Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 6 Sunday, April 23, 2023

Hatonn on the Wanderer’s Art of Patient Service

Richmond Meditation Circle Confederation Channeling Practice Session 6 Sunday, April 23, 2023


Hatonn pays a visit to the Richmond Meditation Circle after nearly a year’s absence to provide context on some of the details involved in the wanderer’s emotional service in third density. Because the open heart is such a site of vulnerability, we must accept that heartbreak is not simply a side-effect of serving others but what makes us relatable and recognizable to those we serve. This opens us up to difficult catalyst, and we must discipline our personalities to offer what we cannot balance ourselves back to the Creator. As we hone our faculty of patience, we bring a more cosmic and universal love to bear that allows us to midwife the transition to fourth density on behalf of the Logos. Aspects of polarity related to specific forms of service to the emerging social memory complex also receive some discussion.

Group Question

How can we, as individuals seeking growth and balance in the Law of One, navigate the complexities and tensions of our relationships, faith, and personal desires while maintaining authentic connections, embracing the interconnectedness of all things, and finding acceptance in our own limitations and the imperfections of the world?

Channelled Message

I am Hatonn. Greetings, my friends, in the radiant love and warm light of our One Infinite Creator. I am with you today to offer our strong reassurances for lives of service brought into this circle that you have examined carefully with the requisite compassion. This, my brothers and sisters, is very well; it is a testament to your seeking processes and, might we humbly add, those small nudges and hints that we have been able to provide as agents of our Confederation. And so we reach out our hand to you, each of you.

Let us remember our ideals for this short time we may recognize one another. Let us open our hearts to each other. Let us remember what is possible when one spark of the Creator recognizes another and take that beautiful memory into a complicated and uneasy experience so that we may offer a light. As we share our lights with one another, we gain courage to share that light, to shine it outside the circle and coax our brothers and sisters into their seeking process, not through exhortation, but through that aspect of love that partakes of freedom, of letting others be themselves—sometimes more fully than they know themselves to be. It is as if we are hearing clear voices of those we speak with in mundane ways for the first time as we shower them with what grace and radiative compassion that we can.

There is no need to worry about infringement at this level, but for the purposes of more nuanced and fine-tuned expressions of wisdom, might we offer a caveat that is well known amongst all participants in this emerging, small complex of souls. Would you please not esteem our participation so highly that you let it pass into your heart and mind without some sort of test? Those who have made their way to this circle understand this test, but for posterity we shall reiterate it. You must use your discrimination, my friends, and carefully balance words that may seem quite insightful with your resonating heart, and penetrating mind complex, for we offer something about your relationships that is more tuned and refined.

We cannot account for all distortions in your illusion, and this you know well from those many fumbles that the Confederation has made. They are expressions of love without peer, but they can still cause confusion. Therefore, we trust the listener, the reader, the comrade in spirit to use their resources in a careful and wise manner so that the love we seek to express, and the light that tags along with that love, be received with balance and a careful intonation of those musical notes that you play on the scale of the self. So we thank you for your caution when it is so alluring to open completely. There are moments when you may open completely, and you will appraise them better with the distance of time.

This is, of course, relevant to the main topic at hand, for the tension and confusion that often obtains from those relationships which we seek as a representation of the true nature of the self, the veracity of unity that encounters of Creator to Creator reflect, make this disappointment with manifest opportunities somewhat jarring, somewhat dislocating, when one has as one’s object, service: the transmission of love in the guise of material reality and often dissonant events. We can express to you with confidence that time will heal all possible wounds that are incurred when one exposes one’s core heart to these hazards, these places where creation has caused an eddy of energies that casts a dissonance into your consciousness.

We offer you some expression of healing, and we would like to offer this expression in a way which you can find within yourself a means towards balancing these tensions, so that they have a place in the goodness and synchronous nature of the Creator’s drama. We say “synchronous,” my friends, because there must be an ability to meet the moment with some skill and poise. But this skill and poise cannot resolve all of the energies involved.

