The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 6 Sunday, June 18, 2023

Q’uo on Evolutionary Efficiency

The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 6 Sunday, June 18, 2023


What do those of Ra and the Confederation mean by “efficiency” when discussing spiritual evolution? Those of Q’uo tackle this question in light of the protean, “trial and error” nature of evolution, articulating the role the self-aware seeker plays in the total expression of the Creator’s nature in this octave. Each octave seems to constitute an experiment in improving the balance between joy and sorrow as two poles in a continuum properly experienced as one follows the upwards spiraling light. This current octave’s introduction of the veil between conscious and unconscious mind has improved the motivation to seek through third density polarization, but it has introduced a side effect by increasing the concentration of sorrow in that density, leading to the sinkhole of indifference. Those of sixth density seek to ameliorate this side effect, but their help is often rejected, and they are relegated to merely sharing in this sorrow as they send their love/light.

Group Question

What is being economized on when those of the Confederation speak of efficiency in seeking? Does it have anything to do with the mechanism of trial and error in evolution?

Channeled Message

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument on this marvelous day, greeting you all in the love and light of our One Infinite Creator. It is a blessing to be with you when hearts and minds are so attuned and intent on unraveling the knots that frustrate the forward progress of your people. It is not untoward to have some concerns, and we share them. Never forget that this concern comes from deep love, and it is in that love that we and you will find our way.

Because it is a project of, in part, the resonance with this great original thought, it is not something to be codified, to be checked against a rule set. It is for each individual mind/body/spirit complex to evaluate, and there is no easy way around this democracy of spirit and seeking. It may at times seem chaotic to rely upon the discernment of those who share this planet with you. However, have faith, find faith within, and let this story play out as it will, and accept that you must discover the pearl of great price in the morass on your own inclinations, your own constraints.

We offer any who hear these words—or read them—this charge: to look within, to feel as well as think, and to let our words meet that mark. Should they pull you away from what is true in your sight, then there is no other question to be asked, and we would have you leave our counsel aside. If you would do us this favor, my friends, then we can offer what guidance or thoughts might seem to us from our vantage point to be helpful and need not worry about the ramifications of density-to-density communication. Help each other place these words in their proper role in the life of a seeking individual.

The question today has to do with a concept that has contextualized much of the Confederation’s communications with your peoples. It has to do with a sense in which the project of spiritual evolution in motion might be cooperated more fully and artfully with. This is a very nuanced subject, my friends, for it can seem that we are doubting the perfection of what is unfolding before you. Do you not have free will? Do you not need to make your own choices? And is not your present position, calamitous or joyous as it may be, your own choice? And therefore, why intervene? Why have any doubt about the rightness of the way in which spiritual energy is transmitted through the crystal of your life or the enormous crystalline structure forming out of sight on this planet? Do you not learn through trial and error? And is there any way around this bumper car ride through catalyst?

It is a very apt question, as those gathered here today seek to orient their project to the conditions which obtain in this density on this planet, for you must invest yourself fully, mind, body, and spirit, to serve at your peak. And yet we all need respite. Everyone cannot burn at 100 percent efficiency at all moments, and there is the need to pause on the path, to sit down with your brothers and sisters, and share the cup, to reflect–not simply as an individual, but as a people. How to reach this balance then, you might ask? What principles may help one look within for the sign posts, for the indications that time is growing late and exertion is called for?

We begin with the evolutionary template in total, the idea of a single protean, creative entity, testing itself, probing and reaching, postulating and accepting. This is a task that operates at a lower level than you normally participate in consciously. It is well for an experiment of casting the original thought in a context in which questions can be asked that you would offer such a wide vista, a wide range of options to this Creator. Which will be chosen? Which will bear fruit? If this was known, this questioning would not be necessary.

Now this is a temporarily oriented manner of appraising the situation in which you find yourself, so you must release the model from the strictures of time and understand: trial and error is only valuable to the extent that it yields fruit, not in the sense that it is desirable to err, so to speak, this being a clumsy gesture at the true process of mystery disclosing itself endlessly, and yet always a matter of ecstasy. When we of the Confederation speak of trial and error, we simply mean to indicate that each moment recognized in the wider present moment has its place and is to be accepted. What would be called the “error” part of the equation is to be accepted as fruitful learning.

And the manner in which self-conscious entities need to learn their path forward by rote? Well, this can be seen as simply the invitation to the patience that has been spoken of in past contacts1, the patience of the Logos that observes the unfolding of a plan and does not quibble when obstacles are encountered, for trust is absolute at that level. And so in your patient implementation of your part of this plan, you recapitulate that logoic perspective, and bring a little bit of the confidence of a unified Creator to bear in your dramas and trials.

