The HARC Circle Fifth Channeling Intensive Session 8 Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Q’uo on Memory as a Feature of Creation

The HARC Circle Fifth Channeling Intensive Session 8 Tuesday, November 7, 2023


Here those of Q’uo explore one of the key underlying qualities of evolution: the continuity of identity represented by the faculty of memory. In order to encapsulate Its project of self-understanding through a series of introspective, projective, and reflexive expressions, the individual unit of the Creator accrues the complexes of body, mind, and spirit. At each successive density, this process refines and expands the nature of memory from a merely material affair to an increasingly abstract and noumenal phenomenon as the transforming self is continually reproduced. Ultimately, a kind of cosmic memory spanning octaves relies upon the individual mind/body/spirit complex, as each entity serves as a fixed reference point against which the Creator may evaluate its octaval thought experiments. In relating this, Q’uo offers a new argument for the value and dignity of each individual, both as an irreplaceable agent of the Creator’s eternal self-inquiry and as a site for registering and retaining the fruits of Its distilled learning.

Group Question

Please discuss the nature of memory as a feature of creation.

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greeting, my friends, in the love and light of our One Infinite Creator. We are happy to join you once again, and we understand that in this third density illusion, the seeking can be trying, and it takes a great deal of self honesty to admit one’s hurt and stumbles to the self, let alone others. We ask you to therefore give yourselves a bit of a break.

We are here because there is a great opportunity for communion, and the topic of our monologue today will involve the deepest notions of this substrate of evolution. So while we counsel you to attend to your emotions and energies, as any good instrument does, we also ask that you accept the fact that perfection, resolution—none of these are perfectly capable of full expression in your density. So please allow yourselves to access that level at which this is not new information we convey, but a deep, abiding sense of goodness and wholeness. We are confident that all involved can complete this task. 

And so one more note before we begin. Please guard carefully your ingestion of the prompting words that we offer. They are designed to elicit your inner seeking, my friends, not to fill the mind with concepts that must be accepted as given. You are an important part of the exploration of this session, whether you serve as instrument, serve as battery, or read as student of the Law of One. For my friends, we are all students, and we all learn how to identify what is ours and what is not for us at this time, and this obviates the need for the harsh judgment and the measuring of information against other information. For the heart goes beyond measurement and simply resonates, and let your discrimination partake of this resonance. 

Now, this is a broad topic  we will address this fine afternoon. We will be referencing past concepts in order to build structures that allow for the communication of what is truly a topic deep and far beyond normal capacities for intellectual assessment. 

The creation as a holistic unit is a kind of reflection of the Creator. The metaphor to use here is of gazing, gazing into the mirror. And the aspect of the gaze that is important is what draws the eye, what offers a moment of curiosity that otherwise would not have occurred to the self. This is a crude way of describing your Creator, my friends, who experiences itself through you, and who, in this experiencing, timeless and vast in its proportions spatially, begins to recognize features that prompt the questioning. This is all occurring after three primary distortions have been traversed, so we wish to contextualize and locate the position in this sequential creation that governs the monologue we share. 

So, there is free will, the gathering force of love, and the building force of light. And from there, energies and vibrations and coagulations of either begin to create discrete possibilities that can be observed, analyzed, plumbed. It is necessary for us to lay out this somewhat elementary description of the Creator’s project in seeking, for it is the essence of what can be taken back into the Creator. The gaze is not to evaluate the entirety as a whole, per se, but to evaluate the entirety in its small, subtle features, and only in this tripartite distortion can this occur, or begin to occur, we might say.

And what one collects back from the gaze is the fruit; it is not the image, to use this metaphor. The image is a means for transmitting those items of notice and interest. These items of interest may be anticipated, for there must be some premise to the project. However, as we have described in past sessions, there is always this curious element that was not anticipated, that only the act of distortion allows for the outlines, the contours to present relative to the rest of the creation.

Now, both of these data are of use to the Creator. We say “data” because we wish to share with you that this is, in part, how your Creator views the fruit of your struggles, your evolution, and your personal inquiry. It is data that you experience in a certain context, as you have described in your discussions. But the Creator has a different context. It fits in these pieces on Its terms. This is why offering up your struggles, your triumphs, your sacrifices—all that you strive for in your life—to the Creator cooperates so neatly with the evolutionary template. For this is a decent way of understanding the recollection of these features into a form that has meaning on logoic, cosmic, and inter-cosmic levels, so to speak.

