The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 3 Saturday, June 17, 2023

Q’uo on First Density Timelessness and Second Density Harvest

The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 3 Saturday, June 17, 2023


In this remarkable session, those of Q’uo discuss the basic organizing principles of first density, including what pushes entities into second density. It is in first density that consciousness transforms through patterns of motion that begin to crystallize and resonate with vibratory influences that beckon the nascent entity onwards. By tracing this progression of consciousness backwards from third density to first, those of Q’uo walk the seeker through the various layers of awareness that accumulate to modify the overall quality of beingness. They end by illustrating the specific nature of a primitive consciousness that, in its limitation to only be acted upon and not act itself, can endure and abide timelessness. Mysteriously, a “primordial desire” emerges at some point impelling the first density graduate to pursue the upward spiraling light into a world of motion, time, action, and complexity.

Group Question

How does the timelessness of first density transition into the temporal experience of consciousness in second density that allows for the upward spiraling light to be pursued?

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings, my friends, in the warm, radiant love and exacting light of our one unified and infinite Creator who offers us this opportunity for the pleasure to understand, in those small ways, those unsatisfying but pregnant ways [by which] consciousness discloses itself to itself. You are allowed to relish this inquiry, my brothers. You are authorized to worship the mystery, to bask in its glory, and we share this relishing of the infinite potential latent in each moment, each tiny portion of the beautiful creation that our Creator has afforded us, has afforded itself.

The matter which we share your interest in this day is invested with so much opportunity for the misallocation of that project of self-awareness, the discovery of new aspects of existence. We cannot overemphasize the role discernment plays in this act of reaching awareness. Therefore, please use what gifts you have been given to decide on your own terms what this means, what consequences it affords you, and what must be placed aside as not useful on this particular path back to the Creator which you tread. This is also a creative act, this discernment exercised in humility, and we would not offer any enticements to bypass what must ground you in your direct experience, for transformation is the goal, not total understanding.

However, we discern useful elements of your query that may shed light on your essential nature. We say “essential” because this essence that you carry about, as the one known as Steve mused, has in itself, infinity, and this is in truth, my friends, the key to the puzzle. It is the key to understanding, or at least appreciating, the unfolding of consciousness, the telos of unity. For why should there be even the illusion of separation if not to expose the inner content of the act of becoming aware, the disclosure of what is the nature of existence.

As you know, this nature begins in infinity, much as it ends. But this beginning is of prime concern to the seekers who share our company this day. It is wrapped up in a kind of seeming impossibility of transformation that is indicated in part by the use of the word, “timelessness”. After all, could you think of a better way of expressing infinity by other words than the stretch of waiting that the concept of timelessness conveys? Inherent in this, we maintain, is a kind of awareness, a kind of thing that you can–and in truth must–recognize as consciousness in the mineral, the elemental.

This is an experience of the crystalline nature of the motion of the universe as it coalesces, recognizing an infinitely small center that it cannot, in the illusion of manifestation, ever truly reach. It is carefully arranged, exposing a kind of intelligence that awakens, that is undifferentiated before. It is in this distinctiveness of bodies, as they find an increasingly more complex center, or should we say, increasingly more complex patterns that revolve around a center, that pure motion begins to have a kind of substance to it. This creates the mode of consciousness that is not, of course, self-aware; it is not even capable of contemplating action at all. It is, in fact, action, acted upon by forces that constrain and limit according to ideals that are beyond the straightforward characteristics of what you might call “matter”.

We offer this perspective because we believe there is something of usefulness to you even in your lives this day to understand the nature of your experience as always orbiting a center, a connection point to infinity, that allows for an illusion to be recovered from separation. This is not something which is easy to imagine because in third density imagination is a kind of tool to use in directing the will, and it is difficult to understand will at the level of that which is merely acted upon by forces. How can transformation obtain from this immobile situation, this satisfaction in static resonance, merely perpetuating the sacred word across its crystalline form?

To begin this exploration, we would relinquish our connection with this instrument in order to continue through the instrument known as Nithin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Nithin channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am with this instrument. The nature of first density awareness involves an inherent awareness that organizes the various particles, or what you would call the basic building blocks of matter, and often can express a crystalline nature, whether it be in the form of gas, mineral, or what you would call liquid. The time period for first density awareness varies greatly depending on the conditions of the solar logos or the galactic logos. What may appear to be a longer period of time from your perspective in this particular solar logos is not necessarily the case in other places in what you would call this galaxy. This can occur for many reasons.

