Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 4 Saturday, July 31, 2021

Laitos on Service

Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 4 Saturday, July 31, 2021


In this session from the Other Selves Working Group’s first channeling intensive, those of Laitos explore several dimensions of service to others. As an attitude we exude in our daily activities, service realizes an expanded self that can tune into the Creator in others in an increasingly automatic fashion. In exploring our foundational desire to serve, we learn to gently balance active service with work in consciousness, replenishing our will to seek the Creator and refining the honesty of that desire. These lessons in the subtleties of the positive polarity allow us and the Creator to benefit from our attempts at serving even when they fail, helping us return to the state of grace which confers peace in spite of the ups and downs of incarnate life.

Channeled Message

(Joseph channeling)

I am Laitos and I am with this instrument. We greet you all in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. I am pleased to be with you again this morning. I have been asked to speak on the topic of service. As usual, I request that you use your own judgment. We are but seekers like you on our own path. We do not have all of the knowledge that you might want. We do not have all of the wisdom and perspective that we might want.

My friends, everything is service. This might seem a trivial thing to say; after all, if everything is service, then why speak of service? But you request information on the topic of service to others. There are many things to say on this topic and we do not hope or expect to exhaust all of those things. So, perhaps, we will start with service from our perspective in the way that we think it might be most helpful to you.

Consider your own homes. Each of you returns home to your families after this event. And when you return home, each of you will have a daily regimen. It is easy for the conscious idea of service to get lost in this daily regimen. It is easy to lose sight of your specific intention to be of service, say when there are dirty dishes strewn across the counter, or when your pets have unraveled or damaged something of value to you. There are many opportunities throughout the day to forget the things that you wish to keep before your minds. These little moments are excellent opportunities to be of service, not because you are supposed to remember in those little moments, but because your commitment to service to your partners, to your second density friends, to your children, will shine through in those moments despite any frustrations you might feel. Service, my friends, is dispositional.

As our friends of Ra have reiterated, the intention of service is what makes it service to others or to the self. In your daily lives, notice that there are wave-like cycles. There are happy times. There are less than happy times. It is not the case that you are only performing a service if you feel yourself to be so, or if you are exuding a happy emotion. Third density, my friends, is difficult. You are not expected to maintain the kind of purity that comes in the later densities. So when you think about service to others in your daily lives, allow the cycles to flow. Be not hard on yourselves when you have a difficult day, when the creator feels distant, when there is space between you and your other self. The Creator is always at hand, distant though it might sometimes feel. Take heart in your disposition to return to peace, the hope, the expectation that things will be okay, as you have mentioned your friend speaking, the return of sweetness in the relationship. This, of course, is not meant to be forced. But sweetness can always return, and the hope of this return, the commitment, the intention to return to a state of grace despite the distance is one of the cornerstones of service in these kinds of intimate, long-term relationships.

You might also consider service more broadly. My friends, so often you are occupied by questions of what your calling is, by a fixation on doing in the world, on making an impact, having a legacy. But remember that this planet is small and the universe is infinite. Your legacy lies in the overall vibration you bring in your incarnation. There is no expectation that you will do it all or that the four of you gathered here today will do it all. My friends, let your service—in the sense that it flows from you out into the world, in some external or socially effecting way—let it be guided by an openness, a receptivity to the attunement to the vibration you wish to see in this world. When your service is needed, when someone asks something of you, there you have an outward opportunity. But in most cases, the opportunity is simply how you carry yourself, you might say.

At this time, we would like to pass the contact to the instrument known as Jade. We thank this instrument. I am Laitos.

(Jade channeling)

I am Laitos and I am with this instrument. My friends, in your Creation, you have been given the incredible gift of free will. This freedom of will gives you many options of action, most of those options leading you either further from the Creator or closer to the Creator. As you are entities who seek to serve others, you seek advice on how to act in a way that brings you closer to the Creator. 

As you move through your daily activities it is well to recognize the Creator within all about you. And as you recognize that Creator, also recognize the oneness you experience with all other beings and places and things that you experience. Often the most pure form of service to others comes without much pondering or thought as to whether the flowers need watered or the animals need fed. Many of these services to those beings that you love are automatic, much like when you tend to your own body. When you feel hungry, you don’t worry about whether or not feeding your body is a service or a disservice: you feed your body. Just like when you need rest, ideally you choose to rest, or when you have pain in the forehead, you may rub your forehead for comfort and relief. 