This is largely what a wanderer does in the illusion. The wanderer mediates these kinks, shall we say, in the energy complex of the planetary society, and softens them, often at great personal inconvenience, shall we say. And all of those gathered here have felt this and heard the laments of the brother tormented by an inability to accept this abiding in confusion, their sister’s heartache at having to balance alone temporarily. When you seek to serve, these opportunities for softening the tension and keeping the conflict in perspective seem extremely fraught; one feels the possibility of the vehicle veering off the road, to use a metaphor, and the potential for loss, loss that seems so unbelievable the more one can reach back into one’s deep mind and remember the unity and camaraderie that was possible in lifetimes past, lifetimes spent building successful social memory complexes.

If you did not take it to heart, my friends, in this third density experience, you would make poor wanderers, should we say. You would not have the stakes in the game of polarization that allow you to be in any way trusted by a third density entity seeking their evolution, their graduation. And therefore, you could not offer service of the character, of the temperament, that those whom you seek to help demand of the Creator.

This is an important nuance, an important insight into how you engage these relationships. When you are in that situation where you cannot offer the other what they wish to receive, you must keep in mind, very carefully in mind, that it is not your lack that disappoints them. This is complex, because the entire service relationship requires the confrontation in the illusion, and therefore the illusion that it is you—the specific, particular you—that offers the service, that offers the opportunity for balance and for comfort. And it is easy to mistake what you offer for what the other seeks, let alone requires.

But remember, remember well: you are an agent. You are here on the Creator’s business, my friends, not your own. You have parachuted, shall we say, into the fray, and your mission is not simply that of tackling problems one by one by one. This is a straight-ahead way of conceiving of service that we of the Confederation have also sometimes erred in thinking into strategic or practical reality. In other words, the drama of the separate self will always revolve around the need to balance control with acceptance. You are in the moment to let the Creator serve through you.

So when there is tension in the conveyance of this service, you need not necessarily blame the self. The Creator in its majesty, in its unity and all-encompassing power, can take whatever we can throw at it, you see. It is a sink of sorts for the maladaptations of the manifest illusion. It is capable of incorporating one’s failures to perfectly maintain the balance, [a balance] that it can maintain with zero effort. And therefore it is a plenum of all kinds of resources that can reckon with your frustrations, your confusions.

Now this reminder can be carried into the moments of meeting another portion of the Creator, for your service need not please them, and their displeasure can also be traduced, can be shuttled back to this infinite origin point, with no need for the personal, individual scarring. Even if you do not bring your conscious best to the encounter, even if the anger rises, or the temptation to despair overwhelms your faith, know that there is a backstop; there is a point at which the creation itself will balance for you. And so the tough energies that you are transmitting and mediating on behalf of your service mission can indeed be passed along when you are not able to use it as a complete and cleanly burning catalytic reaction.

Let this tension wash over you. Take from it what you can, and then offer what cannot be cleanly and neatly balanced back to your father. Climb into the comforting arms of your mother, and do not be ashamed to weep in her arms when you hurt. You see, my brothers and sisters, you are on a mission of the heart, and hearts break. And it is your willingness to endure heartbreak that shows those you have come to assist that you are here not to overawe, not to look down on, and shake your finger, and “tsk-tsk.” Your ability to open to the full energies of this planet birthing the fourth density child, to abide in this pain, is what causes those who are part of this transition to fourth density to learn that trust is possible, that true care is at hand, and that they can let go of the defense mechanisms.

To conclude this treatment of the way in which relating to the third density other selves assists the planetary complex, we would revisit the salubrious nature of patience; that is, the use of the illusion of time as a kind of rubber band that can store the tension and release it gradually, [that] can offer a conduit to those energies that the individual wanderer is incapable of always finding a place to resolve. This is also a way in which you serve: by waiting out those tantrums and lashing-out situations.

