Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 6 Saturday, July 31, 2021

Q’uo on Love and Wisdom

Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 6 Saturday, July 31, 2021


Love and wisdom are such fundamental aspects of the creation that each is accorded an entire density of experience to allow for the evolving creature to perfect its reflection of this facet of the Creator. In the sixth density the two dimensions must be brought into a state of balance with one another. Even in the third density, however, issues of balance arise. Q’uo here responds to our query concerning the issues and complications that arise in this process. 

Channeled Message

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo.  We are with this instrument on this rainy day. We are grateful for the invitation to speak to this august audience, and through this august set of instruments, for we have observed the progress this group has made in a short period of time. And it is our great privilege to be able to share our thoughts with you, knowing that each here will use the proper discrimination to take from our message that which resonates, and leave aside that which does not. We have been asked this day to speak on the interesting and, we might say, somewhat complex topic, which is the set of balances that obtain between the principles or facets of the creator we might say that are called love and wisdom.

Now it is interesting, to begin with, that this question is posed to our particular group, representing the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator. For these balances are indeed variously represented in our numbers. And each among us works within the framework of these issues, love and wisdom, in one way or in another.

We can say in a general sense that those of Laitos and those of Hatton are working more especially with the facet of the  Creator represented by love, although, even here there are what we might call shadings of wisdom that inevitably creep into the picture. Those of Latwii and Auxhall who have passed through that density we call the density of love, and are now working in the density of wisdom, will take that factor, the factor of wisdom, as the central focus of the work in spirit which lies before them. But, once again, the wisdom that is sought in the fifth density is already so thoroughly infused or imbued with love that it sometimes seems like an arbitrary distinction to say that the emphasis lies with the one as opposed to the other. Those of Ra are working still with these facets of the Creator, love and wisdom, in the intimate, in the nuanced, in the delicate balances that obtain between them in such ways as to yield an infinite number of possibilities.

These facets of the Creator are also facets of ourselves, and as we work with them, we work also with those portions of our very being which resonate first in this way and then in that, such that constantly we lean one way and then again we lean another.

We propose to speak through each of the four instruments here today, taking with each instrument a special focus, that we might elaborate one dimension independently of the other before turning to the other and the question of the balance.

We will say to begin with, that balance is a key moment in the relationships between love and wisdom, but that also balance is perpetually breaking itself down, leaning in one way or in another —in ways that can seem quite distorted — only to be restored to what we might call greater facility or greater eloquence in expressing the infinite Creator within each who seeks.

And so in reality we have four moments, if you will, of that which is today to be discussed. We have the first moment, which is love, we have the second moment, which is wisdom, we have the third moment, which is the balance between the love and wisdom, and we have the fourth moment, which is the dissolution of that balance, which is necessary, time and again, for further growth to occur.

This instrument has traveled long the pathways of wisdom, and therefore we find it appropriate to ask that he speak on the subject of love. The one called Jade has traveled long the pathways of love, and therefore we find it appropriate to ask Jade to speak on the subject of wisdom. The instrument Joseph has posed this question, and we feel it appropriate to put the question back on the instrument, so that our thoughts may be conveyed through the instrument, Joseph, on the subject of love and wisdom. That very energetic instrument we know as Jeremy we shall ask to undertake the difficult task of dissolving that balance so that new light may come through, new work may be done in an apparently imbalanced way so that ultimately new balances might arise in the future.

And so we begin, with this instrument speaking on the topic of love. Now love, as you may understand, is a kind of ambiguous term, especially as it is experienced in the veiled condition in third density. For the meaning that you might most frequently associate with the term love is an activity which you may do, an activity you call loving, and which you use to indicate that you have a special affection for another self, or in some cases, a certain principle, or perhaps certain institutions or organizations.

But let us focus on what we might take to be the primary sense of this first meaning, which is the affection you might have for another mind/body/spirit complex. For indeed there is something of great metaphysical significance in those relationships which you are able to forge among yourself, and especially those relationships which indicate a special bond between two people.

