The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 7 Sunday, June 18, 2023

Q’uo on the Enduring Effect of the Choice in Higher Densities

The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 7 Sunday, June 18, 2023


In this session those of Q’uo discuss the various long-running effects of the veil experienced in third density on the later densities’ balancing. Polarization provides much impetus for seeking, but this lopsided desire does eventually require balancing in the higher densities. Q’uo describes the various ways in which wandering back into third density helps the mind/body/spirit complex explore its original choice in more detail. This to-and-fro between lower and higher densities seems to have served to complicate the otherwise smooth path back to the Creator in this octave, shortening third and fourth densities relative to the last octave but lengthening fifth and sixth densities.

Group Question

The question for this afternoon is drawn from a passage1 in the Law of One in which we have learned that, during the last octave, as Ra accounts it, the third density was much elongated, while on the other hand the fifth and sixth density in particular were much shortened in comparison to what they are in this octave. What we would like some information about is the question of how that difference has registered in the dynamic of spiritual evolution as it proceeds now in this octave. That is to say, we would like to know how the fifth and the sixth densities have been altered in the current octave, and particularly we would like to know the role of wandering in that difference. Thank you.

Channeled Message

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we greet you in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. We are most pleased to place ourselves in your service, in an attempt to answer the query that you have posed to us today. And we ask, as always, that you exercise your own discernment in accepting that which we have to offer, and of that which we have to offer, if you will lay aside that which does not resonate to you as truth, it will permit us to address the question with fewer concerns that we might be infringing upon your free will. For it is our understanding that the preservation of free will is of the essence of spiritual seeking and spiritual service, upon the path of service to others, which is that path which we share with you, my friends.

The question that you have posed inquires about the lengthening of the period of time, as you may call it, that has needed to be allotted to the fifth and the sixth densities of spiritual evolution after the emplacement of the veil in the third density. We believe that you understand that initially the veil was proposed as a means of gaining efficiency in the polarization in third density. And that after the veil was imposed, something which had not been anticipated as a part of that program, became clear and became an essential portion of the nature of spiritual development past third density. And this was contained in the realization that it was going now to be possible for mind/body/spirit complexes situated in the third density, to choose separation as a mode of being potentially persisting through future densities.

The way of separation we have called the way of that which is not, and quite frankly it had not occurred to any within the creation that one could make of that which is not a centering factor in the further reach into the higher domains or the more dense domains of spirit. The fact that this was proven to be so in the actual experience of the veiled condition and what followed from it, was a facet of the newness of what arose within this octave that needed more fully to be explored. It gave a virtually infinite array of possibilities for further exploration, and these possibilities extended well into the fourth density, as it was discovered that, if an hierarchical approach was taken to the constitution of social memory complexes, that negativity could persist as the primary motif, shall we say, of the construction of social memory complexes in the fourth density.

Meanwhile, the more expected configuration of service-to-others social memory complexes continued to exist, and fact did constitute the great majority of those experiments in spiritual advancement that were found to exist. However, once the negative path had been seen to be possible and viable to a large extent, there arose not only the differentiated possibility of choosing between these two paths, but also the very complicating factor of the interaction of the two paths, interactions which added untold difficulties for both patterns chosen for spiritual growth.

The path of negativity, which takes up a relation to the creation of seeking to command or control that creation, even including other mind/body/spirit complexes within it, was most wont to extend that propensity to its relations with other experiments which had settled on the service-to-others motif. And this meant that for the service-to-others social memory complexes, not only did they have to undertake the project of moving through their own unique kind of experience to ever higher manifestations of the potentials of that experience, but at the same time they had to deal with the unsolicited offerings coming from the negative side, and this both delayed the progress that they were want to achieve and it greatly complicated the needs associated with what it meant now to have chosen the positive path. Because more and more clearly it was seen that to choose the positive path is quite specifically to not choose the negative, even as the same in reverse could be said for the negative.Therefore, regardless of which of the two paths one was on, one had to acknowledge that there was a dimension of that path that made reference to the path that it had pointedly not chosen. 

