Colorado Springs Circle Second Channeling Intensive Session 1 Monday, May 16, 2022

Q’uo on the Dynamics of Contact and the Rule of Three

Colorado Springs Circle Second Channeling Intensive Session 1 Monday, May 16, 2022


In this first session from the second OSWG channeling intensive, Q’uo offers details about the different kinds of entities one might channel and how to appropriately protect oneself in doing so. They begin by articulating the inner planes/outer planes distinction and why it makes a difference in channeling. The rule of three helps anchor the wavelength when it is projected into the outer realms where there is less natural protection. The existence of entities who would want to redirect communication to their own ends is what makes tuning and protection necessary. Throughout this message, Q’uo is careful to attend to the special relationship the higher self has to the self, in both its limitations and its protections. They dwell on the number three: it is an auspicious and nonarbitrary number; however, the higher the number of aligned seekers, the greater the protection. Q’uo closes with a reminder that the circle of seeking is not limited to the space and time in which channeling occurs.

Group Question

What are the spiritual principles surrounding the advice often given to only channel outer planes entities with at least three people in the circle?

Channeled Message

(Joseph channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. We are most pleased to have returned to this circle. We are grateful to have been requested once again in your company and we hope that our communion with you can improve the spiritual journey of all those in this circle. Before we turn to the question that has been posed to us this morning, we would remind you to consult your own resources in judging the significance of the things we bring to you. We have our own perspective, and it has its limitations. You bear a responsibility to do with our words what seems most appropriate as we have a responsibility to speak as we feel most appropriate. 

The question posed to us concerns the longstanding legacy of your tradition of the community from which you gain your succession of contacts, and within this tradition there has arisen a three person rule, as you call it, that is: the recommendation not to channel an outer planes entity unless there are at least three people present. And the question, if we gather it correctly, is: what exactly drives this rule? Where does it come from? How firm of a rule is it? Are there exceptions? And if there are exceptions, why? And what makes the difference between an outer planes contact and an inner, or anyway not outer planes, contact?

We should begin with the apparently important distinction between inner and outer planes. The quarantine and veiling makes communication across densities tricky to navigate. There are special rules applied to it for those of us who are beyond or outside of your specific third density, that is, the planes associated with planet Earth in particular, and within which there are distinctive networks of mental and spiritual and emotional energy that codify biases into the total framework of planet Earth within which you incarnate and within which many non-outer entities are caught up.

You might liken this inside/outside distinction to one of your institutions. There is, in many ways, much more you can do to effect institutional change from within than without since the rules that bind are different from one to another. On the one hand the rules within your third density are more stringent; that is to say, if you are within the third density illusion, you are then a creature of third density. There are no fourth density or fifth density bodies that are activated in the sense of being manifest. Now, things change in the so-called inner planes where discarnate entities can remain if they choose not to move forward to the next density. But let us not get too caught up into those details. The point here is that change can be effected or influence can be brought from without, but the rules that bind us are like a barrier with windows, and we can shine light into the windows, but sometimes the blinds are drawn. Other times the building is not weatherized, and things can leak in that were not intended to be given entry. The quarantine exists for a reason.

Now, contact with an outer planes entity is beneficial because of the perspective that it grants. As we have said, our perspective is our own and distinct from yours, and many a truth seeker who has walked some way along the path will have discovered that outside perspectives can be most helpful. However, the outside perspective is, once again, as it may be obvious, not your own, which is why you must treat our outside perspective as you would that of any other advice from a friend, perhaps, or complaint from a coworker. It is another perspective to integrate into the whole, but the whole is yours. 

Now you might think that inner planes entities have plenty of outside perspective, and they do. But due to the limitations of both remaining in the third density inner planes and incarnating in third density vehicles the access to the broader metaphysical workings of the universe is also limited. Many of those who exist within your third density planes are harvestable to fourth density, but have simply chosen not to go yet. So, they cannot be expected to have a perspective beyond that of their many incarnations in the third density. 

Finally, we are aware of the question of contact or communication with the higher self. And indeed the higher self is an outer planes entity, the future self in sixth density. But this relationship is different. It is not the same kind of relationship as communication with an inner planes entity, or communication with any other kind of outer planes entity; it is personal. We speak, of course, of the personal higher self, the specific entity that is you, the mind/body/spirit complex totality that issues a vehicle or a resource to itself to aid itself. Because this relationship is special, it is also limited in its own way. Whereas we can offer our own thoughts to you as thoughts distinct from yours, the higher self cannot but be presented to you as yourself, and the distinction between content from the higher self and from yourself is slender. It is difficult to interpret this stream of communication as distinctive, or as somehow extraneous or in any way outer, despite its location in a distant future from yourself.