So trial and error can be seen as a mechanistic expression of this probing of mystery. If it seems inelegant, that is merely because in the experiment the animal participating has very little perspective on the purpose. And while this may seem undesirable, it is the self-conscious entity that recognizes of its own free will, of its own volition, the role of instrumentality: to recognize that the personality need not confine one’s project, and therefore faith is not simply a comfort but a liberator.

We wish to move contact at this point to the instrument known as Nithin, having spoken quite sufficiently in our estimation about the role of trial and error in order to move to the topic of spiritual efficiency. We are those of Q’uo.

(Nithin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are with this instrument.

The concept of spiritual efficiency is one for which there are many different perspectives, in the sense that this Creation is not uniform. Experimentation and trial and error create a variety of circumstances under which the spiraling upward of light varies because in essence the spiraling upward of light is the Creator exploring and experiencing itself. There is an interaction of free will of the mind/body/spirit complex, with free will preferences of both the planetary logos and the solar logos. As the conditions of the planet and of the solar system have an effect on the spiraling upward of light.

Consider those desires within the circle for spiritual evolution—the pull, the call—and understand that an emergent characteristic of incarnation into space/time can create a distortion or preference towards a seemingly most efficient use, a most efficient path through the illusion of time for the spiraling upward of light. Planets and stars too are within this illusion of time, and as is the case in this logos—that is, the solar logos—here was a seeming preference for spiritual efficiency that called out for, let us say, experimentation prior to the implementation of the veil on this planet. However, as can be observed by what has transpired amongst your peoples and the peoples of other planets, it can be a delicate balance as to the various preferences of what the journey of the spiraling upward of light can manifest as.

We now turn the contact over to the one known as Steve. We are Q’uo.

(Steve channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am with this instrument.

We would continue our address to this somewhat challenging question by remarking that up to this point on two occasions we have used the word balance, and we would like to suggest to you that balance is going to be the key to the response which we have to offer to the question of how it comes about that for us and, as we perceive it, for the creation and the Creator as a whole, the dimension, as we might be inclined to put it, of efficiency comes to be a value.

Now, in putting forth that which we say may be embraced as a value, we implicitly acknowledge perforce that there is a possibility of an alternative value that the establishment or support of the value which we have put forward is obliged to address. So let us then take on the challenge. Let us ask the question: how comes it to be a value that efficiency shall be embraced when, after all, this is a creation of infinite aspect, where time itself is not in short supply. And so if it is simply a matter of moving through the stages of spiritual evolution, in such a way that fewer detours, shall we say, are taken, or fewer hesitations registered, or fewer mis-steps should befall those who have set foot upon the path of individuated spiritual seeking, why should there be a concern? Why should we not simply say, let the universe proceed as it will? For there is something to be learned, no matter what shall take place, and error is not, in the grand scheme of things, much to be distinguished from success when trials are undertaken. It is all potentially a source of new information for the Creator that has created a creation precisely for the purpose of gathering in information about itself

So we would begin by saying in admission that were there no further considerations than those which we have just put forward the embrace of efficiency as a value would seem misapplied, unnecessary, and in fact potentially counterproductive, for it might induce a hurrying along a pathway upon which slower progress may yield better intelligence. When one proposes for example to scale a mountain with the intention that ultimately one shall reach the top, is it not of some value to linger and tarry along the way, so that those delightful wild flowers, perhaps the fleeting image of your enchanting fauna can en-trance the eye in such a way as to enrich the experience of the traverse of the mountain, so that when one does reach the top, it will be with a feeling of having brought along with one, a great supply of wonder.

Yes, my friends, we can, with you, embrace this metaphorical account of the journey of spiritual ascent, but there is something else that we must bring into play. And it is this other factor, which we will say goes to the question of balance. Now, before we address the circumstances that we perceive most immediately apropos of this question of balance in your present situation, let us take one step back into the previous octave and look at the question as it was encountered with regard to the role of third density in that octave. We have suggested to you that the single most arresting difference between the previous octave and the one we presently enjoy, is the innovation of the veil of consciousness which moved the mind/body/spirits of the previous octave, who danced in seemingly endless pleasure in the third density moment, to the mind/body/spirit complexes of your present density in a much shortened version of third density, in which the drama of the choice of polarity has intensified dramatically.

We have characterized the previous octave with regard to its third density moment, as one of inefficiency, simply because there was a great tendency to spend long, long periods of what you call your time, enjoying the pleasures of the day, finding no motive or impetus for advancing beyond what seemed a perfectly satisfactory way of experiencing individuated selfhood. What was there not to like when there was no doubt about the unity of creation and the place of the individual self within that creation?