You have heard that Earth is now fourth density in potentiation in part because of a coinciding of the ending of the great 75,000 year long cycle, which corresponds to a vibratory energy in this region of what you would call space. Vibratory energies can similarly affect the progression of awareness of first density. And so the passage of time is indeed particularly individual to a solar logos in a particular region of space. 

There is also an element of free will, even in the first density awareness that governs the speed of the transition between first and second density, as the spiraling upward of light and the speed at which that occurs as it manifests through the progression of consciousness in the various densities cannot always be predicted.

For further discussion of this nuanced query, we turn this contact over to the instrument known as Steve.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument. We would, through this instrument at this time, invite those present who are currently in a state of deep meditation, and those who might happen upon these words, who may not be so, to move back with us in thought to an earlier point within this incarnation.

Let us say, to begin with, that this earlier point might be yesterday afternoon or the morning before, when one finds oneself preoccupied with the cares of the day, one has perhaps appointments to keep, one has responsibilities that one must meet, and in contemplating how one shall undertake a response to these responsibilities, one has to take into account a wide range of possible implications associated with the actions one might propose to undertake, and in doing so, a host of further considerations gets brought into play. Some of these considerations are front and center, while other considerations lurk in various degrees of significance in the background of one’s conscious life. What we would suggest to you is that this conscious life may be contemplated as a complex array of considerations that have been built up over the course of a lifetime, and serve in intricate ways, greatly nuanced, to articulate the significance of that lifetime in various and sundry ways, some of which are not wholly conscious to you, perhaps, but, even there, they can have a degree of particularity that is highly articulated.

You have long become accustomed to living lives in conscious awareness of these complexities, and you are accustomed to making judgments concerning how well you are doing, formulating plans for how you might do better, all in light of your desire that you might find a place within the horizon of your conscious life that better and better befits your highest aspiration for what that conscious life might become, and for how you might better serve others within the parameters of the possibilities and limitations afforded by that conscious life. And so what we have invited you to contemplate is the nature of third density life as you find it.

Now we would like to invite you to take a small step backward within the time-frame of your third density experience, to a point at which you were not yet so beset with responsibilities which you now feel, sometimes as opportunities, sometimes as burdens. We invite you to reflect upon what, within your own process of growth in this lifetime, was a simpler moment, a moment when you were younger in your years, a moment when the day was not as complexly laid out for you, as you went forth to meet it, a moment in which, upon awakening, you were perhaps able to gaze upon the sun slanting in the window, announcing to you a newborn day, and were filled with wonder and perhaps curiosity concerning what this day might bring. To be sure, you were aware that some things would be called upon for you to do, to perform some duties, some activities will be demanded of you, but you might not yet have a good grasp of what these activities will be, because all that you presently know is that there will be a request made to you by one to whom you are accustomed to listen, a parent, let us say. 

There is a kind of innocence in this state of consciousness, which we invite you to consider — nay, we invite you to move back into this innocence. It is somehow freeing not to feel that the whole responsibility for the day and the way it unfolds for you rests upon your shoulders. It gives you the opportunity to respond and react in the moment to the various little events that you encounter along the way. To be sure, there is a sense in which you are, in this configuration, less free to ordain that day, or to color it with that distinctive palette which eventually will become your own. But in this thought experiment that we are proposing, we are moving back into an innocence, and we would ask that you free yourself into that experience of the innocence of your young years. It’s all innocence and delight: delight, we say, until such a moment in which it is perhaps not delightful, a moment in which perhaps you have fallen and skinned your knee, or you have encountered an obstacle to a desire which has arisen within you, and you have found that you are not being afforded the opportunity to fulfill that desire.

Now these little impediments to desire are indeed what may motivate you to seek growth that will give you more authority within the parameters of your own life experience, but at the moment we are not focusing on that trajectory of growth, for we are making an effort to go backwards within the pattern of growth that we all have enjoyed. And to go backwards from our very young years is to arrive at years even younger, and now we offer you the opportunity to move back into the stage of infancy in which your desires are not very well developed at all. Mostly they are a relation to immediate circumstances of discomfort or comfort. It is a kind of consciousness that may be described as one of immediacy.