Now we would ask you to consider that when such a configuration is possible, that the individuated portion of the mind/body/spirit complex is forced to confess that within itself there is a potential which it would prefer not to celebrate, it would prefer not to embrace. And this acknowledgement raises the specter of a more astute type of perception which we may call a self-perception, that is at work in the process of unfolding, which is what we call growth. And it is a perception more acutely aware of dimensions of possibility lurking on the fringes, or on the horizon, of the aura of the self. And the task with regard to the aura of the self, is always one of integration, not rejection. 

And so, instead of a condition that characterized the circumstances of an earlier octave, in which the energies of the psyche that were to be polarized toward the positive were first encountered in a neutral condition, it became increasingly the case that they were encountered in a condition which in many cases were now experienced to have an orientation already to the negative register. And the undertaking of transmuting energy in that condition to the positive is in fact far more complex, far more intensifying within the individuated self, than was the previous requirement merely of polarizing energy that can be considered neutral or unpolarized.

And so the nature of individuated selfhood had now substantially changed, and become a much less wieldy thing to consider. There were what one might call recalcitrant facets of selfhood that would often show themselves in unexpected situations, sufficient to confound a project currently underway. Thus, again and again, work that might be called remedial in nature had to be undertaken in order to effectuate the coming-together in a social memory complex and to render that social memory complex sufficiently in possession of its own resources that it might, in the fullness of time, gather itself together to make the leap into the fifth density. Thus, we say that while the third density and the fourth density experiences after the veil was imposed could be fairly quick, providing that a means was afforded of using that negative energy that had become more available, as a springboard in the process of the gathering and the leaping, there were a great many facets of selfhood, both upon the individual level and at the level of the social memory complex, that were, in the fifth density, less well prepared, shall we say, for the nature of work that the fifth density involved.

As you know, the nature of work in the fifth density is that of wisdom, and wisdom involves in the first instance a knowledge of self. And the knowledge of self that was now of available pertained necessarily not just to that arrangement of selfhood which had been devised such that it enabled the spring into the fifth density, but also the qualitative aspects of all the elements now had to be thoroughly examined, had to be fathomed, had to be brought under the rubric of a much advanced set of capacities that the self was beginning to understand itself to have. And this entitled much intricate work, intricate work that, for example, or by analogy, could be said to be work under the microscope.

So balances of an increasingly nuanced and intricate nature had to be discovered as possibilities of transmuting energies and facets of selfhood, qualities of beingness that had to be brought under the umbrella of a project much more expansive in scope, as the realization came to be that the self contained cosmic dimensions previously unsuspected.

The task we have just described to you became much more intricate yet upon the transition to the sixth density, where wisdom needed to be blended back into compassion in order for a more expansive form of being a self to achieve its inner nisus. Thus, the time frame of densities five and six were necessarily greatly enlarged to accommodate the work that was thereby needed to be done. Now, much of this work, it turned out, was of a nature that it was retrospective in its reach, for the newly added ingredients to the process of developing a functioning sense of self in densities five and six required the transmutation of the tiniest facets of residual energy that had in many, many cases not yet been fully transmuted in the proper way, so that they could enter into the proper configuration of the new modes of integration in self.

This retrospective orientation suggested a possibility that became increasingly important to consider, and that is that one might return to the third to do some of the rough-hewn work, if we may put it that way, upon residual energies that had yet to be integrated. And that is what we might call motive number one for returning to the third density as wanderers. There is a second motive, which is that of service, not unrelated to the first, but which functions in such a way that those who have advanced to the densities five and six, might perform a service of what we might call bearers of good news to those who still dwelt in third density. And this was a fitting portion of the task of evolving spiritually at those more attenuated levels of the illusions, because it became increasingly clear to those who entered the fifth and sixth densities, that they themselves were a portion of the larger cosmos, and were indeed an intelligent portion of those cosmos, and that in that intelligence there lay a responsibility. And so it was by way of fulfilling that responsibility that this second dimension of the motive for returning as wanderers came to be registered.