Patience and faith are very closely related because there is an energy in faith that transcends space/time; it brings a fullness of the evolutionary project into stark relief, and the Creator within the other recognizes it deeply. The time that this recognition will persist is not fixed, for there are many variables in play. This is what you signed up for: to be in a world that [is] generated not by one random number generator but countless influences, not all of which you can anticipate. But look to your faith to give you signs: signs that the opportunities are open or closed.

My friends, to accept the lack of opportunity to serve outright is, as those friends of Monka shared recently, simply to reflect these energies back to the self. Opportunity is a kind of dual phenomenon. When it does not offer a place for energies to flow in the illusion of the outer self and the selves that you may observe, there is always a place within to work, even if that work involves releasing these energies to the Creator.

We give this instrument an image of the unfinished painting handed to the parent. Sometimes you have to just hand in the homework half complete, take the lumps, and start anew, and our brothers and sisters of Laitos have spoken of this before: the mystery of phenomenal events that open, ready to accept what you have, what gambles of energy expenditure you may provide, but then, with this mysterious passing of time, close up again. This is necessary so that new opportunities, fresh opportunities, conditions that allow for the emptying out of past kinks in the energy system, may come to the forefront, and you may be reborn: reborn to return to your brother and sister and give them the best you have.

In this you demonstrate the eternal and undeniably fixed nature of unity that streams through this vibratory complex of the illusion. It is imperishable; it cannot be stopped. And therefore, the more you dance with these opportunities, the more the stepping on the foot of your partner—or their stepping on your foot—becomes a chance to lighten the mood instead of a chance to separate. And you recapitulate the project we all share, the project that brings us into communion on this day: to glorify the Creator’s all-embracing nature within and through us as its cherished and vital children.

We are of Hatonn and we thank this instrument for jumping into this monologue without clear and mindful memory of the original question. The deal that we have made with this instrument is that the follow-up questions could perhaps cover any ground that we have skipped over in our original response to your heartfelt and deeply necessary questioning. And therefore, my brothers and sisters, if we can offer more clarification on these meaty and important concerns that you hold, we would be grateful if you would speak them now. We are those of Hatonn.

Jon: I have a question. Why does it feel as if the heart gets blocked when engaged with conflict? And additionally, if one lies to another, why does the heart close down?

We are those of Hatonn, and we believe we understand the majority of your question. Might we ask one clarification? When you speak of a lie, my brother, is it a lie that you are in receipt of, or a lie that you are offering to the other?

Jon: A lie that you are offering.

Thank you my brother. We [of Hatonn] are now fully in understanding of this interesting portion of the main subject.

We remind you of what character of the Creator on the seven note scale that the heart represents: unconditional, all-encompassing, totalizing, in fact, expression of the ontological fact of love. This is a great force that you are involved in expressing through your energy complex. It is greater than the sentimentality that the word normally conveys, my brother. Therefore, what is the expression of brotherly, sisterly love in the illusion, and how does it interact and interpenetrate this more universal sense of love, a sense that is foundational to existence itself? We would suggest that there is more to be gleaned in this question through meditation than through words. However, let us begin the meditative inquiry with you, since we are here.

The heart is a vehicle for the grand capacity for vulnerability. This is part of the resonance of green ray energy that unites a green ray energy center with a green ray density. It is this networking of energy across sub-sub-logoi which offers to the Creator the next level of consciousness, the consciousness that has so much depth. It is a deep, deep kind of agency that the Creator discovers at this fourth level, where individuals are finally cells in a grand organism that can focus and direct massive amounts of love, greater than any single individual in your history can comprehend, let alone mediate and transfer.

Now, moving back to the mundane interaction where one feels one cannot offer pure truth, unvarnished facts of the heart, one can see the pressure that working against this openness, this vulnerability causes in the self. On levels beyond one’s waking consciousness, one recognizes the prize of love without any filtering or condition, and one is guilty the more one feels this truth when it cannot be shared in totality. This guilt is an illusion; it is a kind of lesson one is learning, and it is very “third density” to feel this. For at the next level, my brother, it will be impossible to deceive self or other self in this petty and superficial manner.