And so the question of what the harvest of individuation might be as it moves into a more exalted communion with other individuals, so that the very sense of what it means to be an individual is radically transformed in the process, simply did not register as all that important. And while a certain call to that condition was genuinely felt, it was not heeded with the sense of the intense necessity of its embrace that has come to be a characteristic of the final stages of the third density experience in the illusion you currently enjoy. And so we might say there was a surplus of undirected enjoyment that was fundamentally unproductive in the last octave, in such a manner as to precipitate in the dimensions of that octave higher than the third, a great deal of frustration, and this frustration crystalized into a pain. And the relationship taken up to that pain was that of sorrow. And the sorrow then began to grow and to overwhelm that which in the creation is intended to balance that sorrow, which is the joy discoverable within the sorrow, but as that to which the sorrow of itself aspires.

So there was a sense that there was a kind of false joy too much abroad in the land of those in third density who danced and danced and danced, morning, noon and night, without care for what the higher meaning of this dance might be. And we might, therefore, say that it was a sorrow that was registered in the face of the falseness of this superficial joy that did not give much notice to the instinct for the joy that reaches far deeper and far beyond the simple dances of third density. And thus thought was taken within the creation by the co-Creators as to how one might introduce into the third density a sense of the burning desire that is the engine of creation itself in that kernel of itself where the Creator dwells in urgency. And the device of the veiling of consciousness was generated in such a way as to serve as a kind of reflector back into itself of these primordial energies, which may then upsurge in their primordiality, as a great mystery abounding within the very constitution of the newly self-conscious fragment of the one Creator, seeking its home, and feeling, as a portion of this seeking, that very urgency.

Now, we have suggested to you that the creation is a protean affair and that there are those facets of the creation that announce themselves as new to the Creator. And among these facets—in fact, chief among these facets in this octave— has been the realization that it is possible for an individuated entity, a fragment of the One, to choose to set its own individuation in value above that of the Whole. And this, my friends, is the origin and ground of what we have called the service-to-self polarity.

Now one might conclude, as conclude we do, that the service-to-self polarity was, in fact, entailed in the very propensity to inefficiency of the previous octave’s third density, and that the innovation of the veil has not created the potential, but merely allowed that potential to become manifest has an actualized, realized effect. And as an actualized effect, it is indeed informative of the Creator to Itself. There is this potential within the energies of the creation, as they reflect the nature of the Creator. Yes.

That being true, it might now be asked, why not simply let that play out according to the patterns that it requires for that play to have free play? And we will answer in this way: the key to the creation, from tip to toe, so to speak, is the free will of all who are created. Every last infinitesimal scintilla of the creation is thus imbued with free will. Free will is of the essence of the creation, and the template of the creation is that all who are created are given the opportunity to find their ways back to the center, back to the One Infinite Creator, the overarching and undergirding Unity of the creation, according to their own dynamics, according to the nature which they discover within themselves as the gift they have uniquely to offer up to the Central Core of the creation. That process is set in terms of its goal and trajectory, but completely open-ended, with respect to its manner, and as we have suggested, for third density beings the decisive moment in the determination of how that manner may play out, is the choice between the polarity of service-to-others or service-to-self.

It happens, however, that there has been a discovery, yet again, of an inefficiency in the way things are unfolding within the third density, and we have spoken to this inefficiency by using the phrase “the sink-hole of indifference.” Now, the sinkhole of indifference is the version in this octave’s third density of a continuation of unpolarized beingness, similar in a way to the previous octave, where there was simply enjoyment of the conditions of manifestation abroad in the land without sufficient drive, shall we say, to push forward to a higher manifestation. Now in this sinkhole of indifference that we find all too prevalent in the current octave, the free will of a significant portion of mind/body/spirits who are attempting to polarize is being pushed this way and that by forces that in many cases override that free will, and this kind of manipulation constitutes a kind of pain. It constitutes a distorted, unbalanced circumstance that so complicates the efforts of these mind/body/spirit complexes to find within themselves the inspiration to polarity, that they tend to go for a time in one direction and then block themselves and go back in the other direction, and then they repeat that process, almost ad infinitum.

And as those of us who gaze upon this scene, from somewhat afar, do so with a sense of sorrow, a sense of grief, for we realize that these are anguished souls, and they cry out to us in their anguish, and yet they don’t know how to receive any gift which we may give. What we do offer is more often rejected than not, and so what we can do is sorrow with them, and that is what we must do, we who are brothers and sisters of sorrow.

And what we will tell you is that the transmutation of this sorrow into that joy which lies at its core—yes, we do believe—is not easy work. It is work that requires our constant attention. And one might say it delays us upon our way. It means that the service that we have to offer is limited in its scope, as we feel over and over again the need to sorrow with those who sorrow upon your plane. And sorrow, and sorrow again we do. And yet the sorrow that we offer is of such little succor that that too becomes another element in the larger sorrow. And still we seek within this the joy that we know is its kernel.