Service must be requested to the free will of the other that you are attempting to serve, but words aren’t always involved in that request for service. Sometimes you see the flower wilting and recognize that they are thirsty. Sometimes you see your companion in pain, and so you reach to them to give them comfort.  This isn’t always easy, as we can be eager to serve and cross the boundary where one maybe isn’t requesting your service, which is why we encourage, as Ra says, to attempt to become the entity you are trying to serve. Because in fact you are the entity that you are trying to serve. However their awareness of that fact can be an impediment. This is why we use the example of the second density creatures that you choose to serve, as they are aware of the connections between all beings. And their request for service is often simpler and easier to recognize. 

With those other creatures of third density, however, being able to serve takes refinement of your own will, of your own free will. This is why we suggest meditation daily: so that you can come to that center where the creator resides. And when you seek to become the entity you desire to serve, the barriers become thinner. We would suggest that you request in meditation for help in tuning that will to service. And you will find more often the opportunities will arise where there is no question about whether service is needed by you in that moment: it will just be automatic, like when you feed yourself, or comfort yourself. 

There are many, many opportunities for service in your third density at this time. Many entities who need the basic needs of their body complex met, who need help meeting these needs because the entities who choose service that takes them away from the Creator have placed barriers between these entities and the things that they need that are basic. So if you do feel called to perform service, to manifest the action of service, you should not be wanting for opportunities. But we also know that you seek beyond the manifestation of action for service and you seek to exude service just with your vibration and your being. And this is very possible too. And we often find that the more you cultivate the vibration of service, the more likely you will be to act when that action is requested of you. 

We are Laitos and we thank this instrument and we would like to pass the contact to the one known as Steve. 

(Steve channeling)

I am Laitos, and I am with this instrument. We greet you, again, in the love and in the light. We have spoken of that inward oriented work that attempts to achieve balance which, when achieved, leads to a state of grace. And that state of grace is a characteristic pertaining to the self, which result might appear to an unprepared onlooker as a kind of service directed toward the self for the benefit of the self. And yet we have attempted to show that this inward work culminating in the state of grace casts its light of love upon the whole world around, and benefits those others to whom it is in its heart dedicated, in ways that those others can rarely appreciate in a fully conscious sense, and yet may take in in ways that are helpful beyond their capacity to conceive.

We have also spoken of the ubiquity or the pervasiveness of service in free will, beginning with the very conditions of embodiment, and moving outward into the realm of all that body touches. And we have spoken of the development of the intention to serve that finds its fulfillment in actions properly fitted to that intention.

Now, we would speak of impediments to service that all who dwell in third density must in one way or another come to grips with, for, my friends, third density is rife with impediment. And we would go one step further to say that it is so rife intentionally. And that is because it is through the resistance of a world which is not specifically adapted to the encouragement of the desire to serve that this desire learns what it is.

Desire must learn what it is, and so in speaking of the impediments to service, we would begin with this simple concept of desire. Because, in the first place, what we would call lack of desire for service is the fundamental impediment, which is the foundation, in a subtle and secret way, of all other impediments.

Desire, when it first comes into self-realization as a conscious, individuated portion of the One Creator, is like the wind: it bloweth where it listeth. It runs after this, and it runs after that, and, yes, it can run away from this and from that. It does not yet know what it is. And it is only through the gradual process of self-discovery that desire becomes sufficiently focused, shall we say, sufficiently integrated within its own inner nature, or, as we might more properly say, more polarized. Then sufficient advancement is achieved so that desire may ultimately come to realize itself in relation to serving others.

Now there is an apparent paradox here. Is my desire after all not my desire, and is the fulfillment of that desire not after all the fulfillment of my self? Now all here are aware that there is a path available which features precisely that fundamental orientation, which is to say, that desire holds itself back into itself in such a way that the service it orients itself to is only for itself. And that way of thinking and that way of being is a way that holds the self to be the supreme reality of the creation, and fears the loss of self as the greatest loss that could be sustained.

