many strokes of the anvil, the many misplaced sparks that are indeed part of the self’s realization of completion, of wholeness. So delicate is it, and yet, it is so unimaginable that one’s choices, one’s very idle thoughts, bring to bear such enormous quantities of this prana, this life force that bursts at the slightest release. One learns as a matter of evolution, my friends, discipline and, through this concentration of one’s desire, a way to participate in the spiritual evolution of the One Infinite Creator. 

Now we wished to balance this deep and unfathomable topic with something more quotidian through the instrument known as Nithin, for one must have the experience of this drawing forth of energies and pressures such that the waking personality can begin to see some sort of vague narrative to the ups and downs. This is a part, an extremely crucial part, of becoming an actor on the stage of the universe. Those of Ra whose words we have attempted to explicate have a term for this more mature, more cultivated suite of skills and collection of refined desires that makes the way for the exercise of will, and this term is the “adept”.

You are quite conditioned to think this label beyond your reach. But my friends, you are working evolution in your minds and hearts at every moment. You cannot escape responsibility except as a complete abdication of your birthright to go into that refining fire. It is an honor and a duty, and one acclimates the personality to which one has immediate access with time and patience. It cannot be rushed without those consequences that, while they teach, have within them the kernel of danger, of the harsher lesson than might be otherwise necessary.

So we leave you with a parting thought as a concluding coda. It is a message we have delivered under the auspices of our great Confederation for many years. Your thoughts, my friends, are powerful. Do not treat yourself so shabbily as to let them run you. Learn how a balancing acceptance of one’s nature as the Fool, leaping off the ledge, throwing oneself into the Creator’s invisible arms, confers the humility that will bring you into your own as a collaborator with an entire creation you are learning to let be, while attuning your inner ear to the sweet melody that lists upon the wind. 

We are those of Q’uo. At this time, we would entertain any follow-up questions you might offer us so that we can serve you and the Creator in our best efforts. We are Q’uo. 

(No response)

I am Q’uo and hear your exhaustion. It is a very sweet exhaustion. It is what exerting oneself in service can bring oneself to, and yet you have the fruition; it is just beyond your ken. This is the direction in which the delicate, high-voltage energies that you miss just below your feet are reaching towards. You are part of a story, even as you tell your own, and we are happy to reflect all these levels of personal narrative back to you so that you may from time to time appreciate and savor, perhaps for only brief moments, the majesty of existence in this ineffable mystery of creation. 

My friends, we are those of Q’uo, and we thank you for your concentration and your persistence through moments of weariness. You are on the cusp of recognizing how purely we and you can work together as we delight in the service of our One Infinite Creator. And leaving you with this marvelous thought, we offer our love, our light, and our gratitude as your brothers and sisters of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.