Having commented on the inner/outer distinction, we would now pass the contact to the one known as Jeremy. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. We are with this instrument this fine morning as we reintroduce ourselves to each of you and give you a direct experience of that intellectual question you offer us. We would pause in our addressing of this subject to point this out. For as we have said through the one known as Joseph, you are in communion with us, and we with you. And what does that mean? This is a stream of thought, a flow of energy, that you know well, may be sliced and diced, so to speak, in infinite manners yielding the full infinity of standpoints within a singular, protean entity. So there is no bar, you might say, on any number of techniques you might use to establish, certify, and think about the phenomenon of telepathic contact with intelligences that, for you in third density, seem separate. 

You can twist yourself in knots trying to figure out where one intelligence begins and when another begins. You must understand: this is very fluid and natural for us. It is you in third density who bear the burden of translation. It is for the ease and confidence of this translation that you establish rules, you establish distinctions that are both false and absolutely true. This is another way that you may use your consciousness to partake of a flow of creatorship that bursts out of all boundaries, and yet offers a thread of itself for the discrete manifestation of this unitary truth into space and time, with no small affordance given to that which you desire, that which you have tuned this conscious instrument. So let us take you through this.

Your higher self has a relationship with you that is simply more protected. This is our ingress into the lines you draw around yourself. This is as it should be in third density, we must stress; we would not ask you to let go of everything and flow in our river, for were you to do that, were that to be your choice, it would not be the same quality and efficacy of service to others. My brothers and sisters, in third density this is your task if you should walk the positive path. 

So to begin with, let us say that the trouble you take to tune, the rules you follow, give you an anchor in our stream. And in order for you to serve in your world, it is your responsibility and choice on where you drop that anchor. It must be dropped so that you can pull discrete concepts out of the stream and share them freely, radiantly, with trust in the divine nature, not just of this contact, but of your role in third density. We need not stress the distinctions that you make beyond your need for them. Taking responsibility for your role in contact is something you can draw upon the higher self to accomplish, you can draw upon the energies in your circle, but at the end of the day, you must stand forth and remove the bushel from your light and how you do that is entirely your affair, my brothers and sisters. 

We would, at this time, be very pleased to transfer this contact to the one known as Jade to expand upon this thread of information. We are those of Q’uo.

(Jade channeling)

We are those of Q’uo, and we are now with this instrument. The concept of tuning the self is very personal, yet we recognize that when you come together as a group to do service, you seek the manifestation of this tuning. And when you reach to the outer planes there are many who see the wavelength that you are reaching with. We of Q’uo recognize the wavelength that you request us with and we appreciate the tuning and the challenging efforts that you go through to receive our signal.

When you reach out with a frayed signal, when your intentions may wander, as the third density mind and heart do, the signal can be seen and potentially accessed by other entities. For the more advanced groups, it is well to channel the so-called conglomerate entity, where we of many densities come together and blend to be received. The danger, of course, is that without the proper attention to tuning to the wavelength of the open heart, the entities who wish to pluck the strings of the lower chakras can find their means of entry. And this is why we have emphasized the so-called rule of three.

We do not say that it is impossible for a singular, tuned, open, and receptive entity to call upon us, but we do not advise it, because as you expand your group, the intentions are laid more firmly. One entity is very capable of deceiving themselves of their own current vibrational state. Two entities can balance each other, but two entities can also double down on looking at the self with a skewed eye. Three or more entities are not immune to this self-deception, but the power of the third to double the intentions of the two offers what we feel is a strengthening to the signal and the tuning that all entities who seek us wish to achieve.

Because of the veiling, because you are human, there is no end to the potential of self-deception, so we ask all who channel to first look at the self, not with the eye of someone who is fixing mistakes or correcting errors, but to look at the self compassionately, as the third density human that it resides as. To recognize the life-patterns and the cycles and the catalyst that is before oneself. And, in this way, you develop the honesty required to be a blue ray channel. This self-honesty, rooted in compassion, is the foundation for any spiritual practice, but together as a vocal channeling group you can then reflect that hard-fought clear eye upon each other and remember that one, two, three, four, is all just one. You are all sharing the experience together and the more you can blend your energies with each other and harmonize, the more stable [of] a frequency you will achieve. And while you will always have the third-density gift of self doubt and the correcting eye, we hope that as you continue down your path that you feel the harmonization increase and you see the subtle manifestations of that hard, important work.

