The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 5 Saturday, June 17, 2023

Q’uo on Calling and Service

The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 5 Saturday, June 17, 2023


Those of Q’uo tackle the concept of calling in this short session, specifically how it relates to service. Calling is a reciprocal phenomenon to service that highlights the interrelated nature of the creation, and calling is as necessary as service. Because those of Q’uo seek to serve in the positive polarity, they describe some of their concerns about answering callings and how they might approach them in a spirit of respecting free will and the capacity of third density consciousness. Some guidance is also provided on how to think about asking for service in a way that advances the seeker’s spiritual evolution.

Group Question

How does calling for service work and how is it related to free will?

Channeled Message

(Nithin channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am with this instrument. We we greet you with love and light on this joyous occasion of speaking through the one known as Nithin and as an instrument for seemingly the first time, we are happy to answer your query, but ask that you use discernment, your own judgment, in hearing our words and to leave them behind, if they do not serve you on your journey at this time.

You have asked us to speak on the nature of calling as it relates to service, and also as it relates to free will.  The calling of service is one that occurs throughout this creation, this octave. It is through a calling that we are able to join with and speak through the group that you have assembled here today. Calling and service are interlinked in that between both of them there is a mirroring effect, that which is called to serve also serves, and that which serves also calls.

In third density here on this planet, there are many types of calls. As calling is interlinked with service and polarization itself, often the origins of a call begin deep within the subconscious. However, the strength of a call is greatly enhanced by conscious desire and invocation, as well as the assistance and communion with other like-minded mind, body, spirit complexes who join together with a common calling, as this group here has done today and in the past,

We now turn this contact over to the one known as Steve to speak further on this subject and on free will. I am Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are with this instrument.

As we have said through the one known as Nithin, the calling often originates within the unconscious in a way that does not fully register as to its particulars or as to its fundamental nature in the conscious mind. Now, for the one who receives the calling, it is not always entirely clear what precisely circumscribes the calling on the part of the caller. What we perceive is an openness of a certain characteristic. The primary feature of this characteristic for us is the polarity that it contains. We, who are of the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator, are empowered to respond only to those calls which are of the positive polarity.  And for us, this appears as a kind of openness, and the openness is very, very rarely complete, so that it comes to us generally in a kind of mixed or muddled fashion.

This means that we are necessarily limited in the way that we may respond to the calling, for fear of infringing upon free will. It would be wholly disproportionate, for example, if what is requested is merely a small degree of protection or inspiration, and we should flood the unwary seeker with a host of information so vast in his proportions that we would overwhelm the seeker. And so we would say that it is our general tendency to offer a little at a time with the understanding that if more is desired, a further calling may be registered, or, if it seems appropriate, a revised form of the calling may be offered. That gives the possibility of a kind of give and take, and we would say that over the course of many, many efforts that a certain cadre or group of those who are willing to help, both at the level of higher densities, and from within your own inner planes, begins to form around a seeker, and the more the seeker gains experience in the seeking, and manages, in one way or another, to intensify and unify the terms of that seeking, the more help we are able to be, and the more focused our responses are able to be.

At all times, however, we are bound by the distortion of free will. This is paramount, and we would far rather offer too little on a specific occasion, than to offer so much that it creates further distortions in the seeking process. And so the seeker is encouraged to ask, and to ask again, and to review the asking and ask yet again, and in that way there develops not only a kind of feedback loop between caller and called, but also a kind of integration of the energies across the planes or across the densities, so that a more efficient pattern of response may eventually evolve.

With this, we will pass the contact to the one known as Jeremy. 

(Jeremy channeling)

We are those of Q’uo and speak now through this instrument. 

It is characteristic of the individuated self that the calling for service represents a kind of pause in the self-propelled nature of seeking. You see, in the expression of need there is a true concept of the interrelationship of the creation expressed. It is more pronounced with the veil in place, but it extends throughout the densities in which consciousness has this upwards momentum. 

Service is the dynamic expression of unity. The calling is the reciprocal aspect of this. It is quite necessary to have this calling, this recognition of an incompleteness within the separate self, for this is the pull towards the Creator writ small. At every step in the evolutionary path, one is driven by one’s ability to appreciate and resonate with the upward spiraling light. The impairment in doing so for a moment is quite instructive to the entity and to the creation as a singular whole, its protean reaching represented in the need expressed by a single unit, a single fractal unit of the Creator. 

It is perhaps painful and regrettable on some level that individuals must discover their own inability to move forward at times and that they must engage in the despair that is normal when forward, upward progress does not easily obtain in ways that are recognized and accepted by the self. Yet there is great wisdom in recognizing what the individual’s incompleteness calls on. This incompleteness calls forth completeness, and at every level of consciousness this mitigation of separation is accompanied by the trumpets and glorious singing of those who oversee the glorious resolution of the octave’s basic premise. It is the Creator’s desire, my friends, that you validate your need for each other, your need for unity, so that what pulls you back from being so vulnerable and so open can be pulled into awareness, can be cast into stark relief and offer a clue about the Creator’s very nature. 

Instrumentality is a mystery, my friends. That we should be vessels for a mystery we cannot resolve within ourselves is both the glory of individuation and the cause of much pain and therefore much calling. Does this seem unjust? Does it seem like a way to burden free will with needless angst? We can only offer that it is a perspective available to the seeker. 

Becoming the Creator, in part, means learning to adopt and release perspectives as needed so that one is always able to truly call and truly be nurtured and rescued, so to speak, from the chains of separation. You certify on the positive path time and time again through your struggles freely chosen what is true, what is just, what is glorious, and this is work well done. This is work that you will look back on, and you will see in it the reflection of the Creator’s face at precisely those times when the calling for help was most pure, was most heartfelt, and maybe even most desperate. It is [because of] this poignancy of vulnerability, of need, of the limitations of free will to constantly validate an individual self, that we form complexes of social memory, confederations of those complexes. We join hands and we affirm the necessity of need, the necessity of calling, and the fulfillment of that which seems lacking.

We are those of Q’uo. At this time we release this instrument from our contact, passing it back to the instrument known as Nithin. We are Q’uo.

(Nithin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are with this instrument. We would end this discussion by a reiteration of a point that was spoken by the instrument known as Steve, that openness, when one is calling for service to others, is an important consideration. And so sometimes paradoxically, the more intentional but more open and less restrictive a calling request, the stronger the answer to the call can be without violating free will or infringing upon free will. We would also mention that, as we have spoken before, the squaring effect is strong in amplifying a call, and so coming to communion with your fellow brothers and sisters in making a call is extremely powerful. 

And let us also leave this group and our listeners with one final point: all of us have made or put forth callings, so to speak. And on the path of polarity, we all also answer calls. Each one of you here and the listeners will find opportunities to answer the calls of others. And for this too the squaring effect strengthens the answer of the call, so just as in coming together in communion and making a call strengthens and amplifies the call, so too in coming together with the intent to serve others and answer the calls of others in a group is extremely powerful and reverberates in both space/time and time/space.

We thank you for the opportunity to speak on this subject. And we now take our leave. We are Q’uo, Adonai, Adonai borragus vasu.