We will now further explore these questions by transferring the contact to the one known as Jeremy. I am Q’uo.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo. I am now with this instrument to continue to explore the many facets of this divine project of self exploring self in the dimensions that this illusion refracts. We begin with the level of consciousness that exists at the sixth level. 

There is indeed these two motives: the one of balance and that of service. And yet our thought now would seek to bring these two motives into a kind of unity, for we remind you of our message as the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One Infinite Creator. We see our role as facilitating the service that our members offer and grow through. Service is what we call, from the point of view of the illusion, the nature of consciousness to seek out its fragmented parts throughout the illusion and to affirm in the dynamics of that motion-filled plenum the truth that is always at hand at every level of consciousness, and that is the inherent unity that binds the illusion and that makes the illusion possible in the first place. So let us return to the sixth level and ponder what at that level selfhood entails. 

We have the polarized self of third density giving an engine to evolution that creates a intensified desire to seek, an intensified trajectory towards the Creator. Then a fourth density where this desire can be networked and coordinated into a larger engine. The individual understands that its exploration of self must travel through other selves in a new way, not simply as an individual but as a social self, a collective of these atoms that begins to form, much as your physical atoms, new qualities in combination. And these qualities are only visible once one has released the tight grip on a personality as a sole vehicle for this exploration. 

Once loosened, the energies flow in surprising patterns to the new fourth density entity. The spirit complex is galvanized as one learns to lean on one another in this new kind of service. And then in fifth density selfhood is again explored in its nuanced dimensions, where one learns that the intelligence of evolution is not simply working on one, but one is working on it. One fuses with this intelligence and learns to be shaped by it, learns to do the shaping as a process of an exalted self that can transition across vehicles.

And then at some point, when the need to recover compassion in all of this intelligence presents a barrier to further growth, the leap is made back into the fold of that social self, newly baptized in the light it has learned to see itself in, learned how to recognize the self in the patterns that light provides. However, the destination of sixth density now arrived at, one must reckon most carefully with the conditions that propelled the self through, namely this polarized desire at the crux of this path, this polarized desire that patterned all of the lessons that love and light provided. By this, we mean to suggest that the wanderer’s return to third density from fifth and sixth, but most aptly from sixth, is a recapitulation of the exploration of desire. 

Now it should not surprise you, my friends, the way this desire is explored in this more careful way as an act of service since, as we have said, service is the main vector to unity. It is unity projected into the constraints of the densities. It is the dance that the Creator does through the pinhole of the individual mind/body/spirit complex. It is part of the nature of there being a complex to begin with, for as one readily and willingly steps into the veiled condition once more, one learns how fundamental that choice was so long ago. One learns something about the self that was set aside so that growth could have a momentum and not simply that following along the predetermined paths of other entities’ journeys. 

If there is one real advantage to veiled third density, it is in the way it more fully expresses each spark of the Creator’s unique natures. This is the value of individuation to begin with: that, by splitting in just such a way, one guarantees that the novelties learned are recovered without any loss along these lines of division. We offer this idea that growth or unfolding is similarly patterned by the individuation characteristics, the way in which the Creator chooses to become many centers. For these centers are designed to both bring into view infinity and to pull infinity back into itself, and it is intelligence that provides the plan, love that provides the direction, and therefore the freedom of a protean entity to explore is not so cast out into chaos.

So this wanderer is serving its other selves. It is learning about the nuances of the path it did not take. This is only possible, my friends, in a veiled condition, at least as far as the positive, service-to-others path is concerned. We do not explore the negative sixth density entity except to say that you may possibly reason about the state of play we have drawn in detail here with some limited accuracy as to the negative entity’s evolutionary necessities. It is in the veiled condition that the sixth density wanderer learns what about its original third density desire was properly left behind so that it could explore with fervor and not simply a ho-hum kind of “well, a little of this, and a little of that, and it is just so” attitude. This is the state of sixth density exploration: as the polarities are unified, one then can look at the spectrum of polarity without the jaundiced eye of desiring growth at all costs. One can compare notes and see that one’s individual uniqueness was the most precious element of one’s journey through the evolutionary path.