You may be assured that sometimes it is safer to hold the cards close to the chest, as it were, and this is acceptable at the level of your understanding. The project is not perfection in third density, we must reiterate, but the continual encounter with opportunities for releasing the strictures on love, releasing the qualities that one clings to as a personality, so that one may be what the other self requires. But this is such a tall order. Remember: you are the Creator already, so your error, so to speak, in not being that totalized Creator in each and every moment is but a learning opportunity.

We would offer this in conclusion, my brother: that if you can look upon the heart hidden as an opportunity to slowly unwrap it, if you can look on the hurt that motivates the lie as itself a lesson and feel into it at some future moment, you may benefit from this experience in a way that will validate and redeem the pain.

Does this begin to answer your question, my brother? We are those of Hatonn.

Jon: Yes, it does. Thank you.

We are very pleased and we thank this instrument for clearing the mind and letting us speak through him. There is some improvement here from our last communion.

Is there another question on this general matter, my brothers and sisters? We are Hatonn.

(No questions)

Very well. We are those of Hatonn and we understand that the level of information we have offered will need some digestion. Are there any other topics [about] which you would wish to pick our brain, so to speak, about? We are those of Hatonn.

Eric: I have a question. Can Hatonn address why is patience such an important spiritual virtue, or what the uses of patience, maybe in the higher densities, or in life. Just tell us a bit about patience and how how you view patience.

Of course, my brother. We are those of Hatonn, and we are aware of your query. This is a comparatively straightforward answer, and we ask that you dial in any generalities we offer if they do not meet your need. You see, there is a connection between the levels of consciousness that a mind/body/spirit complex ranges over in its evolutionary path and time itself. While this instrument has mused on the relationship between time, and time scale, and densities of consciousness, we would not be so one-to-one in our mapping, and so we will ask the instrument to loosen the grip on this concept just a tad.

Think of what it must mean for a Logos to bring into existence an experiment of itself. You are used to thinking of a Logos or a Creator as a character at a distance, but this is of course only a way to think about it, and not the reality itself. The reality is that the Logos is in every level of this illusion; it is not removed. And from second density on to seventh, the ability to use time to fashion vectors of energy flow [is] manifested in different ways that time is experienced.

Now there is one sense in which this instrument’s theory of time scale and consciousness relates to your question, and that is that what you call “patience” has an aspect of the timelessness of the Logos built into it. It is perhaps not the same kind of gift as the higher self, but think of it in a parallel manner. By engaging in the vibration of patience, what other qualities coincide? An energy of acceptance; an energy of faith; an energy of trust in the evolutionary project. These are all qualities that have their apogee in the Logos. And you reach back to your parental source, so to speak, when you reflect this gift, this ability for consciousness to change how it relates to phenomena.

In doing so, you bring to bear a quality of the Creator that is more universal, more cosmic, and this is very similar to what we spoke of, of the heart’s opening and closing, in the previous question. This is what makes self-awareness so critical in the development of consciousness in this octave. Once reflection of intelligence to intelligence in this specific way is a capability that is available, you will see these cosmic and primordial energies being fashioned in creative ways, ways that cannot arise from the trial and error of material evolution, but begin to articulate an evolution of [an] higher order, the order that starts to bring to bear will.

Willpower begins to be a font of Creatorship that is available, and in this you may see why the social memory complex is your destination, my brother. For when it becomes clear as noonday sunlight that will is not simply something that you possess and transmit into the creation, but it is something all others are capable of doing so as well, then you recognize the grand power available when it can be consolidated, networked, organized, and in this the fruition of the patience of third density experience is expressed as a resolution of that test that the Logos has given itself. You, in other words, partake of this logoic energy and become truly its son, its daughter, its agent in manifestation.

May we elaborate on this answer, my brother? We are those of Hatonn.

Eric: Thank you, Hatonn. I appreciate that.