We are Q’uo and we would like to transfer the contact to the instrument known as Steve.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument. We have spoken through three instruments already, and in each case, in the case of Joseph, in the case of Jeremy, and in the case of the one known as Jade, we have spoken from a slightly different perspective, and yet all of these different perspectives partake of a single perspective. And this may seem like a paradox, for it is a manyness in one, in unity. For, my friends, this is a creation of unity. It is a creation of unity and yet there is, is there not, differentiation? There is, is there not, separation? And so the question inevitably arises: “What is the significance of separation in a creation that is after all one of unity?

Having stepped back now, to pose this issue, we hope to gain a perspective which allows us to address the query that you have posed in a way that can indicate to you the significance, first of all, of the unique relation between the self and the  higher self for one who is incarnate in third density, and then additionally, the physics, shall we say, associated with the rule of three, which involves a communication across the boundary of dimensional difference.

So, first of all, to the question of the role of separation in the constitution of the creation, such that the Creator itself is apparently fragmented into infinitely many little holographic versions of itself, each of which is so constituted that it may regard as other than itself the other fragments that abound around it.

The first question that comes up in this regard is: “Why would this take place in the first place? Why would it come to pass that a Creator which is already infinite in its intelligence would seek to become what it is not, which is to say, separated from itself?” To give a satisfactory answer to this query would be to plumb the depths of the mystery of the Beingness of the Creator itself. And, my friends, we regret to tell you that we are not capable of doing this. But we are aware that the Creator is vitally interested in becoming informed with respect to Itself, in becoming engaged with the issue of the meaning of its own Being.

And it is as part of this inner effort within the Creator that the separation into the infinitesimally arrayed elements of the creation comes to pass. The Creator gazes within, and in that gaze that which is within becomes visible as the object of the gaze. However, if that which is visible as the object of the gaze is entirely a function of the gaze itself, what would there be to learn?

And so, as we have suggested, the first distortion of the creation involves the freeing of the object of the Creator’s gaze from the power or authority invested in the gaze itself, such that the gaze may in fact fix upon that which may inform it without being fully formed by it. In that simple configuration lies the whole mystery of the Creation.

We would add to this characterization one more element to make the picture complete. That is that all of the separate creatures now, as we may call them, that populate this vast universe which we call the creation have, each of them, a tiny portion of the Creator as the animating principle of their own being, and this animating principle has an intrinsic nisus or orientation back to the Creator. And that nisus is the basis of the possibility of communication one to the other.

Now, in a universe that was perfectly attuned to itself one might expect that all would go smoothly in the sense that all of the fragmentary or holographic embodiments of the Creator would report back in an untroubled manner so that the Creator then may gather in more and more knowledge, shall we say, of itself. We would add as an addendum that the world “knowledge” is a very poor friend in this context. But it shall have to do for the nonce.

In a perfect creation one might suppose that there would be an unproblematic reportage from the very small all the way up to the larger units of the creation and back to the Creator itself. However, this is not the case, as you well know. For, there has indeed arisen within the Creation that which is a surprise to the Creator in the sense that there are some portions of the creation, some creatures, if you will, which have become enchanted or entranced with the fact of separation itself, and have chosen willfully to hold back from the Creator that which it is theirs to give. And, more than this, they have undertaken as a project the impediment of this reportage on the part of other holographic representations of the Creator.

You know this particular disposition as that which we have described as “service to self.” And you know as the disposition which does seek to keep the channels of communication with the Creator and with the unity of the creation itself open as “service to others.” The service to others path does not hold the principle of separation to be the absolute first or last word of the creation, but merely a means to the end for the communication from one to another to another to another portion of the creation to come about. And in this way for the creation to become a richer source of self-knowledge for the Creator that dwells ever within it.

Those who have adopted the perspective — and let us call it that — of service to self, however, have taken upon themselves the modality of resistance, and would like to spread this modality abroad throughout the creation in order to organize the creation according to a set of hierarchical principles that are seen best to befit a universe in which separateness is the rule and separateness is the sustaining condition.

The reason that we suggest that it is important for one who seeks to serve while in the veiled condition characteristic of third density needs to be tuned, and needs to invoke the proper kind of protection is because there are those who would cross the barriers of density to inform the efforts to communicate on the part of the third density entity in a way that goes contrary to the fundamental commitment to seeking that that entity maintains. That is to say, the effort is to corrupt the message.

Now we would point out that you do have within your own capacity principles of discernment which you may use to sort out these attempts, and to thwart their effects, and you routinely do this in your daily lives in one way or another. However, the methods which you ordinarily employ, in the special circumstances of the trans-dimensional communications when you reach to outer planes and attempt to blend your energies with those of higher densities, those efforts require that you open up in a way which makes you vulnerable, and lay aside certain — not all, but certain — of your critical faculties. And those very wise entities which have chosen the path of service to self and have made it far enough along that path to have reached densities higher than your own are quite frequently clever enough to infiltrate your message in ways that are not seen by you.