This love that you experience is often very, very confusing in third density. And that is because it is never fully clear who it is with whom you do love, you are in love, or who, hopefully, loves you back. And at the same time, it is equally unclear who it is that does the loving. And so you have this tie that binds, but who does it bind? That remains in some significant measure always a mystery, and one of the great reasons that conflicts tend to arise within the loving relationship is that each mistakes the other, and very often even more profoundly mistakes the self. And so the other will constantly disappoint the self, and the self will often disappoint itself for not being able to live up to what it might think of as the ideal of love it holds itself to in the relationship. I fail you.You fail me. Who is it that I fail? I don’t know. Who is that has failed? I really, really do not know.

It sometimes comes to pass that those who are more earnest upon this path of loving will discover that there is no ultimate answer to either question, the question of the “who” for the you or for the I. And so what remains most palpable in that relationship is just the love. Love is the conveyance of the mystery, and also the principle that binds two together into one.

So here we have the mystery of unity expressed in a visceral and immediate sense. The mystery is further compounded if, as may sometimes happen, in that love between two so that the two become one, there emerges a third. When the infant intervenes to punctuate the love of the two who have become one, there is an expression of the creative principle of love. And that creative principle is what we refer to when we think of love in the second sense that we must now address.

For love broadly speaking is a principle of the cosmos, the creative principle present throughout the cosmos, and which is responsible for all levels of its manifestation from small to large. An infinite number of levels manifest from small to large, arrayed in such a way that between every two instantiations of love there is also an infinite number of expressions of love. Now love in this sense represents an energy so powerful that it is beyond the capacity of a concept properly to embrace it. And therefore in a macroscopic sense, it. too, is a very great mystery.

One who has learned the art of meditation may tap into this energy of love, and in tapping into the energy of love will find it may never be exhausted. It becomes a resource for doing work in a great variety of ways, the full exploration of which would take us too far afield to discuss in the present context. But we will say that these two meanings of love which we may now call the personal sense of love and the cosmic sense of love are not in fact unrelated to each other. They are two sides of a great unfathomable force that is the force that binds all of the creation together as one.

And by aligning oneself with this force one can accomplish great things. Now, however, we must ask you to what purpose shall these things be accomplished? But for an answer to that question, we must leave this instrument, and transfer the contact to the one known as Jade. I am Q’uo.

(Jade channeling)

I am known to you as Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We have been asked to speak on the topic of wisdom. Often we find great humor in the importance that you as third density entities put on the appearance of what you believe represents wisdom.

Wisdom is often misunderstood by those of you behind the veil, and this is by design. The energy of wisdom we have also referred to as light, so when we speak of the balance between love and wisdom, we are also speaking of the balance between love and light. Often your peoples speak of wisdom as a means to temper what many see as the folly of the open heart. Many do not want to be seen as those who engage with folly, and prefer the power that the appearance of what your peoples consider wisdom can give them.

But wisdom is not about refraining from love. Wisdom is about learning to direct the energy of love. It’s the manifestation of light. The third density entity is often referred to as the fool, because of the law of confusion. We cannot escape the law of confusion, and oftentimes wisdom and love are understood through trial and error. Sometimes you think you are loving, and you find out otherwise, and sometimes you think you are wise, and you find out otherwise.

We find much to the dismay of your peoples that there is often a wisdom in accepting one’s foolishness, as those of Ra have said, this is not the density of understanding. And that lack of understanding must be accepted. This, too, is wisdom.

Wisdom is often further along the path out of reach who are in third density, but we understand, too, that many of you who have come from the higher densities feel this pull of the light, and this desire to manifest the perfect love and wisdom that you know exists out there. In the path of the evolution of the entity, there are many, many, many lessons of love that must be completed before the trial and error of wisdom can be begun.

Many there are who look to bypass the state where one resides seemingly naively in the open heart. The one who resides in the open heart more readily attunes itself to others. Their positive emotions and those emotions which we consider negative — which you as third density entities consider negative — residing in that open heart in third density is a scary place to be. It’s foolish. So one can believe there is wisdom in shutting out the feelings of others. But in truth the need to access those other feelings teaches us, and informs how best we can direct the energy of love.