Now if we may invite you to move back yet further, this will require a leap, for we are now prepared to consider life as it feels when it is lived in the second density, that is the life, let us say to begin with, of an animal. Let us say you are a furry animal of some description, and to begin with, let us take you to be an animal who is mature enough to have a fair understanding of what is required to survive, and therefore your consciousness is riveted to the requirements of survival, these being food, in some cases the need for warmth or shelter, and also the urges that you feel towards procreation. You have social needs, you have needs that register in what we have called the red ray, needs that mean that you must either graze or hunt depending on the nature of the furry body which you now occupy. Your consciousness is laid out for you within a pattern over which you have little independent control, but a great deal of variability within. In other words, you are able to maneuver, and this ability to maneuver is essentially tied to your capacity to survive and your possibility of fulfilling those desires which you have.

Now, let us move back to an earlier stage yet: a stage of proto-animality, let us say, in which you have far less variability, perhaps you have only the ability to move in relation to light, you are drawn to the light; you feel an urge toward the light, but beyond that there is nothing much that you do that will determine your state of being. your awareness is all directed in a very simple way towards one source, the source of the light. But there is directedness there, and within that directedness, there is a range of experience that is possible for you.

Now we would invite you to take another leap, a leap back into a condition that is prior even to the one we have just described, a condition in which there is a stirring of the air—the wind—there is a heating—the fire—there is the movement of water, there is the receptivity of the earth. Let us dissolve this awareness into the feeling of the differentiated earth-ness, air-ness, fire-ness, water-ness These are the primitive elements, one feels this, and feels that, and feels and feels and feels, but there is little that one can do by way of manifesting beyond very limited parameters available within a manner of feeling in this way or a manner of feeling in that.

Okay, we are now in first density. And, from within first density, let us make an effort to reach for that moment which bestirs us into movement, that moment which bestirs us into movement, and we would like to call this the moment of primordial desire. The moment of primordial desire is that where we now may pivot and begin to move, back up the scale. What does primordial desire, desire, but to move, and what does movement portend, but change, and what does change require, but a before and after. And when there is the experience of a before and after, that which is experienced as before, is preserved in the after, and therefore the differentiations introduced at a primordial level in experience, in consciousness, are such that they can build upon each other and in that manner introduce articulation, complexity within consciousness itself. And we can tell you, when there is world enough and time—and my friends, there is always world enough and time—the conscious movement into complexity, the origins of which we have just described to you, can build and build and build in such a way that not only does more complexity become possible within the framework of one type of consciousness, but it even becomes thinkable that a leap from one framework in consciousness to another will be undertaken according to the urges native to awareness itself in its primitive nature. My friends, we have attempted to work backwards to the first density so that you may have a feeling for how there could possibly be a continuity in consciousness as it develops from first density onward.

We feel that we have sufficiently covered the ground that we may do in this context, and we will at this time transfer the contact back to the one known as Jeremy. I am Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we thank the instruments for letting us explore this idea through them. For it is most primitive a vibration of consciousness to contemplate, this first density state of awareness.

You see in it, in this awakening to the light having found organized centers around which to gain entityness, the expression of motion brought inward making growth towards the light absolutely necessary so that there is a basis for upward progression out of a consciousness of stasis, a consciousness in which forces shape these aspects of consciousness and become involved in expressing that center that is found. It can only lead to growth towards the light. It is mysterious why this must be so. Let me assure you that you have in this session of communication with us found much to inform further inquiry into the particular ways of consciousness [in] this octave.

At this time you would offer opportunities for further queries from those here gathered so as to shed light on what we have not been able to completely explicate in our words so far. Is there a question? We are those of Q’uo.

(No response)

We are again with this instrument, and we are Q’uo, understanding the depth of concentration this exploration of primitive consciousness has made necessary. Rest, my friends. There are further vistas to explore in this glorious creation which the Creator has gifted us. 

At this time, therefore, let us take our leave, so that you may have respite and share this love that has been a character the entire time through this evolutionary journey. You may share this love in this moment with one another. 

We are those of Q’uo, and at this time we leave the circle in love and light. Adonai vasu borragus.