Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 2 Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Q’uo on Acceptance and Overcoming

Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 2 Wednesday, May 4, 2022


In this session from the Richmond Meditation Circle, Q’uo addresses issues arising from acceptance of struggles in life. We learn most from our attempts to overcome and oppose obstacles, because this effort exposes clues about our deeper identities. The fruition of our incarnational work lies in the patient, gradual acceptance of that which we once sought to overcome, building the faith in us necessary to approach fourth density. Preparing ourselves for service through meditation, we learn to abide in this process, comforting and nurturing ourselves and other selves along the way.

Group Question

How can we invoke detachment to accept those things that are struggles in our life and avoid forcing an overcoming? What are the boundaries of detachment and acceptance? What are the spiritual principles involved in balancing between detachment to specific outcomes and accepting the full emotional weight of our catalyst? How does this fit into seeing the fuller architecture of our catalyst?

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of our One Infinite Creator who has blessed us in this most auspicious and sacred gathering of souls. We thank you for making this time to meet, to humor us in our musings which we can only hope have some bearing upon your third density experience in which confusion helps you in ways we know you cannot understand. Perhaps we can encourage an appreciation for that which is so tawdry at times, so crushing, and, to repeat ourselves, so confusing.

There is one point we must stress before we commence our monologue. It is a point that is very dear to us and to this instrument. We see into the unity that binds all of you together. We see your struggles, the longing of your heart, the tempest that rages around you in this world. We feel compassion, but our rule is not to interfere. We once dealt with these matters head-on. We would not take any tear away from your eye as long as it is balanced with compassion. So we must ask you a great favor. And that is to discard any words we might speak through this instrument that causes you the slightest concern, for your path is yours, as our path is ours. They may be parallel, or they may be illusorily separated somehow. As long as you remember that we partake of our own form of illusion as we walk our path, we would feel quite confident then in reaching our hand back and helping you in whatever way we can. We only ask that you refuse the hand that does not seem to assist you in going in the direction your heart pulls you. This is something that you can do for us so that we may feel free to take a crack, as they say, at providing something that may shift your perspective, broaden it, bring about a communion within of spirit, mind and body that does an honestation to the Creator. So please, use your judgment, your discrimination, and we will be most pleased, and feel most free, to delve into this meaty question this evening.

It is a big question, for it has to do with the fault lines of the evolutionary path. Indeed, there are limits to the role of acceptance; not in a universal sense, for from the universal perspective, acceptance partakes of a duality, and to be all is to have done the accepting already, if such can even be spoken of. It is part of the confusion that comprises free will to linger on those things, those matters, that rub you the wrong way, that catch your eye. If there were no sense of repulsion from a part of the Creation, of the experience of such, there would be no lesson, no learning.

This must seem so paradoxical, and perhaps even a form of wordplay, and we would admit it. But we believe that you understand the trick; that it is in the paradoxical that those truths that escape conscious perception manifest themselves as the remainder of the equation that we spend our lives attempting to balance. Perhaps this is a good way to address the concept of overcoming. There is no word we can use that will sum up every nuance of the diversity of experiences, of expenditures of basic energy, that comprise the evolutionary path. We would not have it any other way; however, you have asked us to speak, so words must suffice.

Everyone attempts to overcome something at some point in their lives. Even we see challenges on our respective paths that seem best tackled. That is the word, isn’t it? Tackled, opposed, fought with, with the promise of conquering in the end. That is the concept of fruition that seems to issue from the entire concept of meeting part of yourself that seems unacceptable.

It is ok to feel that repulsion. It is ok to go through a process of abstaining from acceptance. This is a way to use time as a friend, to see how events present themselves as seemingly one thing at first, and then, through the magic of the transformation, to find yourself in another moment, and out of thin air, in another situation with another perspective on that which you considered to be your obstacle. We are speaking in quite theoretical terms because we do want to sketch out, as it were, a kind of background scenario for the life experience, for the drama of consciousness, as perhaps you could say.

We will take a moment to deepen this instrument’s meditative state. We thank you for your patience.

Recall those time that have challenged you greatly. Recall them as memories, index points, not just in your past, not just in that part of your mind/body/spirit complex that holds a thread to things behind themselves, but that understands how holding that thread gives you a coherent sense of your identity, of who you are, and that those challenges, those parts of the creator you failed to accept in the past, by defining you, made you who you are in this moment. They are not what you think they are on the surface. This is why we recommend the practice of meditation on a regular basis. Who you are is quite more variable than your personality seems, but at the same time, far more fixed than you would ever dare to hope, far more planted in the roots of time and space itself than you are willing to accept responsibility for.

Responsibility is an interesting intersection of these concepts: catalyst, acceptance, opposition, unification, all unfolding like a map. You have some idea of what the map should be showing you when it is completely folded up. But you go through a process of unfolding it; it is not instantaneous (we speak of course of the old-fashioned, to this instrument, paper map). By unfolding it, little by little, you reveal the fullness of the representation of your path. And yet, do you despair in the middle of unfolding it? Or do you simply continue until it is compelte? Perhaps you could think of your lives in a similar way.

