The HARC Circle Fifth Channeling Intensive Session 6 Monday, November 6, 2023

Q’uo on Will and Desire

The HARC Circle Fifth Channeling Intensive Session 6 Monday, November 6, 2023


In this session, those of Q’uo examine the relationship and distinctions between desire and will within third density. They describe desire as a random, indistinct, and chaotic energy drawing the entity towards the upward spiralling light in an unclear and mysterious fashion. The activiation of the spirit complex introduces the mind/body/spirit complex to the possibility of self-consciously ordering this energy of desire towards more articulated ends through the faculty of will. Because of the operation of the veil clouding the true nature of these energies, will increasingly coheres into a choice of polarity that can work intelligently and creatively with desire’s upward draw towards unity and co-creatorship. Q’uo hints that we take a key step towards social memory in fourth density as we recognize the patterns inherent in the integration of desire and will within ourselves and our other selves.

Group Question

We would like to ask you about the relationship between will and desire.

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we greet you this mild afternoon in the boundless love and radiant light bestowed upon us all in common by our One Infinite Creator. We furthermore greet this circle as comrades in the development of this Creator through many tones of vibration, as dimensions of divinity are cast into relief to be beheld, to be savored, and to be released up into that great repository that catalogs our natures in peace and unity.

We ask that you recognize your role in this unity. It is an act of sincerity to carefully evaluate all that you hear, but most especially those communications that come from higher densities, because the modes of transmission are so fraught at times. We applaud your tuning and find this a balanced and energized working, but what we hold is not of importance at this moment, nor in those moments that follow as you review our words. So please give yourself a wide berth to organize and grade the appropriateness of our message in each aspect to you, for there is variability in the transmission. We cannot account for it moment to moment; we can only offer a caveat for your use. Thank you for doing this favor for us so that we may speak most freely; we may start from scratch, as it were, in the analysis of those facets of creation most primitive and under the radar of consciousness. 

We have, through our brothers and sisters of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator, often shared the primacy of will in this expression through the densities. Yet we would take a step back from will for a moment, for this is a more visceral and intellectually approachable topic, and much of our object this session shall entail the recovery of the energy of desire in your experience.

We look upon desire as a basic force. It is involved in what you experience as the temporal unfolding of successive stages of consciousness. By this, we speak of course of the evolutionary pattern: the realization of the protean nature of our One Infinite Creator that requires each piece of its united essence, the ability to appreciate its glory on successive, mounting levels of import, intensity, complexity, and meaning. 

Desire identifies itself in the plenum of energies that arise out of this third distortion as a thread, a tether, perhaps one might say, by which each unit may trace back its origin. If this were recognized as such at earlier stages of development, it would not be able to be employed as a means towards further development, further expression. For there is in desire much that is not intellectual, a great deal that is lacking in definition. It is almost as if it is a pressure, and pressures may be apprehended without self-awareness, without even a development of mind that can appreciate its motive power as the creation acts upon the created. 

It is in the third density which unfolds before the newly identified complex of spirit a quality that begins to strike one as a kind of mysterious calling, a feature of one’s life that arises in very undefined ways, and only after a great deal of reflection does a broader principle come to be suspected by the mind/body/spirit complex. This is part of the lessons of third density: to learn how this desire deep within may be connected and transmitted with greater and greater fidelity into conscious awareness, such that one begins to find in those aspects of faith and love and power the outlines of definition. And with these patterns properly established in the mind/body/spirit complex, the entity may step into its ultimate inheritance as co-Creator, as the steward of evolution as well as its recipient and subject. 

This may be a good place for us to pause as we transfer contact to the instrument known as Steve to elaborate on the connection between desire and these more apprehendable qualities of self. Therefore, we shall make this transfer at this time. We are those of Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument, greeting you once again in love and light.

We have now traced the development or, might we say, movement up the scale of desire to the point where we have an entity in the mind/body complex that is capable of self-awareness, and in this context, that means self-movement in a way that is more intelligent than in the earlier forms in which desire merely is an impulsive force motivating the conduct of an entity not yet fully self-conscious. Now, at the point at which self-consciousness becomes a factor in the development of a mind/body/spirit complex, another element is added to the equation. Now, it would be more accurate to say that an element that has been present in the equation all along is at this point activated, and that would be the factor of spirit.

Now, in a general sense, we could say that it is through the spiritual aspect of the now mind/body/spirit complex that what we would call will comes into play. The spirit complex introduces into the energistic dynamics, shall we say, of the organism a second kind of energy, we are inclined to call it. It’s an energy which you may not recognize as an energy, for it does not exert force or play in the realm of forces in the fashion that could be recognized by your physicists or psychologists. It is a power, if so you would call it, which announces its presence by way of invitation, or you might prefer to call it a drawing energy, an energy that draws to itself that which lies below and reaches upward in quite a particular sense. 