So we find that quaint and remiss,we might say. The point of delving deeper into the heart of others, as the one known as Steve spoke of, [is] the integration of the personal love with the greater love.  Each effort to become one with another entity the full spectrum of that entity in accepting that entity creates that third entity that the one known as Steve referred to, the third entity being full of the light created by the act of love, the act of sacrificing the safety of stepping away from the situation that can temporarily drag one down. Wisdom in part is knowing that you are not these emotions or the things that lay you down in third density. Wisdom is not being afraid of those things. Wisdom is knowing the true power of love.

Love is the great healer. And wielding that love in a way that allows its fullest expression and manifestation in third density we find there is a wisdom in erring on the side of love. And the foolishness that you all exhibit can sometimes cause more harm than good. But if one develops that foundation of the open heart, they will find that they can springboard to that great blue ray with much less effort than when one tries to wield with wisdom an effort to control love in a negative sense

We are Q’uo, and we would like to transfer the contact to the instrument known as Joseph, that he may complete the third aspect of this conversation. We thank you my friends.

(Joseph channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are with this instrument.

We have given this instrument the assignment of speaking to the balance between love and wisdom. There is, as we have said, a deep connection between the two. To those of Ra, it is difficult to express the one without the other. Hence, the terminology love/light, light/love. Consider the power of love that we have spoken to already, the great creative power that love represents. It is a dynamic force. It can penetrate. It does penetrate all levels of existence. It begins, it originates within each aspect of the creator and reaches out toward each other aspect of the creator. This great power is contained within each of you. It flows forth from the heart center, but upon awakening the heart center, there is no direction. The power is simply awakened. To grow in love is to expand the availability of this power, to increase the connection between self and other self, between creator and creator.

The capacity for wisdom, as we have said, gives direction to this power. After all, one might love in the expansive and undirected sense, everything and everyone in equal measure. And, of course, we do not discourage this. But insofar as love is an action, as we have said, one’s resources are limited. Manifest expressions of love contribute your power to the being of another. In acting out of love toward another, you participate in their act of creating themselves, as their offerings of love to you participate in the creation of yourself. And in this mutual intertwinement of love, one to another, another to the one, the third is created. It emerges.

Wisdom is not merely the choice of where to direct the love. Wisdom is rightly connected to the concept of knowledge. But this connection is so often wrongly interpreted. As we have said, knowledge of wisdom involves an awareness of the effects of directing love in this way or that, with this intensity or that. How will your manifest acts of love be received? How will your gifts one to another affect those to whom you give? How will the gifts of others affect you, the receiver? The slow process of increasing in wisdom requires discovering these complex relationships and comes, as famously known, only gradually over time. Wisdom is experiential. Hence, an entire density dedicates itself—we correct this instrument—an entire density requires of entities that they dedicate themselves to the slow process of discovering the intimate connections in the universe, in their own small universe that love can produce, that love expresses itself into. It is not unlike one of your scientific disciplines. The balance, then, between love and wisdom comes, at least in part, in an awareness of where one’s own resources can best be spent, not merely in the sense of where one’s love can best be directed, but also in the sense of how much effort one should put into actually expressing and directing ones love and how much effort one should put into the gradual discovery, the scientific, so to speak, discipline of coming to understand what the effects will be. Theory and practice. This is, at least in part, what is required in balancing love and wisdom.

