Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 10 Sunday, August 1, 2021

Q’uo on Empathy

Colorado Springs Circle First Channeling Intensive Session 10 Sunday, August 1, 2021


In this session from the Other Selves Working Group’s first channeling intensive, those of Q’uo explore the conditions of sorrow that so frequently transform the natural empathy we feel towards our other selves into a self-protective aversion. The work of accepting and balancing heartache felt by another lies in our willingness to feel those emotions along with them, alleviating the loneliness of sorrow in the other and obtaining on both parties’ behalf a new perspective on this experience that teaches the Creator so much. We may convey our balance to those suffering just as their imbalance is felt by us, transmuting the experience so that no part of the Creator is left behind.

Channeled Message

(Jade channeling)

We are Q’uo and we are with this instrument. We are very grateful to be called again to this circle of seeking. We understand that we are to speak on the topic of empathy. We want you to please, as we always request, consider our thoughts lightly, as those that you would in a conversation with a friend. We do not wish to be seen as authorities, and we know this can be difficult for your peoples. So please listen to your own heart first, and if your heart agrees with ours, we are grateful to have achieved that mutual resonance. For we are on the same journey as you and those who seek to serve others. 

Our hearts are already mutually resonant as we are all brothers and sisters of sorrow, those entities whose distortion of service leans towards reaching back to those who reach for them. You may notice that we do not call ourselves the brothers and sisters of joy, because we understand that the true nature of all Creation is joy. It is a special condition of your third density experience to feel the sorrow and separation from our One Infinite Creator. All of your peoples have experienced sorrow, my friends. Nobody in third density is immune to tasting that seemingly bitter fruit. And that apparent bitterness is the cultivation of an instinct, we might say, of avoidance of sorrow, of turning away from those things or beings that cause one to feel sorrow. 

We remind you that in the illusory nature of time and the expansion of the Creator, that the experience of sorrow is relatively new as before the veil there was no sorrow, not in the way that your peoples now know. So this repulsion towards sorrow is understandable, as this experience is still, for many, many more units of time, an experience the Creator is still plumbing. And through this experience, the Creator has gained magnitudes more awareness and experience of itself. So there is an effort required for one to step into that space and to look at sorrow in the face and to recognize and accept that sorrow without succumbing to the deeper aspects of that manifestation of emotion. [It] takes some practice. 

We find that often your peoples prefer activities to which they are immediately or quite quickly adept at, and when certain activities feel difficult it is very easy to turn one’s attention to other activities, ones that flow more freely from the natural being of one. But those of you who have chosen to come to third density from densities beyond have not come here for ease of existence or to sidestep sorrow, but to embrace and learn from these difficulties that manifest because of the veil between the self and the deeper self. 

The creature that you reside with throughout your incarnation, that is, the second density creature of your body, is hardwired to avoid experiences of sorrow. Things that feel dangerous to one trigger a fear, fight or flight response in the entity. This is well, however: it is your catalyst to find ways to overcome the instincts of your second density creature — not in a way that suppresses these instincts, but understands and loves and accepts them for what they are: a creature protecting the self from harm. As you of human beings have evolved from very social second density creatures, your physical brain performs in a way that truly does not allow you to avoid the feelings of others. To truly avoid these feelings is as much work as embracing these feelings. Most of this for your peoples is an unconscious experience of empathy, much [like] how a score in one of your films might trigger an emotive response even when one knows they are watching a story. 

We ask you to consider how easy it is for you to empathize with those characters in those stories, and yet you often struggle to find empathy with those incarnate beings whose patterns of mind emotions that they are unconsciously emitting are erratic, unpredictable. This naturally triggers the fear response, as there is a tendency towards violence among your peoples, a tendency towards a self-protective nature to those who have not yet noticed the spotlight on their true selves. Just as you may feel influenced by the erratic nature of their vibrational state, so too can you consciously cultivate the vibrational state that may be able to influence them, just as you pick up on their fear and anxiety, they have the opportunity to tune into the grace that you work so hard to cultivate through your meditations and your conscious processing of catalyst and experience. 