Incompleteness is a moment to be savored. It brings out those qualities of the self that are mysterious. That is part of what feels so uncomfortable about the process of catalyst, for these are things that pop through the veil between the conscious, waking mind, and the deep rivers of thought and energy that lie in the subconscious. The faith to invoke when challenges present themselves is to remember that those deep wells that seem so dark, that are rightly obscured in third density, are on your side. The catalyst is a means to an end; it is not for its own sake.

If you could think of your experiences that trouble you as clues to the deeper beingness that you are unfolding in your life, we imagine you would abide your discomfort with more care and patience. You might comfort yourself as you would a little child. You might shed a tear for the tenderness that this involves, and it might break your heart to think that you had not done this throughout your life, that you had been so harsh on yourself just because you were in a state of confusion. We do not condemn the child for their confusion, and nor should you condemn yourself for seeing the challenge, and having the hair stand up on the back of your neck, of squaring up, and reacting as the second density animal, that you after all occupy in your body, acts. That is the instinctual pattern that all, all entities who do not partake of the spirit’s reflectiveness, all of them engage in this defensiveness.

Accept that first. Accept the nature of your path, and you will find new horizons opening. Accept that you are troubled, accept that you weep, accept that your heart breaks when you despair, and in the darkest night, what will greet you but the flash of light and the rising sun of spirit. Spirit has no plan for you. Spirit is pure spontaneity, and it flows without any brook or barrier, save that which you erect in your heart.

What we are attempting to explain is how a compassion for yourself, a stopping along the path to rest and soothe the self, can lead to more patience and equanimity when facing those challenges that the path inevitably provides. This is part of the plan of third density: to practice availing yourself of the power of faith, so that, when you take that step forward that this planet beckons you towards, hand in hand with your brothers and sisters, you will have the resources necessary to meet the challenges of building fourth density. It will not be easy, and it will be the fruition of all of your life’s work, for it will finally be clear what it was all building towards. It is a beautiful moment in the trajectory of an individuated entity back to its source, back to that Father who art in heaven, and whose hallowed name echoes through the canyons of that valley of the shadow of death that all of us walk. Even us, for only time separates our experience from yours. And as you expand your perspective through meditation, through taking time to look in your brothers and sisters eye, to show true care when the world seems to swirl about and commodify everything, your light will shine the brightest in that moment, and you will build the power that will truly, we say, save the planet and all who share it with you.

It is faith that is the candle you light in this dark canyon. It will not go out; once lit, it will always smolder in some way, no matter if you turn from it. So there is no challenge that can distract you completely, once you have opened your eyes and left slumber behind, as all in this gathering have done. Keep your mind ready through the practices that all of you have been exposed to. That is all that is required. And then, when it becomes too much, learn to reach out to those you trust, and learn to be there for those who trust you. We cannot give you a perfectly balanced equation for the problem of suffering, but we do know that it is your brothers and sisters who will check your work, so to say, and point out with the most precision where you erred in your reckoning. And then, you begin to appreciate what the mystery of the individual is designed to expose to the Creator. And that, my friends, makes the act of acceptance a little easier and a little better of a lesson that doesn’t get forgotten so easily.

In closing we would offer that this comradeship is also something we stand ready to accept your invitation to. We cannot check your work as those here can, but if you would but call upon us, or any of those guides, helpers, angels that you feel a kinship with when you are in a dark place, my friends, we would be honored to share that with you. For one of the mysteries of the heartache of this illusion is that by sharing it, we lessen it, we redistribute the pain, and in this way, we build a strength. And if you knew the power that this built, you would shudder. So it is a good thing that you are veiled from your total selves. It will not be forever, and the resources are there. Avail yourself through meditation, through contemplation and silence, and let yourself reveal yourself to you. This is how we serve just as much as through action.

We are those of Q’uo, and we are grateful for your attention and vibrations which have helped to smooth out the rough patches in this transmission. At this time we would ask if there are follow up questions, including anything we did not cover in the original question. We are those of Q’uo.

(No questions asked)

We are again with this instrument. We are those of Q’uo. This instrument is uncertain whether he should take the step that we ask, but if he would interrupt his state for just a moment and unmute the computer through which our non-local comrades are sitting [with us], we would offer them the opportunity to deepen the experiment and ask any questions on their mind. We wish to comfort this instrument; you can do this. We are Q’uo.

We are those of Q’uo. We can hear questions from our remote friends, if they have any to ask at this time. We are Q’uo.

(No questions asked)

We are with this instrument. We are those of Q’uo, and we feel we understand, my friends. This was a heavy time for us too, and for this instrument, who has not shed tears very often in a session. This is a sign that this meeting is quite apropos. We hope that we have offered you ideas that are good food on your gourmand’s journey through the Creator’s beautiful creation, which has its dark and light areas, its dark alleys and its vistas of beauty.

We ask you to take that responsibility we spoke of, and consider, consider it deeply. And then understand that overcoming, acceptance, these are the plate, the fork, the spoon. They are your tools to work with, and we commend you to your work. This is after all the entire point of the consciousness that comprises the Creator, the love that that consciousness makes possible, the awareness that shows all of us the deep threads of existence and the beauty of our struggles.

We could go on, but we feel this instrument has a point. It is perhaps time to wrap things up, and to that end, we leave you in the love and the light of our One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus. We are Q’uo.