That which you know as desire may be associated with what we have called prana, or the upwardly spiraling light. When spirit becomes a factor in the equation, it initially does so in what one might refer to as a question or a query posed to this upwardly spiraling light. And that is the question, what is up? 

Now, there is to prana itself, as what we have described as the upwardly spiraling light, a kind of chaos or randomness. And it is directed this way and that way and the other way, and in fact in no way in particular. But it is the characteristic of what you may know as evolution, that a gradual order is introduced to the randomness of the spiraling light, and the whole panoply of animal speciation, for example, is a result of this ordering. However, the ordering does not become self-conscious within an individual until such time as spirit enters the picture. And at that moment, the issue of what will be the north star of the evolutionary process comes into focus, or as we have previously put it, what way is up? 

Now, when spirit has become a factor in the process, the element of will is already in play. It could be said, in a way, that this same element has indeed been at play all along as a kind of directing influence all the way down to the most primitive modes of life. And if one were to understand the matter in that way, there would be little reason to distinguish between what we have called desire and what we do call will. So you could say that there is a will to growth and expansion that permeates the whole of the creation. And that would not technically be wrong, although it would not be possible to understand within that terminology how it happens that a dramatic and decisive differentiation takes place at the point at which self-consciousness becomes relevant to a description of what is living.

Therefore, we will hold to a terminology which distinguishes between desire as that which is more primitive or primordial in characterizing the upwardly spiraling light in an experiential sense, and will as that which characterizes the effort toward self-direction within the upwardly spiraling light. And this distinction is not only useful in the sense that it emphasizes the demarcation in dynamics introduced by self-consciousness, but also the resource that that which we call will has to draw upon because of its essential connection to unity. It is an energy, if you will call it that, which operates by way of drawing upward or invitation in a manner that expresses unity, and which, as a function, is therefore able to be the integrating factor in the energistics of selfhood. 

Selfhood now is to be understood as consciousness which knows itself to be such and seeks for—well, let us ask: for what does it seek? As it experiences itself in its first-found form, this seeking is only in the interrogative, “for what do I seek?” We find that it is the third density, the density of self-consciousness, where this question must not only be asked, but answered. When we say it must be answered, perhaps we overstate the matter, for surely there is much seeking that goes on beyond the third density. And yet, there is something decisive that happens in third density, and that is what we are referring to now in announcing the necessity of the answer. You will know this decisive moment as what we have called the choice. 

It is the choice which comes to function as the ultimate and decisive organizing principle for the energies of the self registered at the level of third density. And the choice is to be understood first and foremost as an act of will; in a way, it is the first or inaugurating act of will. Now, to be sure, this inaugurating act of will that takes place within the inner reaches of self-consciousness is not necessarily, or in fact even frequently, self-conscious. And that gives rise to the realization that what you know as your self-consciousness in fact is a cloud of illumination, shall we say, a cloud of illuminated beingness, shall we say, that rides over a vast abyss of the unilluminated, the darksome, the unexplored domain of beingness where the seeds of desire have always sprouted. 

So desire, as it is experienced by a being of self-consciousness, will, in contradistinction to will to which one may hold with clarity, come to the self with a certain measure of chaos attendant. Desire is in itself grounded in and the bearer of a kind of randomness, that it is the business of the conscious entity as it becomes self-conscious to organize into a sense of itself with an eye to the value or standard represented by the choice that has been made or that is being made. But for those who are living within the veiled condition, the manner in which this whole dynamic plays out is, by design, confused. So that where desire leaves off and will begins is never very clear, even as where consciousness becomes self-conscious or self-consciousness shades off into the unconscious is clearly demarcated. 

There are thrusts, if you will, of energy born in the unconscious that announce themselves as particular desires, and the being that has newly discovered it is in possession of the awesome capacities introduced by the factor of spirit and its coordinated function of will, for all that, the problem becomes one of assimilating to the higher that which announces itself from below. And in that process lies the whole issue of integration. The integration of which we speak must be ordered to a value, and as we have suggested, that value either can be that all the energies of the self shall be bent on the exaltation of that self or that all the energies of the self shall be bent on the radiant expression of the unifying power of the Creator, which is what we have called service-to-others. 

At this point, we will transfer the contact to the one known as Nithin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Nithin channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. 

The individuated portion of the One Infinite Creator that exists as a mind/body/spirit complex reflects the infinity present in unity in large part by the multitude of different and unique desires that one entity may possess in contrast to another. This individuated uniqueness is then further acted upon by the application of free will when a mind/body becomes a mind/body/spirit complex in third density. And a given entity may express its will stemming from both its unique desires and also its choice to explore or express or fulfill those desires in a given fashion. 