My friends, we are those who teach otherwise. For the first and foundational paradox of third density experience consists in the realization that the fulfillment of self is achieved precisely in the apparent loss of self. When desire moves past that tight knot of self-containment and releases the sense of self that that implies, it finds itself expanding, it finds itself much enlarged, because in the very act of sacrifice, in the very act of releasement of self, the self finds larger life. That is how we understand service in the sense in which we advocate it, which is to say, service to others. And so that act of self-overcoming is the first act of surmounting the impediment that is actually built into the experience that you now enjoy in third density.

Now there are external reflections, there are impediments in the environment to which we might also speak, and we will be brief in this regard. There are occasions in which other selves that you might desire to serve in fact have not yet reached a condition in which that desire for service will be gladly received. Or it may be the case that the self you desire to serve does not wish to be served in precisely the way you, in your own desire, have imagined their needing to be served. And so you find not simply those resistances that might come from within, but also those resistances that come from without, in the form of an unacceptance of your attempt to serve on the part of others.

And now the desire becomes more complicated. Because a genuine desire to serve must continually reckon with the impediments of the desire of others to maintain the trajectory of unfolding development that befits their own personal circumstance. And it can be that any efforts that you make in the fulfillment of your desire to serve are not only met with distaste, but can be met with aggression and hostility. And so when this happens you do well to pull back into a condition of what we might call waiting and watching to see whether a further opportunity presents itself or whether it is best simply to withdraw and to redirect your attentions in another way.

So we come back again to the state of grace which we have mentioned earlier, and suggest that the inward state of grace is always a useful place that one may preserve in the heart, and to which one may repair from time to time when one discovers that one’s attempt to be of service in the world at large have been in one way or another thwarted. One is not serving the self simply by withdrawing into that safe place within the heart to regenerate, to restore, and to recoup the energies expressing themselves in the desire to serve so that that desire may renourish itself in its root. 

All who dwell in third density must at one time or another reckon with frustrated desire to serve. There simply is no way around that. And so we would say that it is an integral part of the process of learning to serve others to become more nuanced in the ways that that service finds to express itself: to become more supple in its ability to move forward when the opportunity presents itself, and to pull back when the opportunity seems to have dissipated.  

We are those of Laitos, and we believe that we have spoken in sufficient detail upon this element of service, and at this time we would pass the contact to the one known as Jeremy. I am Laitos.

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Laitos. We greet you this morning once again in the love and light of the One Infinite Creator who has made manifest this world in which you find yourself asking questions that go beyond the pure being. And we must remind you, my brothers and sisters, our other selves, this pure being is your deepest service. This, my friends, is what is so easily forgotten in the vale of third density experience. But you must remember: it is also what those who are not manifest so crave: the ability, in the darkness, to radiate forth, to shine that light in a situation that creates opportunities for illumination and opportunities to express that subtle energy that you will refine in the densities to come. Here now, you are exercising many aspects of creatorship in secret, in a costume, with the decisions [seeming] to be about details and not essence. And this is where we point you at the end of the day: that you may retire on a regular basis to communion with the unmanifest and recognize [from] where service arises. 

Your desire helps you to recognize it. Your thought helps you to place it in a container in which it is tractable. And these are so easily mistaken as the thing itself. And there are situations in which it is completely understandable to think of it in those terms, for you are here to have experiences that run the gamut, my friends. You are allowed to think, you are allowed to act, and you are allowed to be as you will. This is as it should be, and this experience of bringing into existence your individual take on the Creator’s undifferentiated love will be your task and your companion as you go forward. So get used to it. 

And one of the things that we would point out through this instrument that one must acclimate to, and what, what, what—excuse us—what one must work upon in disciplining the personality to recognize, is the flip side of the service condition. You see, as the love filters through you, and as you refract and reflect it through your energy system, bringing about the manifestation of the sublime and nuanced, all encompassing intelligent infinity of the Creator, you radiate something that does not simply go into the void to be lost forever. 

The crux of service is the target, is the thing in which the service flows to, into which it flows, we might say. And there is an inflection in that which returns to the server. My friends, if you neglect the lessons that service provides, you are leaving on the table part of the glory that makes it ok to let your desire move you in a direction that may feel uncomfortable, that may [cause you to] feel that your seeds of love have fallen on fallow ground. All of these experiences of service teach. And we would have you discipline the personality [and] learn to abide in the fullness of the Creation in love, so that you may benefit from your service just as you would have others—in fact, that you may benefit even when it seems you do not benefit the other. 