Our sense of the creation as a whole is that there needs to be within it, for it to be what it needs to be, a balance, cosmically speaking, between the joy and the sorrow. And we who participate in this creation feel the responsibility for supplying that balance. Is it therefore unusual, is it therefore unexpected, is it therefore to be abhorred, that we should embrace the value of efficiency as a means of supporting that role that we play in the constant discovery within sorrow of the kernel of joy?

We fear that we have spoken over long, and we apologize, my friends, but we have said what we have set out to say. I am Q’uo, and I would at this time transfer the contact back to the one known as Jeremy.

(Jeremy channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I am again with this instrument.

We intended to provide a summarization of what has been offered through all instruments. However, this is a difficult topic to summarize, and therefore what we would prefer is to leave you with some thoughts.

The purpose of this sharing of thinking about this issue is to help you see your own participation in a glorious plan of self-discovery on levels beyond your third density comprehension. And yet: there is always, my friends, always a way to express truth at the level at which consciousness finds itself. This is the redeeming quality of evolution, that increasing articulation only builds upon the underlying beauty and fitness of one’s beingness.

What we are working with in our octaval exploration of existence itself, in part, is a question of (this is crude my friends, but) an issue of distribution. You will recall our brothers and sisters of Ra explaining the past octave as consisting of a longer, much longer third density and a shortened sixth density. Now this was a distribution of the effort—the disutility, so to speak—involved in the concept of consciousness doing work, generally speaking. This was one pattern, and we can see in the new octave a shift in that pattern to bring free will further to bear into the sometimes mechanistic process of evolution through the polarity of service-to-self and service-to-others. This was, we assure you, a great revelation to your One Infinite Creator, to yourself as Creator, my friends, for it showed that this work could be intensified early in the process and thereby free the unveiled mind/body/spirit complexes of fourth and fifth density to explore the nuances of its own being with increased wonder and joy. And for those balancing emotions and states of consciousness that do partake of sorrow, in the imbalance was greater efficiency found.

However, it has caused a new element to emerge in the evolutionary plan, one of an inborn sorrow that is not distributed throughout the evolutionary process, but instead is concentrated and must be recovered and balanced in the sixth density with much more effort. This is in part the purpose of our extension of help at such a great volume to your third density. We do it gladly, for at our level in sixth density, we are very close to the Logos–as close as one may get–and we understand the plan, and we understand the stakes, and we have the resources to extend. But the great work moves on, my friends, and there is in this sinkhole not yet the full realization of what might yield the Creator the most insight into itself without misallocating that leavening force of sorrow and pain and woe at one stage of evolution versus another.

It is not that suffering may not be allowed; your own experience will tell you this. It is simply that, as a balance to joy and an exploration of the full spectrum of the Creator, we wish to give individuals, social memory complexes, even mind/body complexes, the best experience of the spectrum. That is a form of economization on the needful implementation of suffering so that it is validated and becomes a way to appreciate the work in consciousness one does, so that one may participate with the Creator, not simply as an instrument but as an extension of its own curiosity. And you may shift your perspective with the proper discipline, my friends, to fully appreciate how deeply the Creator wishes not simply to taste the fruits of your work, but to share it with you, so that balance ensues throughout experience, and not just as a reward for a particularly tough program of catalyst and experience. In this you see why the archetypal mind requires further evolution.

Now this is merely the understanding of a logoic project in terms that you, a veiled consciousness, might begin—and we stress, begin—to appreciate. We would affirm your appreciation is not required at this level. Your polarization is the issue, and understanding plays very little role. But my brothers and sisters, my friends, our own flesh and blood: we love you, and we want you to see how deeply we cherish what you endure. We assure you at the advent of harvest, you will see the great gift that you have given to yourself as Creator, and you will participate, holding hands with your brothers and sisters across the planet and across the galaxy, to bring into manifestation this one original thought, a thought of love, not imposed upon you, but freely discovered. And in that disclosure you will recognize your role, limited as it may seem, as the One Infinite Creator.

My brothers and sisters, we fear we have overtaxed you on this topic, and so we would ask for further questions, which are entirely appropriate, to be asked at a later session if they are in your heart. We have enjoyed this, and we hope you appreciate how powerful and sublime your seeking is to us. At this time, we would release this circle from our contact in order to let you balance these energies on your own terms in order to prepare for the future work that lies ahead. But we wish to convey our deep admiration for your striving. It is not simply naval gazing. It is something that can open your heart if you allow it.

We are those of Q’uo. At this time we take our leave and we bless you in the name of the One Infinite Creator, in love and light. Adonai, my friends. Adonai.

1. The instrument believes this refers to a channeling some months earlier titled Hatonn on the Wanderer’s Art of Patient Service.