But also, the balance between love and wisdom involves the question of how willing one is to become the loving fool versus how willing, how intent one is on carefully walking the spiritual path forward. Again, these two are intimately connected. You may walk the spiritual path forward and lose all of your friends in the process. Did you not love them enough? Or did you, perhaps, prioritize your pursuit of living wisely over your pursuit of living foolishly in the expansive energy of love? You have spoken, these past days, of a friend, the one known as Carla, who so frequently lived in the expansive foolishness of love. She, of course, had her own wisdom to draw upon. And yet, she erred on the side of foolishness. Was this incorrect? You have spoken of the turnstyle of persons who dwelt within the house that Carla also dwelt within, whom she welcomed in the hopes that her love for them and their love for her could produce something magical, that the third would emerge. And you may see, in this repeating process the inefficiency of choosing to love foolishly without the careful attentive eye, the discrimination with which one might assess the potential for service in the relationship before committing to it so deeply. We cannot say that her choice in balancing love and wisdom was a mistake. Nor can we say that someone who is less foolish is mistaken. Hence, we do not use the word “fool” to denigrate. It is a blessing to be a fool.

In seeking the balance between love and wisdom, as we have said, there will always be trial and error. And it may seem as if the errors continually repeat themselves. But to the one committing the errors, there may always be a lesson adduced, even if to those outside who observe the repeating cycle, the error not seen is plain. As we have said, there are multiple balances to be had in the relationship between these two energies. So, what looks to another as unwise, excessively loving, may in fact be a gradual effort to strike a balance unseen to the one observing. Likewise, what looks to one as unloving, excessively scrupulous, perhaps even cold or aloof, may not be after all a repeating instance of lack of balance between love and wisdom, but may be a balance sought to that entity that is simply not easy to see. We, of Q’uo, each in our own way, seek to strike the balance. We each stray on one side or another. We commit our energies to theory and practice in the hope that, together, these two sides of service compliment one another in as harmonious a fashion as possible.

We are aware that this instrument as asked the question of the balance with regard to a specific and thorny situation that persists in the minds of each it affects. This, my friends, is catalyst for striking the balance. Each of you is loving. Each of you is wise. In awakening the green ray center, in learning to live through the green ray center, you begin to access and make use of the energies of the blue ray. And firmly rooted though you may be in the green ray energy center, the lessons of the blue ray are equally challenging. That your lesson may be to strike the balance is not to be lamented. Whatever the lesson, it will be a challenge. If one is to stray on the side of loving, of foolish loving, one does not forget one’s wisdom. One does not forget the efficient ways of directing the great creative principle. One simply maintains an undying hope that something magical, that the third entity, the child, may yet be born. This, my friends, is admirable. But, on the other hand, should you find yourself straying on the side of wisdom, it is not that you cease to love. As Ra has described their own perspective of balance, it can be thought of as restrained love. The restraint lies in recognition that there is nothing more that can be done. This, in a sense, is to give up the hope of the fool. When is it time to give up hope? We cannot say. We only have our own judgment of the appropriate time to let go, to withdraw and to simply allow things to play out and await a request. To stray on the side of wisdom is not to shut the valve off altogether, or if it is to shut the valve off, yet there is a sensor, so to speak, that awaits a pressure from the other side. It is tempting, from the place of wisdom, to simply kick the dust off one’s feet, to leave town and never return. But we suggest that if you wish to strike the balance, keep an ear to the ground. Perhaps there will be one fine, strong moment.

And with that thought, we will transfer the contact to the entity known as Jeremy. I am Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. We greet you once more in the love and the light which has been the subject this evening. And we have spoken words and addressed the balance between these two: love and wisdom, two core aspects of this Creation that you perceive through an illusion, and which gives you much to work with as you explore the self, both within and without, and encounter phenomena, events, in which other parts of the Creator never fail to surprise you. This is precisely as it was designed. 

Phenomena and events, however, are the things of space/time. They are the things that partake of the finite, to a certain extent. And you are given the chance to achieve the balance, and most importantly, to achieve the imbalance, so that these structures with which you work might yield a clarity, they might refract something so unique in the mind of that which we lovingly call the Creator, that they may offer up to the all, to other entities, to the highest within, to the angels and all those who sing the glories of this beautiful and infinite Creation, something new, the paradox of which we shall not plumb. 

The paradox that we shall plumb has to do with the order of operations in which you are presented with experiences, with the catalyzation — we correct this instrument — the catalysis that brings significance to these matters. It is the enzymes that digest this structure that you wrestle with, that you bless with your very attention, my friends, with your very attention that you have won with so much work in the lower densities from whence you came. And as things come into manifestation, they must depart. 