You are not here to get it all right, to get straight As. What would be the point? Your service teaches even when it goes awry from your point of view. Because you must understand, my friends, what service is is not the action, as we said. Service, as the Confederation has stated through other channels quite poignantly, is the character of all seemingly separate entities relating one to another. As the instrument known as Jade expressed our point, the second density can demonstrate to you the full nature of service and the breadth of love that is reflected in it. One plant serves an animal, and the animal serves the plant. The sun serves the earth, and the earth reflects this to everything. There are relationships between all things in the creation. My friends, this relationship in all of its facets constitutes a form of service that you merely refine in your consciousness in this third density. 

And we are so proud of all of your attempts at service. The fact that you refine it with such care and such dedication is to be commended, but it is only the latest attempt you have made. All of your [seeming] failures, those places where you feel that a foot was misplaced on the path, if you do not appreciate that they have taught you, if you do not appreciate that it is merely a matter of time that separates the misstep from the properly placed step—that it is a unity, and that it is only an illusion that separates these two things—then you can fail to recognize how perfect all of this is. And, my friends, you might lose the focus on what is important in service, as we have said through other instruments here: the free and spontaneous radiation from that seat of the Creator that you hold in your energy body, which is the heart. All of your energy centers are involved in the full application of service to the project of the reunification of all in the Creator, but my friends: in the heart is where you struggle with it most. That struggle never leaves any remainder of waste. All of it is desired by the Creator as something that it cannot, in its unified state, understand. And when you feel the distance from the unity of the Creation and the father who loves you this is when you experience your dark night of the soul. 

My friends, how can we express to you the perfection of that darkness that makes the sudden flash of light possible, that makes awareness occur as both a long road up a mountain and the sudden realization at the same time that you are the mountain, that you are already at the top, and that you reach down to your past self. What we are trying to impress upon you is that this is all part and parcel of one path, one journey, one free gift that you learn more and more to give with a full heart so that you may play your part and you may make a place for your brother, for your sister, and for the entities who observe all this, to learn more about the Creator, and to learn more about yourselves. 

The sacrifice is valuable for what it shows you, for what it unveils, and it is with that thought that we thank this instrument for recovering from a brief surprise. As in all service, these surprises occur. Keep working on the self. Keep serving freely, and you will meet every surprise in a way that yields up to the Creator the fruitful bounty of an ever verdant world that is there for you to see, there for you to enjoy, and that makes the act of service, that makes the act of sacrifice of the self, always an act of joy. 

We are those of Laitos. Thanking this instrument, we return this contact to the one known as Joseph.

(Joseph channeling)

We are those of Laitos and we are again with this instrument. We have this morning spoken on many features of service. We have spoken of service in the daily regimen, service as automatic, as automatic as breathing. We have spoken of the desire to serve and the paradoxical nature of the fulfilment of desire that, though the self desires it, is yet not for the self. We have spoken of the impediment of a service undesired and we have spoken of the vibrational attunement, the trust in the self and in the self’s intention to serve.

Perhaps it would be remiss for us not to speak to the idea of the so-called loyal opposition. The impediments to serve are not merely the lack of desire for that service, but also the desire on behalf of some in this wide universe to stifle that service, to curve its direction back to the self. So we would comment that service to others demands from you, as we have spoken through the instrument known as Jeremy, discipline. We, ourselves, still attempt to achieve the requisite discipline. 

This discipline is confusing. Serving others requires a disciplined effort to an awareness of one’s own intentions. Intentions are, after all, diverse. Each act is multiply intentioned. The intention to serve others blends together, in any given act, with some noted or observed benefit to the self. Were it not so easy to act on behalf of the self in the guise of acting on behalf of the other, third density would not be such a resource for polarizing. The confusion is, of course, the point. To merely rest in a trust of your own intention is not sufficient, because the loyal opposition can yet curve that intention, through a kind of gravitation, back to the self. So we simultaneously recommend both gentleness of yourself and scrupulousness through honesty. This, we believe, will suffice for our final word of caution.

We thank you for inviting us to this circle on this beautiful morning. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you; we are grateful for your scrupulousness in challenging us. This challenge allows us to be in close contact without fear or concern that this opposition of which we speak will commandeer the circle. So we thank you in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends, Adonai. I am Laitos.