The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 11 Monday, June 19, 2023

Q’uo on Catalyst Gone Awry

The HARC Circle Fourth Channeling Intensive Session 11 Monday, June 19, 2023


In this final session from the fourth channeling intensive, Q’uo addresses a variety of perspectives on the meaning and function of that catalyst which does not achieve its desired objective of promoting change and growth, a condition first mentioned by those of Ra1. It appears that the confusion of incarnation often leads to a dislocation between the finer balance being sought in such experiences and the comfort that a mind/body/spirit complex naturally tends to seek in third density. The post-incarnative life review in time/space allows for the kind of overview by which incomplete balances may be best engaged, and those of Q’uo briefly answer questions on the random character of catalyst and the malleability of the pre-incarnative plan.

Group question

What does it mean for catalyst to have gone awry?

Channelled message

(Nithin channeling)

We are Q’uo. We are with this instrument, we greet this circle with the love and light of the One Infinite Creator. We thank the circle for giving us the opportunity to once again merge our energy with yours and answer your queries. We would ask that our listeners to please use their own discernment in accepting the words we are offering.

To speak of catalyst that has gone awry is to refer to how catalyst in incarnation may be responded to. However, before we speak on the peculiarities of this inquiry, may we suggest that from another perspective, all is well, even if catalyst has gone awry. 

It is first useful to discuss the nature or types of catalyst in incarnation. Some are pre-incarnatively chosen either through one’s higher self, if they have not yet sufficiently made the choice, or by the mind/body/spirit complex itself prior to incarnation. Another type of catalyst occurs in incarnation through the combination of free will and, on occasion, random influxes of energy which occur in third density, and of these various types of catalyst, the purpose of catalyst can also vary, especially with respect to pre-incarnatively chosen catalyst.

One aspect that is always present for any type of catalyst is balancing; that is to say, the purpose or main function of catalyst is for a mind/body/spirit complex to have the opportunity for a more finely tuned balance as it responds [to] and processes such catalyst. However, for wanderers and also for those who have graduated Earth, but have chosen to stay, occasionally choose catalyst to provide not only a specific balance or shall we say, a specific lesson involving balance, but such catalyst can be also used to incentivize the mind/body/spirit complex into a particular form of specific service-to-others practice, or shall we say, mission while incarnating here on earth.

And so now to turn to the question of how catalyst can go awry, it can go awry from two perspectives. One, it is not efficiently used during incarnation to achieve a finer balance. And two, it does not result in the intended incentivization towards a particular service activity. With respect to catalyst that has gone awry and has not resulted in a finer balance catalyst, especially catalyst which one could consider exceptionally painful or traumatic, as this instrument feels his childhood catalyst was, can sometimes result in further distortion into the so-called sinkhole of indifference, as mind/body/spirit complex attempts to prioritize comfort to avoid the discomfort that catalyst brings about.

Alternatively, in some cases catalyst can go awry in that it actually prompts the mind/body/spirit complex to explore a negative solution or perspective to the catalyst. It is also fair to say that catalyst can go awry for some period of time in incarnation, but every moment is a moment in which awry catalyst may be processed and transformed into more finer balance towards service-to-others. And in addition to catalyst that has been balanced for service-to-others, in some cases it can still be considered to have gone awry when it does not result in the, shall we say, mental configuration where the mind/body/spirit complex specifically seeks out a pattern of service-to-others that was part of the preincarnative plan with a given piece of catalyst.

And so now, my friends, we turn to the question of what happens at the life review once incarnation has ended and when one finds during this review that they have catalyst that has gone awry, in the case of catalyst that has gone awry from an inability to balance such catalyst for progression along service-to-others, there still is the opportunity at the life review to find such balance, although typically this is a rare occurrence, it is much easier to create changes in consciousness during incarnation, but this is indeed a possibility upon life review. If, however, such balance is not achievable during the life review, often this unprocessed catalyst will be chosen again in some form for another incarnation. With respect to catalyst that may have been balanced, but has gone awry in the sense that it did not, shall we say, nudge the seeker in the direction of a particular form of service-to-others that was intended while in physical incarnation on the planet, then in such cases it is not uncommon that, once again, a similar sort of catalytic nudge, shall we say, will be chosen in the next incarnation on the planet in order to fulfill a particular mission.

And to be thorough in our discussion of catalyst that has gone awry, there is another scenario that occurs at the life review in a rare and small amount of cases, catalyst can go awry during incarnation to such a degree that the mind/body/spirit complex can be somewhat, shall we say, disorientated and confused. Those of Ra have spoken about this occurring to those who died in nuclear blasts and also to those mind/body/spirit complexes that were on the surface of Maldek during its final days. In such scenarios often either a great deal of time occurs between incarnations as these mind/body/spirit complexes need large amounts of healing, but more often other social memory complexes of a positive nature are there to assist those suffering from such catalytic events.

And so, my brothers and sisters, we have spoken on this query; are there any more specific questions we could answer? We are Q’uo.

Jeremy: Is it the case that catalyst that seems to go awry, from the point of view of the pre-incarnative programming, can in fact expose the necessity for a radically different program than originally conceived, or is this simply from the human point of view radical and completely within the scope of the life plan for the mind/ body/spirit complex.

We are Q’uo. We are with this instrument, my brother, we hear your query, and first let us say that it is true that some mind/body/spirit complexes pre-incarnatively plan for catalyst in which they bite off more than they can chew, so to speak. For although while planning for incarnation in time/space does allow one to see the various probability vortices in more detail, any planning is always subject to random influxes while in incarnation. It is always a bit of a gamble so to speak, and so it is absolutely true that, for the life review if such catalyst has gone awry, that the mind/body/spirit complex, through a process of trial and error, can significantly, shall we say, reorient the next life plan and choose a different path in what it plans for its own catalyst?

Have we answered your query, my brother?

Jeremy: Yes, i think that will do. Thank you.

Q’uo: Are there any other questions?

Steve: No, not for me, thank you.

Jeremy: One more from me, Q’uo, if you would, and if this is not convenient to answer, we can save it to a full session. But this randomness that can blow catalyst awry, so to speak, must partake of the One Infinite Creator in some way. Can you speak to the relationship between the intelligent exploration that the Creator engages in towards itself and the role of this randomness?

We are Q’uo, and we hear your query, my brother. We would offer a brief response and would agree that this is an excellent query for a more extended session. The existence of seemingly random influxes of energy affecting one’s incarnation and one’s catalyst turns on a matter of perspective. From a purely third density perspective, there is much randomness. However, as one is able to connect with, shall we say, higher density perspectives, the seeming amount of randomness decreases as more is understood.

However, even at sixth density, full understanding as to the simultaneity and lack of cause and effect that, from what we understand, may be more fully reconciled in seventh density, still appears to us as random influxes. And so we would suggest that perhaps from the perspective of the One Infinite Creator, there is no randomness, but from our perspective there are still processes and influxes for which we cannot fully predict.

We thank the opportunity to be with this group once more, and we leave you joyously in the name of the One Infinite Creator and in love and light. We are Q’uo. Adonai, Adonai, Adonai.

1. Ra: Session 34, Question 6: “Very often the catalyst for emotional pain, whether it be the death of the physical complex of one other-self which is loved or some other seeming loss, will simply result in the opposite, in a bitterness, an impatience, a souring. This is catalyst which has gone awry. In these cases, then, there will be additional catalyst provided to offer the unmanifested self further opportunities for discovering the self as all-sufficient Creator containing all that there is and full of joy.”