It is not wrong to feel sorrow when this happens, to let the promise of a balance you might achieve slip out of your hands, to let it dissolve into entropy which is the other side of the Creation, my friends. You cannot have one without the other. And if you are to hang on, then my brothers and sisters, beware. For you are on a trajectory, and if your desire should militate against it, if it should slow you down as you traverse the path back to unity, back to fullness and nothingness that those of Ra spoke of, then my friends, you have chosen a different polarity than we have. 

It is paramount that you throw yourselves into the puzzle of the balance between love and wisdom; indeed, that you throw yourself into the maelstrom of love and the refinement of wisdom as you balance. There is no other way to balance, and the best way, as we of the Confederation have often pointed out, is to accentuate the imbalance. But, in doing so, you will lose it often — not always. But it’s only a moment. And the order of operations we are trying to describe to you lies in these moments, these strobe flashes of awareness that precipitate so freely from intelligent infinity that you barely recognize, barely notice how in some sense how arbitrary it all is. 

This is one of the lessons you learn in meditation, when you are able to greet the silence as a friend and recognize that your ability to perceive the illusion is itself a part of the illusion, and that you must stay in motion to achieve a balance. It is a dance. And the dance ends, my friends. Why is this? It is not because there is not an infinity of time and a fullness to the timelessness of the Creator who is the true audience of all of your striving, all of your stumbles, who beholds the beauty of it all. 

It is actually quite simple. It has been laid down from time immemorial, through the lessons of the previous octaves, if such can be spoken of, that there must be another opportunity afforded the consciousness that seeks. And so you must let go of the opportunity with which you have been working. As with all things, the truth is so much simpler than you make it, often. And we assure this instrument that what he is articulating is a portion of a sacred agreement that only need be seen from a different angle to be seen as one thing. You make your attempts at balance, at accentuating imbalance, by taking these lessons into the heart, and your effort is never ill spent. It is the humor and tragedy of this density, but also in some part of higher densities, that you fail to appreciate the magic of what you do just by giving your attention once more to what has been propped up in this illusion. 

It is all nothingness; it is all infinity; it is all self; it is all the Creator whom we all seek to behold in its glory and wisdom, in its love so powerful. What are you bringing that drives this drama forward, this great tale of which you are the protagonist? What precedes love? What precedes light, and the two concepts we have used to point at those ideas? 

My friends, we are always here to inform you of what you already know: free will. The dissolution into nothingness is the dissolution into infinity, for there is no nothingness. There is only the will to be, to grow, and to once again, in a timeless cycle, take another stab at something new and precious. You cannot hold on. It is your experience for but a little while. Your reward is the power of faith that comes when that will is tempered with the knowledge that all is well, and it is through the Creator and its will that you learn to know yourself, and in accepting that, dissolution is no end, and manifestation hardly a beginning. 

Oh how we wish we could speak this with more precision, but we thank this instrument for taking his stab and for letting go when it is the better part of wisdom, shall we say, to let the chips lie where they may. And in order to close this seminar on the ineffable, an act of love extremely foolish, we would return this contact at this time to the instrument known as Steve in love and light. We now transfer contact to the one known as Steve. We are Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we wish to say at this time that we are very pleased with all the instruments who have placed themselves at the service of communicating our thoughts to this group this day. We have spoken perhaps overlong, so as to tire those within the group, but we do wish at this time to make ourselves available for one question from each of those who wish to put a question to us. Are there any queries at this time?

I am Q’uo, and I sympathize with the level of exhaustion that each instrument must be feeling, and we would like to reiterate therefore that we have a great deal of gratitude for the service that each has provided us today, for it aids us in finding that unique balance between love and wisdom each time we enter into the aura of those who will convey our messages and those who will in the process make communion with us. At this time, therefore, we leave this group, in the love and in the light of the Infinite Creator. Adonai, my friends, Adonai.