It would be too much to expect that you would be able to sort out all of these subtleties while you are engaged in the task of being an instrument. Therefore we do advise the protections, and, as you well know, these protections involve, first and foremost, the tuning which you have learned to practice, the ritualistic efforts to create a sacred space of protected openness within your own person.

Now, you ask why it is that the relation between an outer density — say, of fourth, fifth or, especially in this case, sixth density — is different when that entity is the higher self or when that entity is another self from a social memory complex of one of these higher densities. And we would suggest to you that you consider that the relationship between the self and the higher self is a spiritual one. What does that mean? The spirit, as we have suggested to you before, is a shuttle, it is a passageway, or, if you prefer, it is a channel. It is a channel ultimately that connects the individual creature back with the Creator. However, there are stops or stages upon the way, so to speak. One such stop is the higher self. Another is the mind/body/spirit totality. And of course the ultimate stop is the One Infinite Creator, which we have called “Intelligent Infinity.”

So, it is true that you are the Creator. It is true that you are the mind/body/spirit totality. It is true that you are the higher self. All of these are compositionally implicit in your very being. And, because there is this intrinsic connectedness, this intrinsic identity we will even say, there is a natural protection which applies to that circumstance. And so your communication up and down that shuttle is not subject to the same kind of infiltration of outside influence as those efforts to communicate across density with selves or social memory complexes that are not of that order — that is to say, the order of identity — naturally entail.

We do not say to you that when you choose to communicate with your higher self in your meditations, for example, that you are subject to the same kind of risks or dangers that you may encounter when you seek to serve as an instrument. When you seek to serve as an instrument, reaching to the outer planes, you are engaging in a magical act. It is an act which, as a magical act, loses some of the protections of those who strive entirely under the veil. You are seeking to reach out beyond the veil. And in doing so, you are entering an intelligible universe which is full to brimming with intelligences, not all of which mean you well. That is why protection is warranted.

Finally, we will speak briefly to the physics of the protection involved in the rule of three. In a communication between two, you have an oscillatory motion: back and forth, back and forth. In that oscillatory motion, there is a unity in duality. Back and forth, back and forth. The unity, however, is between two which suggests that the movement from the one to the other anticipates what the other will receive and the other anticipates what the one will both give and receive. It is a circumstance in which the paired presence of two is limited in what we might call the universality of relationship. By adding a third, you have a motion which is no longer oscillatory, but which can become circular, which can become something of the nature of a new dimension added to relationship. It is a dimensional structure which has a kind of strength to it precisely because there is a kind of indeterminacy in the way that each of the elements plays in relation to the others. All three elements address a point of reference not reducible to any of the three, or any binary relationship among the three. It is a stronger unit, shall we say.

There is a difference between twoness and threeness far greater than there is between threeness and fourness or fourness and fiveness. And that is why we say that when three are gathered together in one seeking there is a kind of strength of that relationship that is the decisive step forward from the binary relationship of two. And in that strength there does lie protection when each of the membership of the three is committed to the common mode of service which we call service to others. We feel that, were this instrument better equipped with a technical understanding of the constitution of matter, we might be able to analogize that issue to the question of the principle of three. But we will have to leave the matter where it stands, and hope that we have at least made a beginning in explaining why the principle of three is held to be so important when communicating in a universe in which there are those which would infiltrate that communication and attempt to turn the fundamental intent of that communication on its head.

We are those of Q’uo, and we would at this time transfer the contact back to the one known as Joseph.

(Joseph channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and we are with this instrument once again. We have discussed the many distinctions relevant to this question and focused on the threats to be borne in mind, the protections to be invoked, and the various strengths of certain kind of protections over others. The threeness, for example, as opposed to a twoness is plain in its strength in considering, say, engineering a bridge. A flat bridge easily collapses. But a structure built from compounded triangles is extremely strong. Or you could also consider the hexagon, or the square bisected. Every structure – every relation between more than three – can be broken down into relations between three, and those relations broken down into binary pairings. The binary pairings themselves always, except in uncommon and perhaps not especially useful instances, are not very strong. There are some particles that prefer to pair in twos, but these tend not to join with others. The point is the greater the group, the more structural bondings there are, the more intricate the crystalline structure, and thus the more difficult it is to break one free from the rest. You might think of the constitution of a diamond in comparison.