In the exchange of these vibrations, each gives each a gift and that is a new experience, a new piece of catalyst to process. And as you accept the seemingly erratic or fearful thoughts and vibrational states of others and you truly make attempts to share in that vibrational resonance, not in a way that the erraticism or fear carries you away (as the person that you may be with has likely been carried away), but in a way that allows you to tune in to the entity’s being and thoughts. And when you make the effort to look through the eyes of another, you are offering them the opportunity for the awareness of recognizing their fears that they have been fighting or fleeing from.

This can be done at a distance or can be done very intimately. Whether or not the entity reciprocates the mutual sharing of alternate vibrational states does not matter; it is their free will, of course, if they choose to access a different state of being. Your job is to cultivate the faith and the skill required in stepping into that sorrow and not being swept away. For just as all joy is shared on your planet, as you are one being, so is all the sorrow. You can run but you can’t hide from that sorrow. 

There are so many blessings in that sorrow, in the willingness to step into the space with the one who is grieving, because sorrow is so lonely–sorrow, of course, needing the experience of separation from the Creator to manifest at all. So when you turn to those who are suffering, you are making a great effort to turn towards a part of the Creation that has been pushed from the center and you can help to raise that sorrow, and bless and transmute that sorrow into higher expression of creative awareness. 

As we have said, we focus here on sorrow because we find that this is the challenge with the state of vibrational resonance you refer to as empathy, as it is very easy to empathize with joy and excitement and gratitude, and these are also excellent efforts. The doubling of joy and gratitude when you join in your energies, and it may sound like we are asking you to join in and double the effects of sorrow, but we have also noted before that there must be an accentuation of the distortion before it can be healed. And sometimes one who is bound in the deep knot of sorrow needs to see what that actually looks like through the being of another as they have, as we’ve said, rejected that portion of themselves. 

So you can help others by shining the light of awareness onto sorrow, and the more you integrate and accept this condition of third density the more awareness you can offer to those that have not been able to step into that state of acceptance. We of course want to encourage the balance. We’re not asking one to wallow in the emotion of sorrow or despair. But much like one who has extreme fears of physical catalyst such as your heights, sometimes it takes exposure to overcome what one is so afraid of, and to learn that the fear is often misplaced. And that realization that one is safe in the arms of the Creator at all moments. 

So we ask you to recognize the instinct to turn away from the sufferings of those you share this experience with and instead lean into the realization of the connected nature of all beings. And recognize that sorrow, like joy, is a transient state, a state that serves you, your higher being, your collective being, and the Creator. But to be served by sorrow requires the processing of that sorrow and the integration of that deep feeling, because that which we refuse to look at only gets louder. 

The drums bang more quickly as time passes without you hearing the song. We find that this is a condition of those who have not yet awoken or—and those who, maybe even more so, who have partially awoken, these entities who know that sorrow is an illusion and therefore feel no need to engage with that aspect of the illusion. We encourage you to seek to engage especially with those aspects of the illusion of the third density self that one feels are most difficult to find love for because it is these experiences of loving back which seems unlovable that bring all of the threads that have been unraveled by free will back to the ball of the Creator. Each time you chase one of those threads and lovingly knit it back up into the garment from which it came, you are aiding the infinite nature of the Creator.

We are Q’uo and we thank this group again most sincerely for allowing us the opportunity to serve you, to help you knit the loose threads that you find yourself chasing in the sorrows and sadnesses you experience as you do your very best in your rounds to recognize and exalt the Creator. This is a never ending task and journey. The family of the brothers and sisters of sorrow are grateful to have you with us on this journey as you are far more capable of knitting those threads from your place incarnated in a body than we who exist outside of your illusion. 

We are here with you and we see you and we love you. We are Q’uo. Thank you again. Adonai, my friends.