To elaborate on this sixth density balancing and the wanderer’s role, we would like to release contact with this instrument and move our contact to the instrument known as Nithin. We are those of Q’uo.

(Nithin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are with this instrument. We would like to elaborate on how the discovery of the negative path after the veil affected sixth density. 

The negative six density entity, for it to progress in all scenarios of which we are aware, must retrace its steps and switch polarities to the positive, as our brothers and sisters of Ra have spoken to. This is a lengthy process and does not occur quickly. And in some cases requests are made for the assistance by such entities to positive six density social memory complexes. Such an interaction, such an offer of service by such a positive social memory complex to aid another entity which is to change its polarity is also a lengthy process.

Furthermore, a not uncommon pain point, so to speak, for the positive six density entity in accepting all is the existence of the negative polarity. The interactions between the negative and positive polarity occur mostly in third density with some small interactions in fourth density. Many of the sixth, and indeed fifth density social memory complexes—even after the conditions of the veil—evolved in third density conditions where there was no mixed or negative harvest. And in some cases then, the lesson of fully accepting the negative polarity does not occur until the finer balancing takes place in the fifth and sixth densities. And for such a learning, wandering from fifth or sixth density as a positive social memory complex into a mixed third density planet presents the ideal conditions for both balancing oneself and accepting the negative polarity and also to serve others on such a planet. And so in a sense, it is the dance between polarities—which not every social memory complex has had, shall we say, the benefit of experiencing in their third or fourth density existence—that is now explored with renewed vigor in the higher densities. 

And we would comment that, even amongst us, there was difficulty in accepting the results of the negative polarity on the spheres known as Maldek and Mars, for in our earlier density experiences, we did not face such circumstances and so found it useful to once again undergo the forgetting and wander to places where the precursor conditions of such situations were present and is present. It is a certain sense of spiritual maturity to experience such conditions first-hand, so to speak, and not from a distance that significantly aids the balancing process that is undertaken in sixth density.

We now turn the contact over to the instrument known as Steve to conclude. We are Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and we are again with this instrument.

We would like to conclude our remarks today, in which we have so strongly emphasized the role of polarity in the dynamics which we have described as having evolved uniquely in this octave of the creation. We would suggest, if we were asked to give a gloss on the nature of the difference between octaves, that the movement through the densities in the previous octave that could be seen as a relatively smooth upward course, though delayed in many of its moments, becomes more complex in its movement, when the two-and-fro of densities becomes a more significant factor in the equation.

What we mean by the term to-and-fro here is that the practice of wandering creates a condition where a sixth density individuated being moves back along the evolutionary line to incarnate in the third density for purposes of refining further work and of service. And it suggests that the uniform timeline is no longer anywhere near as uniform as it formerly was.

Now the underlying reality of the creation, as we understand it, you well know, is that it is a creation of unity, and that means that in the last analysis those who have polarized to the negative, and those who have polarized to the positive are indeed one and the same. And so when one encounters a fragment of the whole, in the orientation opposite to the one one feels oneself to have embraced, it must ultimately be seen as a portion of the self that has not been taken up. And so there is indeed a project of moving forward and backward as a process of re-learning what it means to be an individuated portion of the whole, where various seemingly antithetical possibilities for so being are a portion of the process of the unfolding of what is apparently individual on its way homeward to its place in the whole.

The few thoughts that we have been able meaningfully to offer today merely go to the discoveries that are made along the way, as this process continues. And we have every reason to believe that the octave we currently enjoy will be followed by another that will benefit from what is learned in this octave. And so, my friends,the great experiment in beingness goes on, and we participate in that experience with you, alongside you, ahead of you, behind you, and as you, for my friends, you are we as we are you. 

And with that thought that may hardly be fathomed, and yet, which must certainly be most true, we leave you on this fine day, thanking you for the service you have provided us and allowing us to share our thoughts with you. We are those of Q’uo. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

1. Ra Session 77, Question 17