I am Hatonn. It is our pleasure, my brother. Is there a final question that the group may offer us? We are Hatonn.

Shik: I have a question, and before that, I just want to say how grateful I am for your words today, Hatonn. I am curious about how to conceptualize the relationship between us as seekers and desirers of acting as conduits for fourth density energy and the work of service-to-self individuals who play games of manipulation and control. For I feel the urge of the vision of creating magnets for all of humanity to be drawn towards as a social memory complex or multiple patchworks of them, and I sense an area of unclarity around how those magnets will interact with the work being done by conscious or unconscious service-to-self groups or individuals. I hope that makes sense.

I am Hatonn, and we believe we understand the gist of what you are asking. This will not be a long answer, my brother.

We give this instrument a vision of a jogger who has attached weights to his body. And we say to you, my brother: you have signed up for this. This is the glory of your service: to exercise and strengthen that capability to call to the heart of your brothers and sisters.

Now, it is their choice whether they choose to listen, you see, and it is in the clarion call of the heart that the wanderer offers his brothers and sisters that he demonstrates the inviolability of the unified creation. It is in the service-to-self entity’s frustration of this that they gain their power, and they weigh on the service that you seek to provide as a kind of validation, my brother, not a contesting, so to speak. There is plenty of room for you to do your work, and the opposition of those who seek to glorify the separate self rather calls out precisely what it is you offer. It sharpens the distinction of the choice.

Now, you are jogging with these weights that the service-to-self entity has laid upon you and you have accepted it as a condition of incarnate work. We would remind you: your service is not better or worse because of a choice that a third party to this opposition would make. The negative offers its wisdom, its conception of the love of the Creator, and you yours. Which shall the third density entity choose? It is not your concern, my brother; it truly is not.

The more you do your work and use this work as a transmission station for the clear call of love, of service, of the offering of self without any stricture or condition, the more you will see a sharper shadow cast, and this ought to be understood as a confirmation of the vibrance of your work, not as a frustration. For you have no aim that is given to you by the Creator other than to offer to others that seminal gift of opportunity that you, before you made your choice, were offered. In this way you serve the Creator, and in truth, my brother, you serve him who has yet to choose, even if he chooses to decline what you, with outstretched arms and loving eyes, have placed before him.

Think of the parent offering a spoonful of food to the infant, and how often the infant turns the head, makes a face, shouts at the parent, and yet eventually, eventually the airplane docks, and the food is received. In this way we bring full circle the topics of this entire session and we thank you for offering such a wonderful landing pad for our communion today. For you see your project now, perhaps, not as simply achieving a goal, but facilitating this goal in flight; holding faith, abiding in patience, and being available to the other self as a perpetually true friend to planet Earth’s emerging consciousness as reflected in each person whom you seek to serve.

You should be very—we want to say proud, but this instrument resists that a bit. But we are sure you know what we mean. The love we feel for those who serve and who strive to soften their own emotional vibrations is great, and we can think of no better way to spend one’s hours and days in this beautiful, troubled home.

Can we offer any clarification on this, my brother? We are those Hatonn.

Shik: No, thank you.

We thank you, my brother. This has been a wonderful setting to compare notes, shall we speak, on the levels at which all of us serve: we of the planet Hatonn, and you of the planet Earth. We simply would leave you with this thought: you are closer to us than ever before.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. Keep faithful, patient watch on this planet. Look for those opportunities, but do not demand them. And while you wait for the birth of the fourth density child, comfort each other, be there for each other, and we will be available in any capacity that your meditation can provide us.

We are those of Hatonn, and we love you, my brothers and sisters. We offer the love and reassurances and congratulations of an entire Confederation of Planets who have all walked this path, who have all felt the sting of the tests of third density, and who look on not in frustration, my friends, but in admiration. The great work goes on, and so many are by your side, so many. So keep up the great work, and we will be with you whenever you shall call on us.

We are those of Hatonn, and at this time we take our leave of this circle, abiding with you, my brothers and sisters, in the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai vasu borragus.