Now, having spoken to protection and to threats, we would introduce one more topic of discussion. And this is the likelihood of being approached by a threatening force. Under what circumstances would an entity of the service to self polarity even be attracted to your working? The service to self polarity is, above all, concerned with power. So even if you are weakly protected, if the service to self entity judges that you are also not much of a vector of power, you will be left alone. This is partly why greater purity of seeking requires greater discipline in protection. But also, the entity that is as pure as one can get whose relations to others are limited or perhaps even closed off will be seen as an isolated hermit, who, unless it is likely that this hermit will come out of hiding, is not going to be a very useful vector of power acquisition.

Consider, for example, the difference in a contact with an outer planes entity that is established by two entities who are channeling versus the same contact established by one entity channeling and another who is not practiced in the disciplines of channeling, who offers support but who is the recipient. Think of a reading. There is an important difference in these two binary pairings. In the first binary pairing between two entities who approach the practice with discipline and care toward tuning, there will be a kind of critical faculty employed in virtue of experience. This is especially true if the two entities channeling are disciplined in the directions we have discussed. That is, they are careful. But if you channel for another who is not apprised of such discipline and so lacks the critical perspective from which to assess the potential shortcomings of a conscious channeling contact, then the vector, the potential vector of power for the service to self entity is greater, because now there is a greater chance of manipulating the listening entity. For this reason, in any situation in which the channeling is performed as a service to some other who is not apprised and not engaged in the discipline, the potential vectors of power are increased, so the attraction is more likely. Though, in some sense, there is no such thing as practice channeling, it is, other things equal, safer to channel alone in discipline with no recording or to channel with one other who is also disciplined with no recording than otherwise.

In closing, on this most complicated topic, we would simply encourage you to balance in your own judgment the various factors at play. In manifestation there are very few rules that are absolute in their applicability. This rule of three is ultimately a pragmatic rule. It might well have been a rule of six, in the sense that the more protection the better. We have spoken, of course, of the dramatic difference between the protection afforded to two and to three, which is what makes the three such a salient number. It is the most appealing place to set a rule of thumb because of this dramatic difference. Yet, the protection increases as the number increases, provided those in the group seek together. And, recall, the danger increases the wider the expected exposure increases. Recording makes a difference. The circle is as big as in time and space, it ultimately projects out. You cannot know, from where you sit, how large of a circle of seeking you gather around yourself when you make contact with us and record it. The circle itself does not know the boundaries of time.

We believe that this will suffice for an answer to the query. So we would invite any further questions. We are those of Q’uo.

Steve: I have a question, Q’uo. If, within a circle of seeking, there are those who introduce negative elements, which is to say service to self elements, in a modest way, but on the whole continue in a service to others mode, at what point would you say that the service to self elements tend to override the strength of protection?

We are those of Q’uo. We believe we understand the question. Recall that a group is formed from the smaller structures: the individual nature, the pairings of relationships, the triads, the quadrads. Out of these pairings, the strength of the group is formed. No one is expected to be fully pure. So there will be service to self elements regardless of the circle in question. Now, suppose that a member of a circle is weakly service to others, or perhaps even in the sinkhole of indifference, the question then becomes whether the circle itself that is the rest of the structure is capable of lifting this one up, at least for the time being, or whether the pairings, the triads, the quadrads, are not strong enough to accommodate this distinctive impurity that one seeker brings to the circle. So it’s not a matter of the presence of some surreptitious or hidden service to self element; it’s a matter of the relationships involved and whether those relationships in their overlap, in their structure can accommodate the weaknesses. You can imagine, say, in a forest, where there is a danger of ambush, having a formation in which all visibility is covered through a division of labor. It is similar in the case of the channeling circle – or any magical circle. The strengths of one can make up for the weaknesses of another, so each can turn their eyes to their assigned direction and need not worry about threats from behind. But if the unit is badly coordinated, there will be blind spots. Is this a sufficient answer to your question?

Steve: It is. Thank you, that is very helpful.

We are those of Q’uo. Is there another question?

We are those of Q’uo. There being no more questions, we will, once more, express our deep gratitude for being invited to your group once again. We are enthusiastic. We are excited to have this opportunity to engage with you in an ongoing and upbuilding way. Though we cannot say exactly what the future will hold, these kind of circumstances that you set up for yourself offer the possibility of crossing a kind of threshold, a transition from one condition to another, in virtue of the intensive nature of the experience. We do not expect this to happen, but we see the possibility of increased bonding between members of the group, increased bonding between ourselves and those members, and we are pleased to have the opportunity. We look forward to communing with you again soon. We are those of Q’uo and we leave you in the boundless love and benevolence of our One Infinite Creator. Adonai.