We have spoken before of the fractal nature of our One Infinite Creator in its plumbing of distortion within the self. This is a kind of static feature across octaves, you see; this is why the individual holds such value. It is a kind of probe against which the novelty of a new octave can be compared. If you, as an individual, were not useful in this way, you would indeed be collapsed back into oneness without any further need for expression. But as we have stated, this is not so. 

Therefore, the way that you relate to the learnings of your experience through evolution is a crucial, irreplaceable point of learning. It is built into your unique individuality. It is the way the Creator experiences the different facets of itself through your imperishable identity. Not your waking personality, of course; not the shell that provides the vehicle for a social energy matrix. No, your true essence that you feel deep within. 

So, we have tried to lay out the crudest way, in the time constraints that are available to us, that one might begin to appreciate the Creator’s evaluation of itself in light of a given octave, a given series of experimental forays launched by its logoic units. This is the beginning of what it might mean to collect and recollect the distilled learning. 

To expand on how this process maps to something that you might recognize as memory or its like, we wish to release contact from this instrument and offer it to the instrument known as Steve at this time. We are Q’uo. 

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument.

We would now turn our attention to the manner in which the Creator’s relation to itself, such as to enable the continuity of Itself with Itself to be registered as a process of growth, development, deepening, or realizing Itself, can be conveyed into the creation which enables this realization to take place as in a mirror. The key is the sense in which there may be a retention for purposes of reflexive movement within the Creator, and the manner of the creation is such that the first moment of it is the sense in which the One Infinite Creator is infinitely dispersed into so vastly many different ones that the unity appears to be in question. And thus we have free will in this fractal way we have described. 

The newly minted elements of the Creator, as we might call them, are thrust out so far from the Creator that the distance seems itself to be infinite, but we would suggest that this distance is best understood as a kind of psychic affair, to invoke the nearest analogy that we have available, for we are not here speaking of spatial distance so much as distance in the sense that the Creator in the creature is unknown to Itself, unavailable to Itself, other than Itself. And in this otherness, in the very early stages, those stages that we have called first density, are, to one who did not know better, largely inert, largely bereft of anything that you could call consciousness, largely bereft of anything that you could call memory.

But it is here that we must make the first beginnings in understanding the way that something of the order of memory takes shape. For within the first density, we find that we have the coalescence of light in its first found form so random a coalescence that yields substantial matters; we have now planetary bodies, for example, and upon these planetary bodies, there begin to be processes at work, as the winds blow, the fires rage, the earth resides, and the waters ripple. And all of these processes produce over time, change, and the changes over time tend to mount one upon the other, so that the effect is a very slow, to be sure, but discernible process of reshaping the planetary conditions in such a fashion that at some point upon the planet life may indeed arise—that is to say, that which you recognize as life, for indeed the whole of the creation, in the broader sense, is living.

But when organisms of first a minute and then a more and more complex nature begin to arise, you have the possibility of memory which is not merely registered in some type of geological record but is retained within the organism, and indeed the whole of second density with its organisms, primitive and more advanced, small and large, is characterized by processes in which bodies evolve to more and more complex forms on the basis of that which has gone before. Therefore, that which comes after plays off in a particular way that which has gone before, and it is in that fact alone that the possibility of complexification rests. Eventually, there come to be animal forms in which behaviors themselves are more and more complex, and more and more imbued with intelligence, awareness, variability of response. To some extent, the variability of response within organisms is highly stylized, for one can expect individuals of a certain species to behave in such a way that the parameters of that behavior are describable from an outside point of view, and they are said therefore to be the instinctive endowment of that species. But what that suggests is that a kind of species memory is at play, and the fact that evolution is possible at all means that that memory is indeed a living thing, even to the point that the instinctual endowment may be creatively played upon through individuals enjoying that particular endowment. 

And thus, there do come about animals upon the surface of your planet which has been so long evolving that are capable of such variability in conduct and behavior that the factor of individual memory becomes essential to the process of the intelligence displayed in the variability of that conduct, so that it might be successful. And the more that factor of variability becomes central to the way the organism functions, the more it becomes possible that that organism will become self-conscious. And at that point the relation to the Creator is creatively embraced for the first time on an individual level. That which you know as your third density, that which you enjoy as we speak, is such a manifestation of a consciousness endowed with a memory, and in being so endowed, becomes responsible for the continuities of conduct and development of selfhood that that potential of individuated memory carries in train. 

Now we have suggested to you that as your third density is now well advanced, even to the point where new possibilities begin to gather on the horizon, that one of the potentials of these new possibilities is a kind of memory that has been spawned within the process of individuation becoming shareable amongst the many individuals that call third density home, and this is what we have called social memory. We propose now not to go deeply into the dynamics of social memory, for indeed, my friends, that is undoubtedly a topic for a working of its own. We would happily address this upon another occasion.