Now, due to the upward spiraling nature of evolution, there is a template where certain desires and certain applications of will are energized. And indeed, the pathway for such energy falls under the two paths: service-to-others and service-to-self. Although no two entities may follow the exact same path, there is indeed both the paradoxical reflection of individuated consciousness and the uniqueness brought out by the application of free will as well as the reflection of the unity present in each mind/body/spirit complex as they progress on the path of seeking. 

We would also comment that the nature of the veil serves to further enhance and strengthen the ultimate individual application of will by making both the catalytic obstacles in exercising one’s will as well as the surrounding uncertainty of the outcome of the exercise of will to prompt a mind/body/spirit complex to become more sensitive, both in the inward journey of self-discovery of its own multitude of desires—some potentially in agreement with one another and some potentially in conflict with one another—as well as the various aspects of will and, indeed, the faculty of faith that will involves when used in a veiled setting. The veil also increases the disciplined entity’s sensitivity to the application of its will externally, the service-to-others entity being exceptionally sensitive and gentle in how it expresses its will so as not to abrogate the free will of other entities, and the service-to-self entity sensitive to its application of will externally in the sense that it wishes to constantly optimize and control how strongly and quickly its will results in configuring external reality to its satisfaction.

Although there are a multitude of physical conditions that a mind/body/spirit complex can incarnate to, it is primarily the multitude of desires and the entity’s exercise of will in both examining itself in veiled conditions, and also in attempting to carry out its will in veiled conditions—to carry out its will towards seeking in such conditions—that gives rise to the vast richness of experience that the One Infinite Creator learns and benefits from. For any act, and indeed any thought, that a mind/body/spirit complex has on its path of seeking is an act of infinite service as all entities serve as instruments to the One Infinite Creator. 

We now wish to transfer contact to the one known as Jeremy. We are Q’uo, and we now leave this instrument.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo and am again with this instrument. 

We have through the instrument known as Steve discovered the nature in which desire integrates with self-consciousness and exposes to awareness a kind of lever through which the fundament of further seeking may begin to be understood. It is necessary to have this basis of applying one’s increasingly discovered energies to the Creator’s project so that one’s activities and missteps all occur in a context in which this project increasingly gains definition and insights into the character of the entirety of the One Infinite Creator. Through the instrument known as Nithin, we have this experiential character as a third density life chapter, a projective exploration that completes a feedback loop and circumscribes, by doing so, an entity, a unit that may seek further and emplace itself within an oriented trajectory. 

We would therefore conclude our monologue by remarking on this synthetic step in evolution. This is a nexus of much that has unfolded in the mind of the Creator and the Logos as dimensions of existence spiral in and out. These are all worthy objects of contemplation, and you play a significant role even in your consciously inflected mindset in front of the veil. It gives you an ability to, through this synthesis, learn how to be in this paradoxical condition of actor and acted upon, instrument and navigator at once. How can this be? What sense does this make? 

Well, my friends, we are not here to throw all mysteries into perfect daylight. No, we seek this mystery as do you. But we wish to offer a picture of how this mystery is apprehended effectively, which is that one sees, as one discovers the patterns of desire and will within those patterns in your other selves, and recognizes that there is a step involved in reunification that aligns your synthesis with other selves’ syntheses, and this does not simply allow for social memory; it creates the very possibility. 

You have in your discussions amongst one another addressed yourselves to this issue of memory. There is something in this mutual recognition that bridges the gap between third density social energy complex and the expression of the Creator in a new, coagulated unit where new structures, new forms of channeling energies—much as you have experienced in third density—come into view. For the use of will to seek the Creator is the, shall we say, binding contract, and what might be difficult to appreciate is how strong this bond becomes once one can see these patterns and resonate the increasingly realized self through it. Differentiation becomes not a matter of identity; instead identity evolves into an act of faith, and we look forward to your discovery once more of the unblocked channel that this allows to flow. 

We are those of Q’uo. At this time if there are further queries that may illuminate this vast and mysterious topic to you, we would offer ourselves in addressing them. We are Q’uo.

(No positive response)

We are those of Q’uo. We understand, and this instrument finds itself a bit relieved. Let us make that relief more relaxed by thanking each of you, instrument and battery, for the free sharing of energies that makes this level of precision thinkable and possible in such a confused environment as you find yourselves. We bask in the same light you do, my friends, and wish you well as you continue your project, whether it be participating in this particular circle or setting out to continue one’s life experiment as an ineffable and irreplaceable unit of our One Infinite Creator. 

We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.