But we want to suggest to you that there is, beyond third density, a mounting articulation of the potentials of continuity and exploration of conscious beingness that mounts step-by-step ever closer to the Creator itself, such that at the end point, the whole of the process of evolution of consciousness, self-consciousness, and group consciousness becomes accessible to the Creator itself, at which point the process of intaking and sifting in the Creator becomes the central moment, and the creation itself begins to coalesce back into its source, there to be contemplated and put in a condition where it may function as the seed set of conditions for yet a new creation, which character cannot yet be contemplated. So there is this great movement, as we understand it, in which at every stage, memory in some facet of itself is involved, and the great sustainer of the whole of the memory at work within the creation is the One Infinite Creator.

And with this thought, we would again return the contact back to the one known as Jeremy. We are those of Q’uo. 

(Jeremy channeling)

We are Q’uo and find ourselves again in contact with this instrument. 

We have explored the foundational manner in which the densities evolve the fruits of beingness back to the Creator, who must be understood to have a being outside of the confines of a single octave. This is, of course, something we have surmised. We cannot possibly know this, being, after all, a creature of a given octave of creation. Yet we can see that there is a sense in which each creation constitutes a kind of experiment, a kind of new instance of free will, unleashing the flood of creativity anew. But this process between creations cannot be understood to be a temporal process. And in this, we will try to impress this instrument with the proper framing so that something of value to your exploration may obtain.

We recognize the evolution of densities as surrounding the development, networking or consolidation, and transcendence of the individual who accrues different complexes within its beingness as well as without. Yet this center to infinity is fixed. It is a constant, and it is the unit of recovery of all that is new, novel, and intelligible in the conflagration of distortions that constitutes this grand question the Creator has asked Itself. 

Now, we have hinted at an overarching pattern by which creations inform the Creator. We hint not to withhold information that is forbidden or beyond you, for we all seek beyond our ability to make perfect sense of our experience and our desire. We hint because it is a hint that we have to offer; it is a hint that we have been offered. It is a hint about what creation means—or perhaps, one meaning. Again, this is murky for us, too. 

We have described this overarching principle in the past as that of trial and error because this maps to your imaginative thrusts and playing within the mind. Imagine your daydreaming, your spinning off into a fantasy. It is not purely entertainment; it exercises some deep curiosity driven by a motile desire that cannot be repressed and will come out. My friends, your Creator imbued you with this faculty, this drive, and it did not arise from nothingness. It arose as a pattern that the Creator understands within Itself, the thought experiment, so to speak, that each creative bubble circumscribes. 

This is a way in which, outside of time and simultaneously, multiple conceptions of what it might mean for It to receive report of Its own nature are invested with agency and potential. At your level, it is useful to have a dilation of the total extent of this potential, this agency, through the dimension of time. But imagine if you could have all of your daydreams at once, and imagine if each of them helped you in some way, each of them were retained and in some mysterious way built upon each other, both simultaneously and successively somehow. 

This is a hint about the breadth of consciousness. You are not designed to fully understand this except as a door prize, shall we say, at the gateway, at the density that is seventh, when you begin to appreciate the role you played in this creation, not to mention all other roles. And this might help you understand the concept of the octave as a fixed unit of the Creator’s self-inquiry.

Now, this must be understood even in its detailed description as itself a metaphor for an underlying reality not even we can plumb. So, what shall you take away from this when it boggles the mind to imagine the expansive and unfathomable nature of the Creator’s total existence? Let us offer this as a closing remark: that you might appraise your memories, both those that validate and entertain and comfort you and those that haunt you, that expose your weakness or misunderstanding, that you understand the irreplaceable task you perform, the unique gift you offer to your Creator, and the sense in which you will be the recipient of its fruition, its released and realized potential. 

Let this be a kind of watchword as you work through your catalyst. You balance carefully; you sorrow at what you must release and enjoy that which comes into your ownership. You are so precious, for you are the very essence of the capacity for the Creator to recall, remember, and to dream anew. 

We are those of Q’uo. At this time, if there should be a further query, we would gladly address ourselves to it at this time. We are those of Q’uo.

(No positive responses)

Very well. We leave you with these grand thoughts as a way to perhaps reward you and encourage the deep seeking, and we remind you to carefully evaluate all aspects of what we have shared. And if our high esteem for your role in the creation is one of those items you embrace, let it be the invitation to embrace it in each other self you see, for they too hold this value. And let yourself truly appreciate that.

I am Q’uo. We leave you at this time in the love and light of our One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.